me and jenn

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: now there's a solemn old tradition for admission or audition to transition from a come from away to be a newfoundlander the only other way at any rate is pass away and pray to fate and wait to reincarnate as a newfoundlander hey hey come on inside nothing ventured nothing-
  • psychic: what the fuck
Good Things About Come From Away

- All of “Welcome To The Rock”
- “Excuse me, would you like a Xanax? Cause you are freaking out, and it is freaking me out and we are ALL FREAKING THE F*** OUT!”
- That part in Darkness and Trees (Reprise) where everything is said in the African language (not sure which one) and is echoed in English
- “He just looked like a gay lumberjack”
- Freaking Hannah in “I Am Here” oh my gosh
- The part in “Prayer” where people are singing in three different languages
- The use of traditional Newfoundland instruments in “Heave Away”
- “There’s thirty verses in this song”
- The clapping part in “Me And The Sky”
- Jenn Colella
- “SOMEWHERE in the middle of NOWHERE”
- All of “Something’s Missing” dear lord
- Please listen to this musical it’s so relevant and good

Feel free to add to the list!