me and kathryn


Hey Tumblr!

These are a few of the shots of me by Abigail Zoe Martin, done for her project called Chicago Stories. There will be an interview to accompany these, as well as shoots and interviews with other folks in Chicago.

She spotted me at the House of Blues after the Dita Von Teese show and I was dressed in the fabulous, all blue getup, so she ran over gushing about how she wanted to photograph me! Naturally, I had to oblige…

In this set, I’m wearing a white tutu skirt from Aliexpress (message for details if you like), as well as the iridescent rhinestone bustier from Forever 21 that was gifted to me from @kathryn-janeway420! Room designed by @molotowcocktease with some tidbits of my own lying around.

Instagram: iridessence

Photographer instagram: chicago_stories

Voyager characters as memes

Always drink plenty of water uwu

Bone app the teeth👌🏻

I’ll kick anyone’s ass. I’ll kick your ass, I’ll kick my own ass.

Harry Kim:
Tfw no gf

Ayyyy lmao

Looks into the camera like he’s on the office

While you were partying I was studying the blade

Audition song

Kermit drinking Lipton in the sunlight

Boi he bout to do it

Naomi wildman:
Smug girl who set house on fire

Suprise bitch I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me



tHe relationship between Claire, Sam, Dean and Castiel gets me everytime. they’re just so cute together.

 it makes my heart flyyyyyyy

i swear she has three fathers. 

the big little lies soundtrack came out yesterday and i literally screamed because holy fuck does it make me feel like im just floating on water with an ease breeze and mild summer hotness, like im laying in cold, white, thin sheets and i just have the whole world in my pocket. as if i can lazily swing my arms above me and feel the nuzzle in my neck from a partner i don’t have. like everything is in its place, and i don’t have to worry. murder, drama, and real important issues tv-series’ music truly eases my mind.