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Headcanon that Keith starts making jokes all the time, but only when it’s just him and Hunk.

“No guys I swear he made a pun the other day,” Hunk sobs into Pidge’s unconvinced shoulder. 

“We’ll believe it when we hear it, Hunk,” Lance shoots back. 

Keith knows. he’s just messing with hunk at this point. they set off on a solo mission and he just smirks.

“If you like Shay so much, why don’t you Balmarry her?” he asks through the coms.

Hunk starts crying.


“There is no use debating the point, Commander.”

“I said no.”

“And I said- nevermind. Look, it is simply too late to do anything about it now. You shall have to make do and wear it.”

“Or I shall simply just not go.”

“You are going to Halamshiral and you will be wearing it.”

“It itches.”


“It is too tight.”

“You were measured-“

Accosted, you mean.”

“-and it is to your size and fit.”

“Well, I’d have words with whoever does your measuring. It. is. too. tight.”

“Perhaps if you wore something other than armour, the fit of normal clothing would not be so foreign to you!”

“Armour does me fine, Lady Montilyet, and until the day it does not, I shall continue to wear it, your approval or not.”

“But it is so bulky, and so very unfashionable.”

“Precisely. It is armour. It is meant to defend, not to offend. Unlike a certain other garment…”

“This is ridiculous. Just put the sash over the jacket, put your boots on and be done with it.”


“Must I call Leliana down here?”

“No! I…Fine. But mark my words, I am taking it off the first opportunity I am given.”

“I am sure the Orlesian court will be thrilled to hear it.”

“…Andraste preserve me.”

Okay but what if when the Warden and a romaced Alistair get married, the Warden incorporates what Alistair said when they first met into their vows? Basically what I’m saying is please imagine Alistair Theirin crying his eyes out because the love of his life just said “The best thing about the Blight is that it brought us together”


dragon age: inquisition  josephine montilyet/ayla lavellan

she says that people stare, cause we look so good together


Because it’s valentines day soon, and I have nothing more productive to do I decided to make some horrendously bad Riverdale valentines day cards.