me and jomo


tbh I have a serious case of JOMO or Joy of Missing Out– I like making plans, but I love cancelling them even more.

Let me introduce you Joseph Morgan's acting skills...

(and why TVD fans can’t stand his bad performance in The Originals)


“Thank you, Elena, for make me the most powerful being on earth.” - TVD Season Two.

“Tasting the blood after my wolf side emerged.” - TVD Season Three. 

“Why are you so annoying?" 

"The famous pleased smile.” Because he always won, no matter what.

“It’s Kol. I’m so dead." 

"Afraid of my mommy.” She’s the original witch, not the Deveraux Sisters.

“I just have an idea.” Break the windows with a ball and burn down your house. 

“I will kill you and everyone you know.” Stefan.

“I won’t bite you, sweetheart." Sassy comment from the Alpha Male.

"Trying to date Caroline.” - Season Four. 

“Seeing how you kill my second brother.” Damn you, doppelgangers.

“On my terms.” Klaus always was famous for being an INTENSE villain. This is just one of the great scenes he had.

“In love." Come on, if you can’t see the glow in his eyes, you’re blind. 

"Silas!Klaus, somehow he manages to do a diffferent villian." 


"I want to be king.” Are you there, JoMo? What’s with the weird face?

“Forgot how to cry… well… act like a little girl. It will work anyway.”

“Trying to reflect Bomille there… it worked!" 

 Katherine and I have something to say at this point:

"This is my creepy face. I use it when blondies who are on vervain gives blood to my friends, when i don’t sleep the whole night and when i loathe the writers’s script." He looks more on drugs than jealous to me.

The only time JoMo acted like Klaus on The Originals:

The famous-charming-but-still-evil-smile is there. I approve! 

So this funny thing happened at g4 with Jeff and Jomo
  • So at the meet and greet we spoke to Jeff about how it was his first time in England and stuff
  • Us: how are you enjoying England ?
  • Jeff: it's awesome yeah, ive done loads of cool stuff, like I went on a boat and saw parliament
  • Me: have you had tea with the queen yet? Because you know all English people so that.
  • Jeff: OMG YOU CAN DO THAT?!?
  • Me: no Jeff.. sarcasm...
  • Jeff: Oh
  • Whole table laughs
  • later at the autograph sessions
  • Me: hey Jeff
  • Jeff: he-*looks up* oh it's you. You lied to me..
  • Me: *giggles*
  • Jeff: I feel so betrayed
  • Me: I'm sorry you can't actually have tea with the queen Jeff
  • Jomo : seriously? Jeff you're so stupid.
  • Me: *laughs harder*
  • Jomo: ignore him he's an idiot.