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kegstand jared is all over my dash OBVIOUSLY and honestly i am struggling not to hit the reblog button every single time i see it

why, lord


sheepjew  asked:

Hi my little trans teenage guy self felt lots of connections to peter when I saw Spider-Man the other day. Especially the swimming pool scene. I loved your trans HC post ☺️

best part of SM:HC is how Peter becomes progressively more trans with every scene. what an Icon.

as a gay trans guy being involved with a cis dude is like. really something because there’s a big part of me that was so sure that a cis dude would never look twice at me or only be with me bc im “"female”“ enough and like. that’s not the case? like im being viewed 100% as male and he’s actually into me? idk just. with being trans i crossed cis dudes off my dating pool list bc it just seemed so unrealistic and shit :/

can we take a moment to appreciate 
one of my most favourite cosplay moments ever and I think of this video a lot tbh , it was at CTCon 2016 (throwback!!!)
bless this  llovely cosplayer for making everyone smile that day and for the whole con ♥♥

that’s my fave-ever Mettaton right there @ratkiiing 

a thing I am think about right now is how annoyed I was when watching AA when Tony is all like “wow I guess my dad loved me after all” or what the fuck ever after finding out that Howard build that robot friend/guardian for him and while I totally get why that’s Tony’s reaction, the show kind of… supports his interpretation like this is Okay, Actually. And so in that light I super appreciate how honest Vecchio (on, you know, a completely different show lmao) is about just being like “yeah my dad sucked” and wants nothing to do with his ghost. It’s refreshing.

izukkun  asked:

Ok I saw your post about different asks to send and it made me remember my dream that I had forgotten about from last night (cause I woke up at like 3:30 am) so I will tell you. In my dream I was very VERY in love with Uraraka Ochako. I was falling off very tall building roof, but then she swooped in and saved my ass and caught me in her arms, and then we happily floated off into space together. Probably off to marry on a space station or something cheesy like that i dunno lol

what’s with everyone dreaming about BNHA except me when is it gonna be my turn

But oh my gosh that sounds so sweet and amazing that must have been a darn good dream thank you for this :D