me and kat are now married

Always Mine - Chapter 12


A/N: Hey guys! I am super, super, SUPER sorry for such a late update. My muse for this chapter didn’t want to come out until about two hours ago. I am so sorry that you guys had to wait. I hate making you wait but I want to thank everyone who gave me such kind words of encouragement. You all are seriously amazing. That being said, this chapter is dedicated to each and every one of you <3

Katherine sat there frozen in front of him. Her heart was racing wildly and she felt ice shoot through her veins. Married for real? Was Negan insane? Did he really think she’d want to get married for real? Did he really think even if they did, everything would just magically go back to the way it was when they first started dating?

“What the fuck do you think about that, Doll?” He grinned at her, waiting for her response.

Katherine’s mind was so jumbled together that she didn’t even think about the words she was about to say.


Negan’s smirk faltered slightly and the grip on her chin tightened.

“Ex-fucking-cuse me?”

Katherine swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat as she moved her eyes to lock on Negan’s. She noted how dark and hard they were and it made her heart race. She decided on telling him the truth. She was tired of lying.

“I-I don’t want to get married.”

Negan sucked his teeth.

“And why the fuck not?”

Katherine took a shaky breath in before slowly letting it out.

“B-because I don’t think it’ll fix anything.”

It was silent for a few minutes before Negan surprisingly laughed.

“Oh, I fucking get it, Doll.” Katherine slightly furrowed her eyebrows. “Yea, yea I fucking get it. You want me to agree to fucking get rid of the other women.” He laughed as Katherine’s eyes widened slightly. “Jesus you drive a hard fucking bargain, Doll. But, I guess I can fucking do that. God knows I don’t fucking need them anymore since I’ve got my fucking Kitty Kat back.”

Katherine shook her head.

“T-that’s not what I meant.”

Negan raised an eyebrow.

“No? Then what the fuck did you mean?”

Katherine shook her head, looking down at her lap.


Negan lifted her face back up.

“Bull-fucking-shit. Tell me. Now.”

Katherine let out another shaky breath.

“You killed my friends. Y-you tortured Daryl and my family. You had Olivia killed and you killed Spencer. You even made me hurt Eugene.”

“And I had a reason for doing each and every one of those fucking things. This is a different fucking world now, Katherine. I do what I fucking have to to make sure everyone knows who is fucking in charge now. If people would just fucking listen, maybe your friends would still be fucking alive. Well…minus Spencer of course.”  He smirked maliciously at her.

Katherine shook her head as tears stung her eyes.

“You’re an asshole.”

Negan laughed and let go of her chin to pick up his drink.

“Baby, you’re not the first fucking person to call me that and you certainly won’t be the fucking last.” He took a sip of his scotch before holding the glass in his lap.

“I-I just don’t think I want to actually get married.” She said again.

“I wasn’t fucking giving you an option, Katherine.”

Katherine felt her heart drop.


“Yea didn’t you fucking hear me? I said ‘you and I are gonna get fucking married for real.’ There was no fucking question there. Fuck, maybe I should have Carson check your fucking hearing.”

Katherine’s eyes widened.

“B-but that’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fucking fair. Consider it another fucking part of your punishment.” He smirked, taking another sip of his drink.

Katherine shook her head.

“You can’t do that.”

Negan laughed.

“Oh Kitty Kat, I can do whatever the fuck I want. For example, if I fucking wanted to, I could fucking to Alexandria right now, find Daryl and fucking kill him for killing Fat Joseph and then I could fucking kill anyone who got in my way.”

Katherine wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t just saying it as an example. He was saying it as a threat.

“W-what happened to not making women do something they don’t want to?”

Negan grinned.

“I still stand by that. But like I fucking said, this is part of your punishment. You get to be fucking stuck with me for the rest of our fucking lives.”

Katherine felt like she couldn’t breathe. She sat back on the couch, trying to calm her racing heart.

“I’ll fucking send Simon and some men to pick up that creepy ass priest from Alexandria.”

Katherine swallowed and shook her head.

“He won’t do it,” she whispered

Negan smirked.

“Well lucky for me, I can be very fucking persuasive.”

Katherine wanted to cry but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing it.

“Do I even get a say in this?”

Negan grinned.

“Of course you fucking do!” He lent forward and cupped her cheeks in his large hands. “You get to fucking pick if your family is there or not. I know how girls always dream of their daddy walking them down the fucking aisle. And let me fucking tell you, Doll, I think it would be funny as shit to watch your father try and fucking control himself when he hands you over to me.”

Katherine shook her head.

“You’re sick.”

Negan grinned.

“I know.” He took another sip of his drink. “Why don’t you fucking lay down. You look like you’re about to pass the fuck out.” Katherine didn’t have to be told twice and slowly stood up before making her way over to the door.

“Oh and Kitty Kat, after the fucking wedding you’re moving in here with me so make sure your shit is packed.”

Katherine didn’t answer him as he laughed. She quickly exited the room and all but ran to the wives quarters. When she opened the doors, she felt five pairs of eyes all settle on her. She hadn’t seen any of the girls since the night she had dinner with Negan.

Sherry and Amber both looked at her with concern but Katherine didn’t acknowledge them. She kept her eyes on the ground and shut the doors before passing all of them and heading to her room.

She immediately collapsed onto her bed, curling up into a little ball and letting the tears fall freely. She couldn’t help but blame herself for the situation she was now in. Would this even be happening if she hadn’t said anything about having a baby while down in the basement.

Her body shook hard with sobs. A knock sounded on her bedroom door. Katherine looked up when it opened and Sherry and Amber poked their heads in.

When they saw how upset she was, they both stepped in, shutting the door behind them.

“Where have you been?” Sherry asked as Katherine sat up so the two could sit next to her.

“Y-you guys don’t know?” Sherry and Amber shook their heads. Katherine took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

“W-when we went to Alexandria a couple days ago, shit hit the fan. N-Negan found out t-that I had been lying about my ex Spencer.”

“The one that was alive?” Katherine nodded at Amber as more tears fell.

“Yea. N-Negan ended up cutting his stomach open and killed him.” She let out a sob. Amber wrapped her arms around the girl as Sherry rubbed her back. Sure they didn’t know each other but they had all become somewhat close through their hatred of Negan.

“What happened?” Sherry asked. Katherine sighed.

“H-he was so mad. When we g-got back, he locked me in a cell downstairs. I was down there three days before he came to get me.”

Amber and Sherry’s eyes widened. They knew Negan had a temper but he never took his anger out on his wives. He usually took it out on people close to them.

“And then he made me whip one of my friends who he also took from Alexandria. And now…” Katherine’s throat tightened. “Now he’s making me marry him for real.”

Sherry and Amber’s eyes widened even more.


Katherine sniffled and nodded, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear.

“W-what about us?” Amber asked.

“H-he said he’d still give you guys the same perks but he wouldn’t sleep with you. I don’t want to be married to him but he won’t take no as an answer.”

“Sounds like Negan.” Sherry said, rubbing the young girl’s back comfortingly.

“Does that mean we can go back to our husbands?” Amber asked, her voice sounding hopeful. Katherine shrugged.

“I don’t know. You’d have to ask him. I’m sure he’ll talk to you guys about it.” She wiped the tears from her eyes. “What am I going to do?”

Both girls sighed and wrapped their arms around her in a hug.

“Don’t let him break you. You have to be strong.”

All Katherine could do was nod but deep down, she knew it was easier said then done.

A couple days had passed and Katherine was constantly on edge. She hadn’t seen Negan since the day he had basically told her they were getting married whether she liked it or not.

She knew Negan had talked to the other girls about what was going on. Sherry had filled her in after Negan apparently all called them to his office while she was sound asleep in her room. Katherine noticed how most of the girls seemed relieved. Only one seemed upset and she made sure to send daggers Katherine’s way any chance she got.

Katherine just ignored her. She had bigger things to worry about.

Deciding to try and get her mind off of things, she decided to head down to the daycare they had in The Sanctuary. Dressing in a pair of jeans and a plain black tank top, she made her way out of of the room.

She was surprised to see she didn’t get lost on her way down. When she got down there, she gently knocked on the door before walking in.

She smiled seeing a a small group of toddlers sitting at a table drawing while two women rocked babies to sleep. They looked up and smiled at her.


“Hi. Sorry is this a bad time?”

“Oh no, the babies just fell asleep. Come in.”

Katherine gave a small smile and stepped inside, quietly shutting the door behind her.

“I’m Katherine.”

“Oh you’re one of Negan’s wives.”

Katherine forced a small smile on her face and nodded.

“I’m Mandy and this is Grace.”

Katherine shook their hands.

“It’s nice to meet you. I was just wondering if I could come down and spend some time with the kids. I used to be a daycare teacher and it’s nice to have something fo familiar to how things used to be.”

Mandy nodded as they watched the toddlers.

“Of course. Everyone is always welcomed here.”

Katherine smiled.

“Thank you.”

Mandy smiled and nodded before walking over to fill out some paperwork and Grace walked over to check on the babies. Katherine let out a soft sigh and walked over to the table of toddlers.

“Hey guys. What’s up?”

“We drawing!” Katherine laughed at a little girl as she sat down in a small chair at the table with them.

“I see that! What are you guys drawing?”

Katherine spent almost two hours downstairs with the kids. It was just what she needed to cheer her up.  

Katherine giggled as a little boy, Connor, showed her his dance moves.

“Wow Connor those are some moves!”

“He better save those for the fucking reception.” Katherine jumped and turned around to see Negan behind her. He grinned at her. “Ain’t this a blast from the fucking past, Doll.”

“Hi Mr. Negan.” Negan smirked and waved at the kids.

“Hi kids. You being good?” They all nodded their heads, making him laugh.

Hearing her bosses voice, Mandy came out from the back room where she was taking inventory.

“Oh, hello Negan.” Negan smiled.

“Hi. How are things fucking running down here?”

“They’re good. We’re starting to run low on some diapers though.” Negan nodded.

“I’ll add it to the fucking list. You don’t mind if I fucking steal Katherine here do you?”

“Oh no, not at all. Katherine, feel free to come by anytime.”

Katherine gave a small smile and slowly stood up.

“It was nice meeting you guys.”

“You too.”

“Bye Miss Katherine!”

Katherine smiled.

“Bye.” Negan wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her out of the room.

“You have fucking fun down there?”

Katherine silently nodded.

“Good. Maybe I’ll let you go down there more fucking often. At least you fucking smile down there.”

He laughed and pulled her in closer as they climbed the stairs.

She thought they were going to his bedroom but was surprised when he pulled her down a hallway she had never been before.

“Where are we going?”

Negan smirked down at her.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Katherine felt her heart stop. A surprise? She wasn’t sure if she should be scared or terrified.

Negan laughed at the look on her face.

“Calm the fuck down, Doll. You’ll fucking love this.”

He led her down the hallway and stopped in front of a wooden door.


Katherine swallowed hard as he opened the door and pushed her inside. She stopped short, her eyes widening when she saw who was sitting there.

“Kitty Kat, you fucking know our favorite creepy ass priest. Father…Fuck I forgot your name.”

“Gabriel,” Katherine whispered, in shock. How had Negan’s men actually gotten him? Gabriel locked eyes with her, silently trying to ask her what was going on.

“Right, that’s fucking it. Well anyways, Father, I need a fucking favor from you.” He walked over and placed his hands on Katherine’s shoulder’s, squeezing tightly.

“I fucking need you to marry us.” He looked down at Katherine and smirked. “Tonight.”


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By Chance - Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you and James Barnes get to know by chance in a subway. Will destiny make your lifes come across again?

Y/N: thank you so much for everyone of you who is reading the story. I really appreciate every message, every like and every reblog. You are great!

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

Past: at the party

‘Congratulations man! You did not even tell me that you are going to get married,’ Steve said as he hugged James with his right arm.

‘Yeah, I know. Sorry about that, I should have told you.’

‘What is wrong Bucky? You have a face that seems you have just seen a ghost. Do not tell me you do not want to get marry now?’

'I do not know what I want, Steve. These weeks have been weird for me,’ James wanted to keep talking but he did not know how to say the words;  it was hard to say the words he was about to spill out even when he was talking to his best friend. 'I- I don’t think Amanda is the right person pal.’

'What?! After these years… well, this is not an easy situation, for sure. But I am happy for you if you realize she is not the one.’ Steve did not say anything for a few seconds and then he continued, 'if it is not Amanda, who is the one then?’

James turned around and looked at the inside of the party room. Steve followed Bucky’s glance and he saw the photographer, you.

Keep reading

Kit Walker P6.

I had still not seen Kit, after I even started working at the diner. “Hey, Bea. Does that greaser boy still work there?” She looked up at the garage. She nodded and took a drag off her cigarette. “His dad died of a heart attack last year, it was so sad. He was such a good man. So, he took over the business. He comes in every so often.” She said sslightly smiling at me then continuing her work. His dad… was dead? I felt sick to my stomach, and tried to suck it up to keep working. I went out back to take a break, trying to collect my feelings. Not even 5 minutes later, Jerry the chef burst through the door. “What are you doing? You have like a group of 6 people in your bay, get back in there now,” I ran back in hurrying to take the orders before hurrying to take a guy who was sitting alone’s order. “Hey!” What can I get ya?“ I asked kind of breathy. “Catch your breath there?” He asked with a laugh he looked up at me, and I looked down at him. And we both went silent. The smile on his face dropping, I shook my head and put my hand over my mouth, taking a deep breath, swallowing. “What can I get you?” I said keeping my eyes on the notepad. He gently pulled it down “Kat?” He asked; I looked at him “What can I get you?” I said having to clear my throat after. He pressed his brows together and gave me a confused look. “Kat, don’t you know who I am?” He asked me with a nervous chuckle “What can I get for you?” I asked, this time my voice cracking. He just stared at me, his eyes watering and his bottom lip quivering. He looked like… a man. He was more masculine than before. His body more toned, his face was thinner, but he still had a baby face. “W-what,” I had to pause a minute to regain my composure. “Can I get for you?” I said in almost a whisper. Trying my hardest to fight back the tears that were filling in my eyes. He stood up in front of me, breathing heavily, I backed up, thinking he would walk out. Just leave and not say anything. He then grabbed me, and hugged me tightly. “I thought I’d never see you again,” He said holding me there for so long, I hugged him back, feeling the familiar warmth he had, wrap itself around me.

After I had gotten off work, Kit waited for ne outside. I came out and gave him an angry look. “Why didn’t you ever write me? Or- or call me, or tell me why you didn’t want to write or call me. I waited for you, I waited for all 4 of those years. Hoping, hoping so much for you to not forget me,” I said with fury in my voice. He rolled his tongue in his cheek. “I’m sorry… I tried. I really did.” He opened his jacket, to reveal a bundle of letters. “I wrote you every day for months, and then suddenly all of them were sent back to me. The mail man saying that the address wasn’t… a good address, I tried to call the number, it didn’t work… I… I tried. This is proof I tried. Your dad refused to give me a real means of contacting you. I wouldn’t just not write you.,” He said holding the out to me. I stared at them in disbelief. “So, did you wait for me?” I asked him, hoping to god he would embrace me, then kiss me. Then we can live like we wanted to. “I met a girl, Kat… I married her.” And just like that. My heart shattered. It felt like he took out a gun and shot me in the stomach. I clentched my stomach, trying to hide how much it hurt me to hear that. “What did you expect me to do?” “Wait, because you told me you would. It’s not like I willingly went… I loved you, I wanted to be with you forever, I wanted you to wait for me.” I said holding back my emotions as well as I could. “Well, I just.. Don’t know what to say now.” He said fighting back tears too. He sighed “I never… Wanted this to happen, I met her at the time I was really bent out of shape with my dad dying, and you not being around, and she helped get me through it.” I shrugged “I am going to go home now, I am sorry about your dad,” I said as I walked past him. “Kat, please wait!” He said trying to keep up with me “Don’t turn your back on me, please.” “You already turned yours to me,” I said through tears. “You were gone 4 years, you didn’t talk to me for 4 years!” He yelled “I was forced to!” I yelled back at him. Turning around to face him. He grabbed my shoulders “I will always love you, Kit Walker,” I said kissing his cheek. He closed his eyes and sighed. I didn’t say anything as we looked at each other for a long time, before I walked away. This time, Kit didn’t follow. I got inside of my room and jumped on my bed. Screaming into my pillow, I wanted to die, I could not handle this pain. This pain! It was awful! I sobbed uncontrollably, trying to get it out of me. He married someone else. He fucking married someone else. My dad then burst into my room. “Stop being so loud!” He yelled at me. I turned away from him as he lingered in the door way. “Are you crying? Did you hear that Walker boy married a negro girl? I told you boys are all the same,” He said down by me. “ I tried to warn you; and you let him in between your legs.” He hissed. His breath smelled strongly of booze. “Get out of here, you’re drunk,” I said in an annoyed tone. “Give daddy a kiss first, I missed you. You’ve grown into such a beautiful woman,” He said touching my bare inner thigh “Get the hell away from me!” I said pushing his hand away from me. He got angry, over powering me. He laid on top of me, using his weight to me there. He separated my legs with his, and I screamed out as loud as I could for someone to hear. He got pissed and hit me with all his force in my jaw. “Shut the fuck up, you little whore. I know this is what you want, daddy loves his girl,” He said forcing a kiss on my mouth. I protested against it, immediately infuritated. I could hear the little girl in my head, crying, trying to fight off my dad. Something me snapped in that moment as I heard his buckle on his belt come undone. I kneed him between his legs as hard as I could. He let out a yell, and fell onto the floor. “You ruined my life!” I screamed kicking him in the ribs, “YOU TOOK ME AWAY FROM KIT! NOW HE’S MARRIED!” I screamed, kicking him again. “You raped me when I was too small to even know what was happening. There is no one I hate more than I hate you! You piece of fucking shit!” I yelled. I grabbed my trophy, made of pure metal.
, weighing almost 20 pounds I was in a trance almost, as I sat on top of him. “Look at my face, Dad. I want you to look at me. ” I said, holding it over my head. He looked at me, putting his hands in his face “Put that down, put it down!” That’s when I began to smash his head with it, screaming as I did it, he screamed in agony, trying to beg me to stop. Just going and going, until he was unrecognizable as a human being. His head completely smashed in. Brain matter, skull pieces, and blood all over me, and the whole room. I exhaled deeply, sitting on top my dead dad, at peace that he was finally dead. Relieved. I heard my mom scream then, not releasing she had walked in. I slowly looked at her, my face covered in blood. I then darted after her, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her in the room. “Look, look at him. You let this piece of FILTH rape me, and Deavon. You let him,” “I didn’t know I swear!” She sobbed “Fucking lying, god damn, bitch! I saw you, I saw you watching. You knew! You knew what he was doing, fucking your daughter. Your 5 year old daughter? Clear until she was 17? He tried to rape me again, I know you knew, you were just too drunk to care. You are just as much to blame as he is.” I said in her ear. My mom then head butted me, breaking my nose with a loud crunch, blood immediately squirting from my nostrils. She head butted me a second time, this time causing me to bite through my bottom lip. I let go in reflex, and she ran up the stairs. I went after her, not feeling the pain. She screamed for Deavon to help her as he approached the stairs. Deavon looked at her for a moment, then just walked away. My mom pleaded for him to come back. She fought like hell, until I was able to get my hands on the trophy, and I slammed it into the back of her head. She screamed and some how managed to break free again, running up the stairs. Screaming for my brother to call 911. I ran after her, grabbing the biggest double edged knife I could find in the kitchen, then began to search for her. “Mom?” I asked peaking around a corner, the corners of my mouth curling into an insideous smile. I opened the living room closet to find her there, she screamed as I stabbed her in the chest. She fell to the ground, and I sat on her back. Stabbing her over, and over, and over, and over… At least 100 times. Until all that came out of her was a gurgling sound, as she grabbed at her throat, her body convulsing, as she struggled to breath through the blood filling her mouth. I kissed my fingers, and put them on her lips before throwing the knife down, and looking down at her. She looked into my eyes, as she drowned in her own fluids, the intense fear and confusion in her eyes burned into me. I picked up the phone calling 911, while she was still alive and staring at me. “Hello, I just murdered my parents,” I spoke softly. My mom shaking her head, tears coming out of her eyes, her reaching out to me, before taking her last few breaths. Finally, I was at peace. No matter what happened to me. I knew they were fucking gone. “Kat, what will happen to me?” I heard from my brother ask. I hugged him “You’ll be okay, you’ll live with grandma I bet.” I could hear the sirens in the background. I hugged him, he was pretty much taller than me. “They can’t hurt you anymore,” I said with a smile. The police bursted down the door, and it felt like slow motion, as they held guns at me, telling me to put my hands at the back of my head, and walk backwards to them. “You’ll be fine, Deavon. You’ll be better now, I love you,” “I love you, Kat.” He said. I could see the relief in his eyes, that our horrible rapist parents, were executed for their crimes by me. But now, I may meet the same fate.

The court trial was fast. The daughter who murdered her beloved catholic family, I was painted as a monster before the entire town. I didn’t care, as long I knew and my brother knew, who spoke in my defense know that I smudged out 2 evil, heartless, pieces of shit. I was deemed to have had temporary insanity due to “hysteria.” And was sent to live out my days, at Briarcliff Manor.

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Darcy/Steve The Proposal AU

After learning she is about to be deported to her native Canada after violating the terms of her work visa, Darcy Lewis, polarizing executive editor in chief of Foster’s Publishing House, persuades her long-suffering assistant Steve Rogers to marry her in a last ditch effort to remain in the United States. Steve agrees to the charade, but imposes a few conditions of his own- including whisking her to his hometown in Alaska to meet his eccentric family- in order to get closer to his own dream of becoming an editor. With an impromptu wedding in the works and a suspicious immigration official always lurking nearby, Darcy and Steve reluctantly vow to stick to the plan despite the precarious consequences.

“Three days ago, I loathed you. I used to dream about you getting hit by a cab. Then we had our little adventure up in Alaska and things started to change. Things changed when we kissed. And when you told me about your tattoo. Even when you checked me out when we were naked. But I didn’t realize any of this, until I was standing alone… in a barn… wifeless. Now, you could imagine my disappointment when it suddenly dawned on me that the woman I love is about to be kicked out of the country. So Darcy, marry me, because I’d like to date you.”

nothing lasts forever - chapter 4

Summary: after 8 years of marriage, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are in the middle of a divorce being closely watched by the media. Between protecting their kids from the attention and moving on with the divorce, life (and truths) can be tougher than expected for these two superstars.

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3

a/n: I’m so sorry this is late af, but yesterday I had to go to a funeral in another town (it was very sad and I cried) and I got home at 2 a.m. asleep on my feet. Here it is, though. Hope you like it :) and yes, the ob-gyn’s name is Addison because I miss her so much on Grey’s, so here’s my sincere tribute. And I know I said the kids were home schooled, but to follow my plot they have to go to school.

Keep reading

Ok so Story Time~ I am at a restaurant right now, my family and I had to share a table with a married couple of old people.
While eating and talking with mom and my cousin, the old man looked at me and said “Hey, you look like a charm lil kid, have you ever went to a waterpark?” I answered ‘em that yeah but with my school, he smiled at me and gave me a fucking Gift Card and said “well, you can go now for free” AND I SMILED LIKE AN IDIOT LIKE OMFG I ALMOST HUG HIM THAT IS SUCH A SWEET DETAIL I AM DYING.

Letters never sent

Summary: Phil writes dan letters, but he never sends them
Warning: none!
Word count: 1.5k
An: I’ve posted this before but I deleted it so it’s back.

October 20th, 2009
Dear Dan,
You had to leave yesterday, and as I sat in the tube riding back to my flat, I might have cried. I’m sorry I was so nervous when you got here, I just didn’t know what to do. We had been talking so much over fuzzy Skype calls it was amazing to see you in person. On The Eye I was dying inside because I liked you and really hoped you liked me too and when you kissed me my heart felt like it flipped over and it had never done that before. I miss you already and its only been 12 hours. Yes I have been counting, and I regret nothing. Please come back soon so we can sit on my couch with ice-cream and watch spirited away or totaro over and over again. Or not watch the movies, if you get what im saying XD.
I miss you bear

January 30th, 2010
Dear Dan,
Hey! Today is my birthday! Thank you for everything you sent, its awesome. I have an idea that you may or may not be down with. We should move in together. I have my own flat here in Manchester, as you know, and even if you just wanted to stay for a week to see what its like I’m ok with that! I was looking through our Skype call logs earlier today and noticed that we spent 11 hours and 39 minutes talking last monday. Thats most of the day! Time really flies when I’m talking to you I hope you know that, and I really hope you say yes to moving in with me so I can hear your voice all day long. I hope you can come down soon bear.
I miss you so much.

February 14th, 2010
Dear Dan,
You are in India and I had five hours with nothing to do so I made you something. Ill just text you the link.
Please come back soon bear.

April 22, 2010
Dear Dan,
YOU SAID YES TO MOVING IN WITH ME!!!! This is probably the greatest day of my whole life. I spent all week getting the house ready for you! I even cleaned the bathroom, and I haven’t done that since, well, I moved in. I cant wait till were staying up till 3, laying on my couch, maybe cuddling, watching attack on titan whenever we want. 2 More days bear, 2 more days.

December 9th, 2011
I havent written to you in a while have I? I have something to confess, I am falling deeply in love with you, and i never told you till just now. The fans are starting to suspect, well, they’ve suspected this whole time, and I feel like I’ve been lying to them this whole time by not telling them. I know you want to keep it a secret, but its hard not to grab your hand in public, or kiss you while we wait on the platform for the train back to my parents house for the holidays. I mean, I dont think telling our parents is enough sometimes. I want to tell the world how much I love you, but I’m to scared to tell you. I feel like I’m rambling on about nothing, but I also feel like this is very important. I don’t know anymore.
Well, I love you bear.

September 22, 2012
You stormed out today. I didn’t mean to upload the valentines video from so long ago, I didn’t even hover over it for christ sake. I went to upload a new video that I spent all day editing and youtube glitched and uploaded that one to the public. I promise I didn’t mean to. Please don’t leave me Bear. You are my world and I couldn’t deal with losing you, because of some stupid mistake that technology made. I love you more than anything in this world and I hope you know that.
I cant lose you Bear

December 25, 2013
Dear Dan,
I’m writing this to you after you have gone to bed. I finally said those 3 words I’ve been scared to say for so long. Daniel James Howell, I love you more than anything on this earth. And you know what made me the happiest when I said those 3 little words with such an important meaning? You grabbed my face and kissed me and whispered onto my lips, “I’ve been waiting to hear those words since the say I got off the train platform”
I don’t know why I was so afraid to say it, I guess i thought you would leave. Well if id known id get this reaction i would of said it earlier. You are my life.
Sleep well bear

July 19, 2014
While I was at Tesco a girl came up
to me and pointed out I was wearing your jacket. She then continued to start shaking and made a noise like a mouse or something. I think she said “phan is real” as she walked off, but I’m not 100% sure. More and more people are suspecting us Bear, and its not gonna be long before we are caught doing that will out us to the world.
Well, what ever, i love you bear.

March 23, 2015
I want to marry you. I mean hell (sorry) we’ve been together for 6 years, and I’m 28 years old. I think I’m ready, and I hope you are too. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I want you to know that I love you more than I love myself. Daniel James Howell, you are my everything, and my only.
Please say yes Bear

June 26th, 2016
Daniel James Howell (and in a few months, Howell-Lester)
YOU SAID YES. I know I decided I wanted to marry you so long ago, but I only got the guts to ask you today. Sitting out on the same fountain as we did that Halloween in 2009, I was physically shaking, and I could tell that you noticed. And when Louise sent Darcy out you looked so surprised and confused, I almost laughed, but the nerves prevented me from do just that. Oh and little Darcy, she did so good! She ran up to you and yelled “Uncle Dan!” and gave you a big hug, then handed you the little box, and ran right back to Louise and Matt, just like she was supposed to. You looked at me with tears in your eyes, and you knew exactly what was coming. I stumbled as I got on one knee, and you chuckled, while I blushed uncontrollably. You hadn’t even opened the box, and you said yes. You didn’t even let me stutter through the 4 short, but life changing words, you impatient bastard. This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.
We are forever, Bear

December 7, 2023
Katherine Elizabeth Howell-Lester. Our own baby girl. Our child to take care of and protect from the boys that will break her fragile little heart when she’s older, our own child to cradle when she has a bad dream at 4 am, our own child to walk down the isle when she meets her perfect match. Our own child to teach not to be a huge ass to people of other race, religion, or beliefs. You’re gonna have to cut down on the cursing though, I mean she’s 3, and you know how kids that age repeat everything. She’s so perfect Dan, just like you.
We have a little Bear cub now I guess.

Phil thought he had been carful when hiding the letters he never sent, but obviously not careful enough, because when Dan was packing up the flat when they moved out of the city, he found the little box that was hidden under the mattress. When Phil went to open the box again, to relive some memories, he found a little note on top of the rest, the scrawl not matching his own.

February 26th, 2025
Dear Phil,
All of these years I have loved you more than anything, excluding Kat. When we weren’t together, back in 2009, I hated not seeing you. All these years later, finding that you’ve had these letters you never gave me fills me with so much love and hope. Hope for us, for Kat, for everything we’ve been through together. If I had known you had loved me for so long, I would of married you sooner. It kinda upsets me that we didn’t come out to YouTube sooner, I mean, they were so supportive of us! And now that our baby is in school, and now that we have so many friends, I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you for everything, and I love you so much. Nothing in the world compares to the love I have for you and out “bear cub”.
I wish you had shown these to me sooner, Lion.

chriswooditalia  asked:

Hi! :) I was reading the post about how gentleman Chris was with Kat. totally agree. Such a cutie. And I'd like to know who dared slapping Kat (or someone else) butt? I never heard about this story. I'd like to know.

Hi, love :) OMG yes isn’t he just adorable? It was Ian Somerhalder. You can watch this here (start watching at 22:00):

So basically some people got enraged at the slap considering he is a married man now… but then apparently Kat & Ian have always been this close and physical, so idk. What do you think? To me, personally, it wasn’t that big of a deal, I mean, I didn’t like that slap, especially seeing Chris’s not-so-pleased reaction to it, but oh well…

All I see is Chris having heart eyes for Kat and treating her like the Queen she is and that’s so so sweet :) I can’t even…

Could they be any more perfect? GRAHAMWOOD for life!