me and eren

  • Eren: *saved Mikasa from being sold as a slave when he was 9*
  • Eren: *graduates 5th in the top 10*
  • Eren: *motivated his fellow trainees to fight*
  • Eren: *saved his friend Armin without a leg*
  • Eren: *held open the jaws of a titan*
  • Eren: *flipped Reiner and Jean easily*
  • Eren: *learned a fighting technique after he saw it once*
  • Eren: *plugged the hole in Wall Maria*
  • Eren: *has been tortured and kidnapped*
  • Eren: *has to deal with the excruciating memories from his father*
  • Eren: *self harms in order to transform and save people*
  • Fandom: Eren is such a useless and weak character, he always cries for no reason.

                                |BECAUSE YOU SURVIVED|

Eren Jaeger & Levi Ackerman ✻ Dedicated to @altinotabek  ♥ [insp]

                                                  “He’s mine”.

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So recently ive been into a kpop group called KARD, which is unique for its mixed genders….and naturally, i had to draw my ships as an idol group lol. 

Halfway through i realized that their names make the acronym LAME, and i found that absolutely hilarious. So, now it’s their official group name lmao


Levi likes to be a dick

Abstract Lust (Night ver.)
Eren Yeager
Abstract Lust (Night ver.)

Another Character Image Song of Eren, only released at the Tokyo International Forum on the 3rd of July, 2016! It features Eren’s seiyuu, Kaji Yuki and is composed by Kohta Yamamoto, who has been recently involved with Sawano in composing the newer Character Songs for Season 2.

This is the Night version of the song, while there is also a Day version.

You can also hear the lyrics “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” in the chorus, which may or may not be a foreshadow to Season 2′s OP, as it was an iconic phrase during Season 1.