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voltron avatar au headcanons:
  • shiro and keith are fire benders and pseudo brothers
  • haggar and her druids are blood(water)benders
  • shiro’s arm was created by metal(earth)benders and fused to him via blood bending
  • this makes him hella rad at lightning redirection
  • lance is a  water bender living in an earth kingdom village
  • hunk is an earth bender with an affinity for seismic sense (sensing vibrations through the ground)
  • pidge is a swamp earthbender with skills in mud bending (later on she  and hunk learn how to metal bend)
  • allura is an airbender (avatar)
  • coran is the nonbending friend™ who is their much needed moral support
  • zarkon is the mcfreaking fire lord
  • shiro was captured by zarkon and his posse™ because he opposed the fire nation
  • keith rescues him after the whole arm fiasco and, fleeing the fire nation, they run into hunk, lance and pidge who are travelling together to find a water bending teacher for lance
  • after reaching the northern water tribe, they find allura and coran in a mystical cave preserved in the ice 
  • klance with water bending vs fire bending shenanigans
  • shiro helping allura learn about the changes that have happened when she was frozen
  • the lions are eagle-lions (thas how they fly, my guy) from the spirit world who chose the five as their partners to help take down zarkon
  • keith: lance said i never cradled him in my arms!
  • pidge: that’s rough, buddy

Stay For The Night~*✲゚*✧~*✧⋆

Don’t want the world to know what makes me weak
Don’t want the world to know that side of me
When I never even leave

Don’t want the world to know I’m by myself
Don’t want the world to know I’m on your shelf
But if you want to try at all

Stay for the night, tell you why nothing’s right if you’re gone
Stay for the night, if it’s all a lie, I wouldn’t mind if you’re wrong
Stay for the night, we’ve been alright for so long
There’s no coloring around us anymore
You either know or you don’t

(In which Clarke gives into her feelings, still shaken by the idea that Lexa could have died and Lexa comforts her.) 


mmmy pen pressure fucked off to SOMEWHERE halfway down the line and i give up i just gaVE UP

I almost won’t care what happens in season 3 as long as I get to see more of theses dorks acting like dorks together (and who knows. maybe one day I’ll actually clean this up and colour it too)

pls let them have character development together