me and fern

So, Kimimaro super fans -

The whole flower thing. When Orochi finds young Kimi, Kimi was in the process of yelling at a flower for stupidly blooming in a place where no one would see it. Orochi says there’s no point to living but if you continue living you may find or learn interesting things, like Kimi finding the flower blooming by itself.

Then Kimi’s 5 dances. Wherever he travels and fights using these dances of his - he brings that plant or flower to that spot (in the form of the dance/fighting), yeah? It’s ‘blooming’ (or peak growth for the bracken, which google tells me is a fern?) is his display of offensive and defensive moves?

So, he named fighting styles of his kekkei genkai - the genetic abilities that his clan used him for, that people are generally super afraid of, that transforms him into an effortless, unbeatable (up until we meet him) killer - after gentle trees, flowers, and ferns… which are native to different parts of the world (at least, our world)… all of which you might not see in your own lifetime if you never traveled far from your birthplace…? *sniffles* i’m okay, i’m okay…

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Furthermore… The flower losing it’s petals in the wind at the end of his fight with Gaara and Lee…

i am not okay -_-;