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(Whoo! Late reply.) Hopefully, when the game gets deeper and more intense, we'll get more creepy Bendy >:P I want to see people expand upon what Bendy really is. Same issue came with FNaF; those animatronics were clearly evil. Lets just hope when the fandom grows, it'll mature as well. Tired of seeing people wanting to kiss/fuck/baby the demon. He's not gonna show up in your house, and if he does...I pray for you (lol) He's a summoned demon. Pentagram and all. Ink poisoning exists :/ Just stop.

I know right?

I glad what someone agrees with me. So, here is a lil’ bonus for ya. I was about to delete it, but you kinda inspired me, so i finished it.

And here goes my another hc, what Bendy is kinda in charge here as he supposed to be the main character and all the others are just his minions or something. Also, all of them have some defects. Bendy, for example, melting when he is under strong/hard feelings, so that’s why he needs to drink ink (and it’s the only thing he uses as food), also he has some kind of inkinesis (like telekinesis, but with ink xD).

To talk about Boris. His difect is inability to talk. He is shy, but attentive and obedient, that’s why he is main Brendy’s minion. Sometimes Boris can be a bit sloppy or witted and this always drives our demon crazy.

I was so stoked today after a conference with my English teacher. She said the above about my Profile piece and asked if I would agree to let her use my Visual Rhetoric essay as an example in future classes. I’ve never really enjoyed writing but I’m doing well. She actually used he word talent when describing my work. I am so proud and so humbled at the same time!

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Story time: One day at school I had 10 of those tiny energy drinks they sell in the vending machines, and someone said I couldn't drink them all in under a minute so I said, "fuck it, if I die, I die" and pounded all ten of them like a champ with thirty seconds to spare, and I don't remember the rest of the day at all. Apparently my laptops screen broke, I cried, and aced a math test that everyone else failed. 💙💙💙☕

holy fucking shit dude??? ur a fucking inspiration,,, a hero of our generation 

Reminder that aces/aros/aro-aces are valid and great. Heterosexual-aromantics are great. Heteroromantic-asexuals are great. You’re all great and welcome in the lgbtqia+ community.

so with that, I finally finish Gabriel Dropout! An Anime that strengthens my belief that Demons are cuter than Angels but… God dammit, I can’t believe I fell for Satania’s Chuuni act and actually thought she was the daughter of the great unholy one, Satan, and that she only had really bad luck… Gabriel Dropout! will only be the only series that I ever believed in the claims of a chuuni, thanks for playing me like a damn fiddle and being Best Girl Satania.

  • me talking to this guy who saw blur at coachella: duuuuuude “trimm trabb” is like the best song everr though
  • guy: i don't know that song
  • guy: ummm i dont know about that..
  • me: ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.

@aikastarr replied to your post “for my abnormal child psychology class we have a homework assignment…”

WOAH HEY FRIEND I THINK WERE IN THE SAME CLASS???? I have that assignment due too and I’m sort of in the same boat (only just being a mentally ill adult, just gotta dial back a few years and I’m solid)????

I’m… DUDE? I have Professor Austin and I go to FSU, I have her at 9:30 do you…. there’s no fucking way… DUDE???

 flash  starter  call  for  my  mutuals.  ranging  from  one  liners  to  excessive  word  vomit.  will  surf  over  to  your  verses  and  pick  something,    &  if  not,  i  will  slink  into  ur  dms.    let’s  sin.