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In case you were wondering what my hair looks like naturally, here ya go. Have a me as my hair progressively expands :) 

Meh. What can I say though? I really do love my hair. 

*talks about other RT stuff* *loses three campers immediately* Y’all…

i was really anxious about finding a hotel in Texas™ but the first place I walked into in this podunk little middle-of-nowhere town had an adorable guy with cute little earrings and Cowboy Bebop tattoos manning the counter, which was kind of like opening a bag that says “Dead Dove” on it and finding a brand-new unopened pack of Reese’s cups instead

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You do realize that potoobrigham is nothing but a lowly, two-bit, talentless, shit stain of an artist right? He's very pretentious and self-rightous. Not to mention that he also deserves nothing. He's basically worthless.

whoa where did that come from buddy lmao

idk is he? he seems p cool to me :O Honestly i’d murder to have his art skills  <w< idk about him being pretentious and self rightous tho he was p nice in streams and uh, his blog


Greed is like my model whenever I practice a healthy buff dude anatomy practice. Drew Ming cuz why not?


Well, the housewarming party was amazing! Truth be told I don’t know how we managed to fit everyone into our tiny living room, but we managed to say the very least.

What a wonderful atmosphere! I hadn’t seen everyone smiling like that in so long, I miss my family and friends dearly but being here in Brindleton Bay with Aiden is more than I could ever ask for. Maybe one day our children will move out and invite us to their own housewarming, though I’m sure they’d be rushing to get rid of our nerdy asses.

The amount of good news we received was through the roof! I don’t think I’ll be able to wipe this smile off my face for weeks, possibly months! I guess it’s my duty to announce Eve is pregnant! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I’m beyond ecstatic that she’s found love and happiness with Jordan, they’re more than perfect for one another. I can’t wait to see what Jordan is like as a Dad, I keep imagining him as the dorkiest Dad around - he has to stay hip with the kids somehow!

If that weren’t enough to make my heart burst out of my chest - Olive, my sweet best friend, just found out she was pregnant! Are we all at that age already? I mean, I’m ready to be a mother but give me a little more time! Regardless, the thought of Olive and I’s kiddies growing up together and being best friends makes my heart soar - oh I long for that day.

Above all else, it was a beautiful sight to see my parents and Tony smiling. I am so blessed with such a kind and caring family, if I ever take that for granted please feel free to yell at me, I wholeheartedly deserve it.

Time really flies, doesn’t it?

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This new TREND of having a monstrous TREE consume you entirely; then regurgitate what is left to make a NEW body or race is ALARMING! Azeroth has enough problems without the government having to worry over CRIMINALS changing bodies to avoid capture or consequence! Plan of action covfefe IMPERATIVE!

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You’d be shocked to hear it has nothing to do with capture or consequence. He’s been old and dying slowly for the past two years of roleplay as an ongoing plot.

Also the government should be very worried over Archelaos. Just as a general rule. A guideline. A suggestion. He don’t need no new body to fuck shit up.


finally watermarked my discord server secret santa gift to @matchaball… page o ninette doodles. 

pls consider this an alternate animan scenario, in which an akuma did not attack, and thus nino and marinette get to spend the day together. i like to think maybe marinette fesses up about her adrien crush at some point, and nino is a chill dude about it, and for her sake, continues to put up the excuse of liking alya. 

but after spending more time with him, marinette starts to really notice nino… meanwhile, nino has no idea, cos there’s no way all that blushing has anything to do with him, right? ;0;

During a YouNow stream:

Phil: “Krista says, you’re ugly”

Also phil: “well Krista, if you’re insulting people on the internet, you must be ugly on the inside”

I just love him so much he’s so sassy and cute it physically pains my small black heart