me and fern


After over a month of having my channel, I finally got to make and upload a video! Watch me make a simple monthly spread for April. I’d appreciate it if you guys would check it out and maybe let me know what sort of things you might want to see next? ♡

me, a hag, holding hands with my royal lover who snuck out to walk me through the palace gardens as i leave a trail of slime behind us: *low-level humming*

my lover, enamored with my swampy hair: your hand is kind of moist. is it because of the humidity you’re bringing with us?

me, embarrassed: *humming abruptly stops*

my lover, squeezing my moist hand apologetically: no babe it’s okay! i was just wondering if you were nervous, you can stay humid if you want to, i know it’s good for the ferns

me, tentatively: *resumes low-level humming*

my lover, staring at the moon reverently and kissing my left ring finger knuckle in a foreshadowing romantic gesture: what a beautiful night


it was national siblings day the other day so i wanted to draw my fav ones hhh

i’ve also been meaning to draw em w tats so killing two birds with one stone here i;m a weak man,,,

and haha no nip steve