me and hockey and tears

✓ Eric Richard Bittle, the shortest member of the hockey team, the frog who brought a pie to his first kegster, the player who was both the most spirited and also the closest to being kicked off the hockey team, the SMH member who was bold enough to install curtains in the Haus kitchen, the boy who got checked and lived—is the captain of the Samwell men’s hockey team.

How? Folks, it’s been a long three years. Real long. And it’s been my distinct pleasure drawing page after page of Bitty facing his fears and falling in love with a bunch of stupid frat boys. But they also fell in love with him! If Bitty had done nothing but feed these guys pies for three years, he’d probably still be in the same place or at the very least alternate captain. (Think about it…yeaaaaah you know he would be.)

But Bitty said it himself in his impromptu vlog not-speech. He’s grown and he loves these guys. He’s a leader because he not only is strong in his own perfectly Bitty way, but also because he can’t not care about his team. It’s more than pies. Bitty knows everything about each and every one of his teammates and is invested in their growth and success. It’s who he is! That’s Eric Bittle! He’s was born to lead this hockey team! - N

My Top Caps Moments of the Postseason

During the regular season, I made a post counting down my favorite moments. I figure now that the postseason is unfortunately long over, it’s time to do the same with the playoffs. It’s been awhile, so hopefully this is still relevant, but admittedly it’s taken me awhile to recover enough to make this. So I give you my top moments of the postseason.

13. Some Oshie goals (Rd 1 Game 4 x2)(Rd 1 Game 5)(Rd 2 Game 6)

You all know I love Oshbabe so perhaps this one has a little bias. I love the spark and energy that he brings to the game, and I thought these goals of his were worth including, as they were pretty sweet.

12. Some Nicky goals (Rd 1 Gm 2)(Rd 1 Gm 3)(Rd 2 Gm 5)(Rd 2 Gm 6)

Nicklas Backstrom was arguably the best Caps player during the playoffs. We may have faltered at the end, but Nicky came to play. In celebration of Nicky, I’ve picked some of his best goals from the playoffs. I also picked a wonderful screencap, which I enjoy cause it kind of looks like he’s astral projecting.

11. Burky goals (Rd 2 Game 5)(Rd 2 Game 6 x2)

Burky was a little late to the goal-scoring party in the playoffs, but man did he pick a good time to score them all. And they were all beautiful?? A toe drag and two unassisted beauties?? Amazing. He’s so talented and really coming into his own. And do you want to hear something that will definitely make you cry? Burky scored both the very first and the very last goal of the Caps’ season.

10. Kuzy’s goal in Game 5 (Rd 2 Game 5 vs PIT)

I picked this goal mainly for the celly tbh. But the goal was pretty sweet too; a sharp angle rebound. And Kuzy knows exactly how to make the crowd scream. What a beautiful goal.

9. Carly wrecks Geno which leads to a goal being scored (Rd 2 Game 1 vs PIT)

Laying a big hit on Malkin? You’d have to be a fool. Luckily John Carlson was feeling foolhardy. To prevent Malkin from getting a good scoring chance in the Caps zone, Carly laid a crunching hit on Geno which resulted in him losing the puck and Ovechkin very quickly scoring. I love my foolhardy beanie son.

8. Holtby’s series-saving saves in Game 5 (Rd 2 Game 5 vs PIT) (x)(x)

We were down 3-1 in the series, and it was looking like the Caps were down and out. Enter Braden Holtby. After a bit of shaky play in the series, it was clear the Holtbeast was activated. In the third period, Holtby made a flurry of important, crucial, jaw-dropping saves. After those saves, the Caps came back and won that game. Some people might have glossed over it, but to me it was clear that those saves saved the series and the season for the Caps. (Additionally, I can’t find video of as many saves as I want, but those ones are the best of them)

7. Shatty’s OT winner (Rd 2 Game 3 at PIT)

There we were, down 2-0 and stuck in fucking Pittsburgh. We’d blown a two-goal lead in the last minute of the fucking game and things were taking a turn for the worse. However, we got a fortunate power play and Shatty just decided to end it right there and then. Let the poop jokes begin. Honestly I felt much more relief than joy after this goal.

6. Williams’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 5 vs TOR)

Mr. Game 7 showed up in Game 5 when we needed him most that series. Second line is best line, especially in overtime. After a faceoff win and a strong Niskanen drive all the way down the ice, Kuzy got the puck from Mojo and slid it to a wide-open Williams in front, who stashed it home to give the Caps a 3-2 series lead.

5. Willy saves a goal, later scores two (Rd 1 Game 4 at TOR)

Tom Wilson, one-man wrecking crew. The Toronto boy decided to make Toronto feel his wrath. In the first period the puck squirted out behind Holtby and Wilson dove into the crease to send it away with his stick. Later on the same shift, Willy redirected a feed from Eller to score a goal. And later in the period, he had a 2-on-1 with Burky and dished it into the net like an All-Star. If the entirety of the playoffs were just that one series, Willy would be my Conn Symthe winner. He was a man on a mission against Toronto.

4. Kuzy’s bird celly (Rd 2 Game 1 vs PIT)

Kuzy’s most infamous celly possibly ever. He scored off a great pass by Nisky into an open net to tie the game at two in the third, and then proceeded to do the celly heard round the world: the bird celly. God I love Kuzy, he’s so extra and just has so much fun. Fuck all the critics, this is how the game is supposed to be played.

3. Mojo’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 6 at TOR)

I can say with absolute conviction that hockey had never made me cry tears of joy until this moment. I’d felt elation, and I’d certainly cried out of sadness or frustration, but the only time I’ve ever cried of hockey happiness is when Marcus Johansson shoveled in that puck in overtime to seal round one. Honestly it was probably the last truly happy moment of the season lol. I love and appreciate Marcus Johansson with all my heart.

2. Holtby goes to the fucking blueline (Rd 1 Game 3 at TOR)(x)

It’s the last thing a goalie wants to see: Mitch Marner on a breakaway. A lesser goalie would have sat tight in the net and just prayed the goal wouldn’t look so bad on all the highlight reels. But Braden Holtby, with nerves of steel, said “Hold my beer,” winked at Grubi on the bench, and raced out to the blueline to make a sliding poke check on Marner’s breakaway. And thank goodness it worked, else it would have been an easy goal. All hail the Holtbeast.

1. Willy’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 1 vs TOR)

The first big moment of the postseason was the best one. In overtime, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition Tom Wilson. Trotz put out the lunch pail line, and Wilson kept the puck in the zone and flung it at the net, resulting in complete euphoria and a series lead for the Caps. The Toronto native scored his first ever playoff goal, and I have never been more proud of Willy Baby than I was during this series.

The playoffs didn’t end the way we wanted them to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at the good moments it brought us. There’s so much uncertainty ahead, and our team is going to look a lot different next year. But I want to thank the 2016-17 Washington Capitals for being so much fun to watch and holding a special place in my heart. Thanks for everything.

the northern lights are calling, the sirens scream our names;

[part 1]

Auston Matthews - Part 3

Again, long af. Pretty sure around 1500 words will be the typical amount I post. 

Alex POV

               Once we arrive at the restaurant and start to pile out of the SUV, Y/N jumps out and stands as far away from Auston as she can. A little bit of a guilt forms in my stomach, perhaps I went too far with making a heart sign at her and Auston.

As we make our way inside Y/N steers clear of both Breyana and I, sticking between mom and dad a few feet ahead of me. I contemplate taking her aside and apologizing but before I can reach out and pull her aside we make it to our secluded table in the back of the restaurant. Y/N scrambles to take the seat between my parents again, forcing Auston, Breyana and I to sit across the table. I scowl across the table at her and before Auston can take the end seat I quickly sit, Breyana taking my hint and taking the other end seat, forcing Auston to take the middle, directing across from Y/N, who quickly takes notice and sends an angry look my way.

“So, what’s everyone feeling?” I ask, smiling over my menu at Y/N, who drops her glowering gaze down to her menu. “I’m sure you’ll just get chicken tenders and fries, Y/N?” The smile is still on my face as she glances over her menu at me again, this time I earn a death stare.

As Y/N opens her mouth to retort, mom pipes in.

“I think we can all just get a couple pizzas to share, it’s quick and I’m starving,” Mom says, turning her menu to the create-your-own-pizza section and starts taking everyone’s requests.

After putting our order in and getting our drinks the chatting starts, moving from topic to topic of people back home in Arizona and the happenings in Toronto to Breyana’s schooling. Y/N stays quiet unless directly spoken to. I watch her closely as the minutes fly by, never once do her eyes fall on Auston, her posture is tense and she spends most of the few minutes focused on her water. I frown at her, Breyana and I spent hours going over our plans for this week and none of it involved Y/N sitting there quietly refusing to look at my brother.

I start to search for a topic to bring her into the conversation but once again, my mother beats me to it.

“Oh, Y/N! I nearly forgot!” Mom exclaims, reaching for her purse and I immediately beam knowing exactly where this is going. Y/N snaps out her fixation on her water and looks at mom, her big eyes even bigger than usual at the thought of being the center of attention in the conversation.

“Since we weren’t able to see you over Christmas and we didn’t want to send it in the mail and miss your expression when you opened it…” Mom continues digging through her bag, finally producing a long flat box all decorated in wrapping paper and sets it down in front of Y/N, everyone around the table excluding Auston, also reaches into either their pocket or purse and sits a separate small box around the first one.

Y/N looks from the boxes to mom, her expression embarrassed. “Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, I can’t take any gifts from you. You have done so much for me already over the years…” she starts pushing her chair slightly away from the table.

“How many times do we have to tell you not to call us that,” Dad looks down fondly at Y/N, “we love you and we got something for you, either open it yourself or I’m sure Ema will for you.”

Y/N’s cheeks turn pink as she grins up at my dad, fondness of her face as well. Her eyes flash over to my face and for the first time in half an hour she doesn’t scowl, just smiles.

“Alright,” she says, turning her attention to the long box that was sat own first and tears into it. Everyone leans into the table, eager to see what it is even though we all already know.

She pauses when she realizes it’s a jewelry box and raises her eyes to mom’s who shakes her head at her.

“Don’t even start with me.”

Y/N smiles softly and opens the box revealing a gleaming Pandora charm bracelet. She lets out a small whisper I can’t make out and lifts the bracelet out of the box, her eyes glowing as she takes in the two charms already attached.

“We each got you a charm to start you out,” Mom says, reaching out and pointing to the one shaped in an (first letter of your name). “This one and this one,” she then touches the second charm, a small silver cactus, a small smile playing on her lips. “This one is to remind you of your second home and where you can always turn to.”

Y/N doesn’t say anything, she just stares down intently at the cactus, her finger tracing it gently. When she finally looks up, I see tears welling in her eyes. She leans into mom and wraps her arms around her tightly, mom returning the embrace.  

“Oh, we didn’t mean to make you cry!” Dad says and joins in on the hug and squeezes Y’N’s shoulders. Y/N smiles and wipes at her eyes.

“You didn’t I had a rouge eyelash,” Y/N says sheepishly, still trying to dry her eyes on the back of her hand.

“Both eyes?” I ask, laughing, she looks up at me and grins.

“Should have said allergies,” she laughs back and focuses back onto the bracelet, her face absolutely glowing.

“Next one! Next one!” Breyana chants, clapping her hands excitedly and pushes the box she sat down closer to Y/N. “This one is from me!”

Beaming at Breyana, Y/N picks up the box and quickly opens it to reveal a third charm to add to her bracelet, two small paw prints entwined together.

“For your four-legged friends back home!” Breyana looks at Y/N. “Do you like it?” She asked, a little unsure of herself after all the excitement.

“Breyana, I love it!” Y/N says, reaching across the table and grabbing Breyana’s hand. “It’s beautiful! I already miss them and now I don’t have to.” She adds, taking her hand back and affectionately tracing the pattern with her finger.

Breyana sits back with a satisfied expression on her face, clearly pleased with herself.

I reach across the table and push the last box towards Y/N.

“Last one!” I announce and Auston fidgets slightly in his chair. He had remained silent this whole time, only making the typical “oh’s and ah’s” as Y/N opened each box, his gaze solely fixed on her. I leaned back in my chair, maybe this was going better than I had thought.

Y/N reaches for the last box and hurriedly opens it, all early hesitation out the window. She pulls out another charm, this one in the shape of a hockey puck.

“Do you remember how we became friends in the first place, Y/N?” I ask quietly, she face was thoughtful as she took in the charm.

Y/N lifts her head and gives me a soft smile. “You gave me a concussion with a hockey puck,” her eyes fill with tears again as she lifts the charm out of the box.

“I was falling down and it ended up being the hardest shot I ever took. I felt horrible for a good year afterwards, but if you hadn’t been there with your dad scouting and I hadn’t been messing around… We never even would have met.” Tears form in my own eyes and Y/N gets out of her seat and hurries around the table, I stand up to embrace her tightly.

“You guys all suck, why are you all making me cry?” Y/N half cries and half laughs into my shoulder.

After sitting back down, mom starts to show Y/N how to attach the charms when Auston clears his throat. I glance over at him and notice a small box in his hand, widening my eyes I look behind Auston and meet Breyana’s eyes and nod to Auston, silently questioning if she had anything to do with it and she just shakes her head.

Mom and Y/N finally notice that the table had gone silent and for the first time since getting there Y/N meets Auston’s gaze. He slides the box across the table and nods to it.

“Mom told me what they were going to get and didn’t want to feel left out,” he said quietly, trying and failing to look nonchalant about it.

Y/N gives him a small smile and slowly lifts it into her hands. She drops her gaze down and lifts the top off the box and her smile instantly fades. Mom leans over to get a look and her mouth opens to form an “o”.

“Well what is it?” I ask, my patience wearing thin. I move to stand up to get a better look when Y/N looks up at Auston, her eyes shining once again. Auston swallows and nervously runs a hand through his hair.

“If you had another one in mind, we can switch them. I don’t mind. I just… Mom said you were going to school for astronomy and I just thought…” he abruptly stops midsentence as Y/N reaches across the table and grabs his hand.

“I absolutely love it, Auston. It’s beyond beautiful,” she assured him, her face positivity glowing. Auston’s cheeks turn a faint pink that I haven’t seen in years and he gives her a gentle smile.

“Come on! What is it?” Breyana nearly shouted, breaking Y/N and Auston out of their moment and earning a glare from me and a scolding from mom.

“Breyana be patient!”

Retracting her hand rather slowly, Y/N turns the box and tips it so we all can see it. Breyana and I are for once, speechless.

Inside the small box lays a glittering gold and blue charm with eccentric patterns of stars and planets across several bands all intertwined around a small golden sun. Y/N tilts the box slightly, the light above the table catching the angles and gemstones just right, sending a shower of sparkles across the table.

Y/N turns the box back to her and beams down at the charm. Breyana and I stare at each other, still in shock. I glance over at mom and she too is staring at Auston in shock, he’s meeting her stare with a slightly offended look on his face.

“What? I listen when you talk about some things, mom,” he says, breaking away from her gaze and his eyes instantly lock on Y/N again, whose face looks like it’s about to split in two.

“I didn’t think you listened that well,” mom mutters, turning her attention back to Y/N and helping her rearrange the charms to put Auston’s in the middle to balance out the colors. Y/N’s OCD coming out slightly.

After Y/N attaches the bracelet around her wrist she can’t keep the giddy smile off her face.

“I have never been more in love with something in my life,” she says, her fingers constantly moving back and forth between the charms. “Thank you all so much, I have no idea how I got so lucky to be concussed into such a beautiful family.” Y/N looks and each of us at a time, her gaze this time lingering on Auston. “I just… thank you.”  

  • me: *trying to hide my tears*
  • someone: ...a-are you okay??
  • me: the upcoming check please updates are going to destroy me. i've seen what's to come and i'm already dying. i've been watching ngozi's streams and honestly, i'm not going to be able to handle this. also, blueliners is coming out this week AND the nhl season is starting up again. my hockey heart can't take this. someone help.