me and claudia laughed for like 5 years

I was tagged by @wellwelldroogieboy to say 20 facts about me and tag 10 blogs I wanna know better. Thanks sweetheart 💜

1. My name is Claudia, I live in Madrid (Spain) and I have 15 years.

2. I’m starting to hate my friends.

3. No one of them haves my music taste (not even a bit).

4.I have a really strange and random personality: everyday I’m depressed but I can laugh until I cry

5. I’d like to be a boy. I don’t like at all my body. I wear boys clothes mostly everyday, I wear sports bras so it seems I don’t have breasts, recently I have cutted my hair

6. But still looking like a girl because of my dolly face.

7. I’d like to be on testosterone but my parents don’t let me.

8. I sometimes force myself to look ‘feminine’.


10. I’d like to form a band and make a living of it, but in Spain is really difficult.

11. I’d like to live in Seattle, or at least in America or in a native speaker country.

12. I was suicidal and I don’t regret it. I hate my life.

13. I’ve been playing instruments all my life.

14. When I was 5 years my uncle taught me how to play the piano. Now I go to a music school and play the oboe, and in my free time the guitar and the bass.

15. I’ve been playing the guitar over a year, and I think I’ve improved a lot.

16. I wanna play the harmonic.

17. I live in a very small house.

18. I’m going in an exchange to Pennsylvania the next year and I’m so excited

19. My favourite series are FRIENDS and Daria.

20. The death of Chris Cornell has affected me so badly I’ve been sick since then. I can’t imagine the pain I’m gonna have when a close friend or a member of my family dies.

I hope you can know me better with this. You can ask submissions if you want, I’d be so happy.

Anyone can do this. Thanks for reading it.