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Humans Are Weird: Women Edition Part II

Continuation of my Humans Are Weird: Women Edition that no one asked for! What aspect of women in society will this entail? I do not know. Vallion will be telling the story, so let’s see what they have to tell.

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Several Earthen moon cycles had passed since the porn incident and Vallion sensed their crew had settled into a dormant state. They did not like the feeling. It had been proven time and time again by the humans that, when things became quiet and calm, it was only a precursor for chaos and mayhem. They shared their thoughts with Lt. Gen. Noriko Murakami and Brig. Gen. Lillian Balogh during their refreshment break, termed “coffee break”, in the mess hall (though coffee could kill a H’hish within an hour if medical action was not taken, humans had no problem consuming the beverage. A H’hish could only consume it if the coffee was decaffeinated). Needless to say, the human women were far from helpful. Instead of easing their doubts and worries, the two multiplied it ten-fold.

The three of them were reclined in their chairs when Vallion brought up the subject. “I feel that something…ominous will happen soon; and I do not believe it is because of that awful movie I and the other H’hish were made to watch by your fellow humans.” Vallion was firm in their belief and gave the two women, one their superior officer and the other their subordinate, a stern, pointed look he often saw other humans direct toward each other in such situations.

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Daisuke, 30 VII 1978 — 15 VII 2010

★ Le:cheri [drummer 199? - 1997]
★ Fatima [drummer 1998 - 1999]
★ 蜉蝣 [vocalist 1999 - 2007]
★ the studs [vocalist 2007 - hiatus]
★ 大佑と黒の隠者達 [vocalist 2010 - ]

Amazing voice. Astounding energy. Incredible lyrics. Born 3o VII 1978 in Tokio, both writer and a composer, says that if you want to gain insight into his soul, lyrics are the best source. Based on his own experiences his lyrics are emotional, intense and painfully truthful. Emphasized by a unique, strong and captivating voice which turns into a cry as often as it does into a whisper; his words come alive because of him. Mirroring him. His motto? “Live your every minute as if it were your last, not scared but filled with the most joyous moments.” Though he is fragile due to his heart problems, Daisuke has chosen not to allow this to hinder this aspirations. Like the name “kagerou” was supposed to represent a short-lived insect, whose life is concentrated on proctreation. Fortunately for his many fans, Daisuke instead focuses his energy on creating new songs and lyrics, so he is a “father” to many wonderful “children” and his emotions are born in us, his fans. Becaue Daisuke always wanted to live. He wanted to live intensely, the fastest as he could and doing his utmost. His motto was “live your every day as if it was your last”. He died on 15.07.2010. In our memory - he will stay alive forever.

dahlia-the-nurd replied to your post “Umar (r.a) didn’t attack Fatimah’s (r.a) house because simply there is…”

To be honest, if this story was true, wouldn’t Prophet’s hatred be incurred on Abu Bakr and Umar? Despite me reading in the Caliphate of both of them, the Islamic Empire flourished and I don’t read reports of Allah incurring His Wrath upon them. By all means, I do not mean to shame you on this, but bear some thoughts about this story, and you will see the flaws yourself.

Thank you @dahlia-the-nurd for your in depth analysis and input regarding the ‘’Shaykhan’’. Please link me to the Wikipedia page that educated you so well in our faith.

So this is quite often the measured and scholarly rebuke of the Sunnis when confronted with unpleasant truths about people they blindly follow (for example, you go to extremes in lying and trying to conceal events on behalf of someone long past). Either esteemed classical Sunni scholars were lying or the modern-day Sunni is in denial but one of these is true.

Your sect insists on closing the door on researching this matter and steps back from studying the history of these so called companions claiming that it is our duty to believe that they were all sincere people and ‘true’ believers, and that is our duty to be silent and turn a blind eye to their life story – to what mortal sins and heinous crimes there are in their career because they have all been forgiven.

You try to act like this is a normal occurrence. Your sect has from the very beginning sought to justify Abu Bakr and Umar’s actions no matter how repugnant they were with various excuses, including saying that such extremism was to protect Islam and maintain ‘unity’ between Muslims. This is why they don’t feel any shame in narrating these accounts, which contain indications that Umar hit women. Even Bukhari mentions in his Sahih an account of Umar’s hitting Abu Bakr’s sister (Umme Farwa) and hitting the women who came to mourn his companion Abu Bakr.

Your scholars tried to cover it up because Fatima al-Zahra (sa) is not like any other woman. Attacking her is one of the biggest sins. Moreover, it is Kufr and abandonment of the religion of Islam.

This act alone is enough for Umar to be considered cursed, cursed by the Angels. This is because in Sahih Muslim it’s reported that the Prophet (saw) said: ‘’Whoever points a weapon at his brother – and terrifies him – is cursed by the Angels.’’ It’s important to note that instead of pointing a weapon, Umar brandished a flaming torch.

Bukhari reports that the Prophet (saw) said: ‘’Fatima is a part of me. Whoever angers her angers me.’’ Based on this hadith, Fatima al-Zahra’s anger leads to the wrath of the Messenger of Allah, and the wrath of the Prophet (saw) clearly leads to the wrath of Allah. The result is that Umar angered Almighty Allah, because he angered Fatima al-Zahra and angered her father the Messenger (saw).

Please shake off the sectarian brainwashing, and wake up. It’s not complicated. I’m not asking you to become Shia; I’m asking you to be honest with history.