me and bunny's characters are the cutest

AUs to consider
  • “we live in different countries and got paired up as pen pals for a project for school” au
  • “i crashed your family member’s wedding for the free food but hi there” au
  • “i’m a techie, you’re the lead actor in a show” au
  • “the person running the rollercoaster is really hot” au
  • “sorry that text was meant for someone else but hi there who are you” au
  • “we’re in a breakfast club style all day detention” au
  • “i don’t want to go alone to my ex’s wedding and our mutual friend said you’re free that night” au
  • “i signed up for a dating website to get my mom off my back” au
  • “we’re in the same rocky horror troupe” au
  • “hey asshole quit kicking the back of my seat it’s a 10 hour flight” au
  • “your dad is my least favorite teacher” au
  • “my significant other cheated on me with you, wanna team up to destroy them?” au
  • “i’ve been coming to this club for years but you’re the best performer i’ve ever seen” au
  • “i’m rich and i’m not supposed to talk to servants but the person that scrubs my floor is really cute” au
  • “i was hitchhiking and you picked me up and WHOOPS YOU’RE A FAMOUS ROCKSTAR” au
  • “we met on a reality show” au
  • “my family owns the hotel your family is staying in” au
  • “someone tripped me in the hallway and you’re the only one that helped me up” au
  • “my parents kicked me out and you’re the only person that bothered to ask the crying, obviously lost kid with a suitcase if something was the matter” au
  • “you accidentally left your ID in a library book” au
  • “i had a one night stand the night before i started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” au
  • “i’m on a school trip to another country and one of the locals is seriously hot” au
  • “i’ve never met you before but i went to a huge party at your house with my significant other - who then proceeded to dump me” au
  • “you’re the cutest waiter at my favorite restaurant” au
  • “we didn’t come to this anime convention together but we dressed up as characters that are a couple in the show and people keep assuming we’re together and asking us to pose for pictures so hi there what’s your name” au
  • “you rescued me from the creepy person that was hitting on me in the bar” au
Soulmates AU; Jungkook

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Summary; You and your s/o are connected by a red line tied at your pinky. Even though the line is invisible, there is a small red line on your pinky. It’s your decision to go out and find your s/o. There is no time limit and no countdown. 

a/n; kinda based it off Your Name promo photos!! I just finished that movie last night because of the thunder and it was so sweet!!


-you loved your red line

-you loved it

-ever since you were little you’ve always known it was there

-and you were told at a young age that it was for your best boi to find you 

-so you just accepted it and just waited for them to come to you

-like a princess waiting for their prince 


-sorry i love pristin suppORT MY CHILDREN 

-so yeah

-like the song

-you were kind of the princess of your home

-you were protected at all costs

-you weren’t allowed to leave the house without a guardian 

-and you were always their little princess no matter where you went 

-when you got a little older

-like when you were 13

-you were confused about the string again since you never noticed it was there

-so you asked your parents again

-and your mum sat you down

-and told you the same thing that she said when you were younger

-and you asked her to explain it again

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jeon Jungkook 12 year old who is having a crisis about who it on the other side of this line that’s attached to him

-you were also worried about who was on the other side

-you hoped they were sweet 


-and amazing


-you asked her what it meant 

-you knew it had something to do with someone on the other side

-but you asked just to be sure

-your mum gave up with the ‘treasured little princess’ gig and sat you down for a proper talk about the red line

-”let me explain to you what that red line means….you have your soulmate on the other end of that line.”

-”do I know them?”

-”you don’t know who they are…but you know they’re the one for you just because of this line. Everyone has this invisible line attached to them and their soulmate.”

-”ok…..why is it on my pinky though?”

-”it’s like a promise to find them, that’s why it’s on your pinky…like a pinky promise.”

-”well i’m keeping that promise to find them!”

-”you’ve kept that promise ever since you were born….”

-”i have? so my soulmate and i have been connected for a long time now….”

-you had asked your mum to go find them straight away 

-but she asked you to wait a while just to find them

-so that you’re ready and that they’re ready too

-so you waited

-and waited

-and waited 

-and waited

-ok so maybe you waited a little longer than you hoped you would

-you waited for 5 years


-you had enough of waiting

-so one morning

-that one special morning

-you woke up

-and decided to find them that day

-you wanted to see them

-and to know them


-to maybe fall in love with them

-so you got up

-got your nicest clothes on

-and just had breakfast

-it was 8 in the morning

-your mum had never seen you up so early in the morning before

-it was crazy to see you up at this time

-”y/n?? what are you doing up so early…? are you getting a job or something??”

-”i’m going to find my soulmate i’ve waited so long for this”

-”hey y/n are you sure about this?”

-”of course”


-”why? do you not want me to?”

-”….my mum told me that when i went to find my soulmate….it meant that i was growing up…i just want to make sure that you’re ready to grow up to be with this person…”

-”i am mum. don’t worry. im ready for this. besides…i’m always dad’s and your little princess.”

-”that’s all i needed to hear. now, go and find this boy and fall in love with him.”

-”got it mum!”

-as soon as you finished getting ready 

-you were out the door

-and you were already following the red line

-every corner that you went around the red line would still be around that corner

-so you ran down the road following it

-seeing that it disappeared behind you

-you were on the right track 

-so getting on the train downtown

-you found that the red line came out at a station you were familiar with

-it was the station you would get off to go into the middle of the city 

-you followed it up to the exit

-and it seemed to become stiff and off the ground

-like when you pull a string it become stiff and sturdy

-not sturdy but it became strong 

-he was close 

-it also…

-kind of felt like 

-you were being pulled closer to him

-so you just followed it

-and were lead to the centre of the city’s shopping district

-you were kind of thirsty so you stopped off for a drink while you read a book

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jungkook was close to seeing you and finding out who is soulmate was


-just as he passed a coffee shop

-you found that the red string

-was attached to him 

-you looked up and packed up your bag

-you also quickly finished your drink too

-yeah fun try downing a whole fruit cooler in 10 minutes

-if you do

-you’re going to have a bad time

-so walking out the shop

-the red string became tight

-and it was like someone was pulling you towards the other end

-scratch that

-you were actually being pulled to the other end

-you kept on being pulled

-until you came to a bumpy stop

-as in you bumped into someone

-he was tall as heck

-and he was…..

-pretty good looking

-he turned around and just saw you

-but noticed that the red string was shorter than before

-it was actually as short as the distance between your hands

-oh it was like a fairytale drama–


-you were stuck in a day dream

-wait again

-this tall good looking cute guy was your soulmate?! 

-h o l d     o n     a m     i    o n     p u n k ’ d    i  s     a s h t o n    k u t c h e r     g o n n a   c o m e      o u t    o f     t h a t    l u s h    s t o r e 

-you were shoooooooooooook

-but you snapped out of your daydream or being punk’d by ashton kutcher to see that the person was apologising a lot

-”are you okay??”

-”i’m fine don’t worry”

-you went to move some hair out of your face

-but when you did

-you forgot that the string was pretty tight and kind of pulled you or him along if either one of you pulled the string

-and you did that

-and he was accidentally pulled closer to you

-that wasn’t your intention

-but you didn’t mind

-the blush on your face agreed

-”i’m guess you’re my soulmate??”

-”well that does the string say?”

-”the string says–”

-the boy looked down

-and the string was vanishing

-and he started to panic a little


-”don’t worry!! it means that you found me…hi i’m y/n”

-he looked back to you and there was just a huge smile on his face wow

-him smiling made you smile

-”I’m jungkook….well…i found you…what next?”

-”how about getting something to eat?”


-and in that moment he just grabbed your hand and held it tight

-while eating

-you found out that your soulmate is the cutest bunny person ever


-he’s also a massive meme 

-god fuckin dammit

“y/n….oh my god…”

“what? what is–”

“goofy is the only disney character to fuck……he has an actual son…not a nephew or anything……he wasn’t adopting either….”

“jungkook why are you thinking about–”

“just imagine…in the middle of the night…he’s boning someone ”

“jungkook what the fuck–”

“and you just hear”

“jeon jungkook don’t you–”



anonymous asked:

i love that you write sam as a full fledged character (which is kind of unfortunately rare) and give him the chance he deserves to be a complex personality! he's not one dimensional in your stories and it's so refreshing! i love bucky a lot (dont get me wrong) but on a site fULL of him it's so nice to see sam stories!!!! (and i love your version of him so much i'm willing to share him with you lol)

This means so much to me. I’m so happy you feel this way.

Also that bunny has the cutest name.



Just i little comic that i made of the cutest couple NickxJudy >w<

hope you guys love this comic i will continue with all my love for this two <3 I made a new character that is the Jane, Judy’s big sister, she’s gentle and cute with all of her family and she want to help Judy to confess her love for Nick! So stay tuned ;3

you can find me in Deviantart: NACCHAN96 with all the WildHopps fanart

I’m honestly kind of reeling from the fact that me saying “adults drawing porn of teen characters skeeves me out” led to someone messaging me to say that I am envious of the youth of teen girls. I have this image of myself as like the old witch from snow white. bite the poison apple, then I shall be the cutest person with a bunny fursona in the land!!! MWAHAHAHA