me and eren


can you believe that last weekend I mentioned on twitter how helpful it would be to have a canon ref of grown up eren for my comic and now my life will never be the same again

  • Eren: *saved Mikasa from being sold as a slave when he was 9*
  • Eren: *graduates 5th in the top 10*
  • Eren: *motivated his fellow trainees to fight*
  • Eren: *saved his friend Armin without a leg*
  • Eren: *held open the jaws of a titan*
  • Eren: *flipped Reiner and Jean easily*
  • Eren: *learned a fighting technique after he saw it once*
  • Eren: *plugged the hole in Wall Maria*
  • Eren: *has been tortured and kidnapped*
  • Eren: *has to deal with the excruciating memories from his father*
  • Eren: *self harms in order to transform and save people*
  • Fandom: Eren is such a useless and weak character, he always cries for no reason.

I was gonna to just sketch this idea bc I refuse to draw full bodies let alone things like furniture and backgrounds lel but I kept zooming in and working on their faces so decided to go all in (could keep woking on this but felt so much regret?? Enough self-imposed torture I say). Anyway! One of my fave mangas had its brothers in opposition taking a break from their fight to share a cup of coffee just the two of them at some point and it was such a nice moment I thought it would be nice to see Eren and Zeke like that :P

Just wanted to draw my three favs showing their pride :D this is supposed to be like a photo (which Eren treasures because it’s the only one he has where Levi’s smiling c:)

Me in 20 years Fangirl problem #5
  • Son: Mom ! I just find these old manga in the basement can I read them ?
  • Me: Sure, what does they say ?
  • Son: Attack on titan
  • Me:
  • Son:
  • Me:
  • Son:
  • Me: Eren go get your brother Levi I need to tell you a story

                                                  “He’s mine”.

Edit dedicated to @simsmono​. Thank you for your always unconditional support!  .
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