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Ok, I should have done this months ago (sorry dev!!), but better late than never! So, if you’re new to the fandom or just want some great soc/ck blogs to follow, here’s my official list!

@savagekaz (Nina): THE BEST. HEADCANON AND FANFIC AUTHOR. ON HERE. No question about it. The range she stretches across is simply astounding; she can go from Wesper headcanons to Inej’s birthday stories to an AU where Jordie’s alive (!!!) in no time at all. I’ve never seen any other person have such an extensive amount of literary comprehension as Nina does. I also have the sneaking suspicion that Leigh follows her blog, since she constantly reblogs Nina’s posts all the time. In addition, she’s also the sweetest person ever, and I’m honored that she considers me her friend.

@save-the-dream (Jay): Ok, if you want some top-notch, L. Bardugo style, tear-your-heart-to-pieces stories about the Dregs, look no further than Jay’s blog. She writes like a season author who’s on her tenth publication; really, I’m astounded that she hasn’t even published a book yet. (Jay, if you see this, know that I’m buying about ten copies of your first original work as soon as it comes out). And I may talk about how I’m the #1 Kanej Fan and write about them constantly, but wow, I’ve got nothing on Jay. She writes about them so well and so meticulously, in so many different universes and AUs, and they’re all absolutely fantastic. So yeah, if you’re a Kanej fan, definitely follow Jay.

@zoyalina (Cassie): If you want to make edits/gifsets about the Dregs or the Grishaverse, I highly implore you to follow Cassie. Her edits and gifsets just blow me away every single time. She’s so passionate about what she does, and she never fails to make me smile. If sunshine were a person, it’d be her. Seriously, even if you aren’t a big fan of edits, I suggest following Cassie immediately. She’s one of the most Iconic™ bloggers in this fandom (which includes Nina as well) and you’ll be delighted at her works every time.

@heart-brekker: Now, you must know this before you read on. The Six of Crows fandom has two sectors: the meticulous, where fans make beautiful edits, stories, etc. and the hilarious, where fans post crack headcanons, incorrect quotes, and basically just joke about the Dregs (a common subject is Kaz being Ketterdam’s Official Drama King). @heart-brekker has the most hysterical posts and crack contributions I’ve ever seen here. And oh man, the puns. Such an amazing sense of humor, and they’ve supported me through so much of my work. Definitely give them a follow!

@lnej (Dev): The Official Badass Edit Center. Her edits are always so polished and clean; they look like they could be featured on a magazine! And she reblogs so many great and creative edits as well: works that somehow don’t make it to the top of the #soc page when you search that hashtag on Tumblr. I also envy her control of aesthetics: she’s organized her blog down to every last post!

@rithmeres (Rey): Now, who’s ready to follow the best cosplayer in this fandom? Rey’s cosplay as Kaz is spot on, and I constantly suspect whether she’s Kaz in disguise. But wait! Not only does she dress up and slay the cosplay game, she’s also a master hand at making edits and moodboards. In addition, she also does some amazing fanart. Basically, she’s everything I aspire to be on here, and I’m not worthy of her talented presence.

@mathiashevlr (Libby): A healthy mix of humor, edits, voice challenges, fanart, and an all around amazing friend to scream at when you have an idea or a headcanon just pops into your head. She’s also a great writer as well, so I highly recommend checking out her writings. (Psst, if you’re a big supporter of Kuwei, you might want to look here). She’s one of my closest friends on here, and I don’t think I’d ever be here without her loving support.

@fourmillionkruge (Alex): Make sure you’re not drinking any sort of liquid when you go here, because this blog will make your sides hurt with laughter. A simply hysterical sense of humor and one of the first blogs I ever followed. Alex posts the most hilarious crack posts and the tags underneath them are a treat to read. And if you’re a Wesper fan, you’ll never regret following this blog.

@sucker-for-six-of-crows (Maddy): If you want to see the Dregs characterized as different subjects (characters driving, cats, etc.) in gifsets, I suggest you look at Maddy’s blog. She posts incorrect quotes and crack posts that keep me laughing until two in the morning. And if you’re interested in fanvids, keep your eyes peeled for her great trailer for the SOC series.

@jesperinej (Ashlee): A blog I’ve admired from afar for many months, but only just recently started to talk to. She’s one of my biggest supporters, and an even bigger fan/supporter of Jesper Fahey. Delightful tags to read, and a big fanart promoter. She’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet in this fandom.

@hiswraithqueen: One of the most ardent Nikolai Lanstov supporters I’ve ever seen, and a good blog to start off your following list. Now, if you’re like me, who needs to scream at someone online for my headcanons or story ideas, shoot them across messaging to this blog. She and I have shared many days just screaming/co writing a story with our screamed headcanons. Honestly, a piece of advice for writers entering this fandom is to just shoot us a message, either in our ask box or in messaging (as long as you’re considerate and your opinion isn’t hateful, of course). That’s how I’ve built my friendship with her, and I’ve never regretted it once.

@fittes (Kate): One of this fandom’s fantastic fanart producers and promoters. And if you like Hamilton, boy, are you in for a treat. Kate’s the person you go to for the #hamforcrows content. She made a My Shot post concerning the Dregs, and she and I collaborated on who amongst the Dregs + Co. will play the different roles in the play (the post is somewhere on Leigh’s blog, which I’m still reeling over). She runs a multifandom blog, but she’s one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet in this fandom.

@clearlynotclaire (Claire): An amazingly talented artist and fanart producer. I’m simply honored that I can get to call Claire my official illustrator. She draws amazing illustrations for so much of my stories/au lists voluntarily, and it’s always such a delightful surprise to look at her work. Her enthusiasm always makes me smile, and she’s always there for me whenever I need to talk/cry about the Dregs.

@dregs-of-the-barrel (Anna): I’m still not completely convinced that Anna isn’t a professor, because her written works look like they should be gold plated, carefully written down with ink, and hung on the wall in a frame. She analyzes and writes about Kanej with an astounding sense of insight, and I’m constantly in awe whenever she talks about any of the Dregs.

Other blogs to follow: @jespefrahey, @mydarlinginej, @dirty-handed, @kaznej@totallylegit-sixofcrows, @kazmtaz, @the-bastards-of-the-barrel, @brekkfast, @dregsdaily, @dailysixofcrows, @astratastic, @queen-ghafa, and @talkkerchtome!

austennerdita2533  asked:

KC AU Week Prompt: Write about the 3 things that Klaus could never tell her. Or vice versa with Caroline. Maybe one of them gets hexed with a "Reveal All" or "Spill Your Heart's Secrets" spell or something? Follow your muse wherever it takes you, lovely. Happy writing. xx

For Klaroline AU Week - Day Three - Because Magic

Thanks, Ashlee! This is rather short and absolutely fluffy, but I hope you like it!

“Hello, love.” The words echoed through the phone, making Caroline go extremely still. She knew that voice, that accent… She knew exactly to whom the emotions embodied in them belonged.

“Klaus?” she asked hesitantly.

He’d been so good on his word, he had kept his promise just fine. Perhaps a little too fine in her opinion, if she was being honest, but why would he contact her now? What was wrong?

“I’m glad to see you remember me, sweetheart.” He teased, “I’m afraid I’ll need your help for something. All I need is for you not to hang up and then I can go back to being out of your life, as you asked me to.”

His acid, accusatory tone made her sit down on her bed, closing her eyes and holding her phone against her ear a little more tightly than strictly necessary. “Why should I help you?” Caroline shot back instinctively, making sure her words sounded cold and perhaps a little bit cruel.

His short pause made an apology crawl out of her stomach, fighting to be uttered, but she pressed her lips together, determined not to let it out, and she waited for his answer because, really, why should she help him?

He’d been out of her life for almost two years. No calls, no texts, no Birthday cards. And, yes, perhaps she’d asked him to, but she hadn’t expected him to actually go through with it so damn well. Ok, honestly, she hadn’t expected to miss him this much either and maybe it was totally unfair to be mad at him for keeping his promise, but she was.

“Come now, Caroline, I thought we were friends.”

She couldn’t quite identify his tone or picture his face to read how she was supposed to take it, but a smile spread across her face regardless, a smile she tried to hide behind a long-suffering sigh. “Fine. What do you need?”

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finally, i've found a friend
i've finally found a friend

so, i was planning to do a follow forever when i hit my first hundred, but before i knew it, i had passed 120. now i’m at 150, so i thought i’d better do this before it got too late! i kinda suck at graphics, so ignore the picture above. i just want to take the time to thank all of you who follow me! i know there’s a lot of people who i don’t follow back, but i promise, i love you too, and i’m just too lazy to check my activity as of late. but thank you, thank you, thank you! and to those of you who i forgot to put on here, i love you lots and you should send me a message so we can be bffs. you all mean the world to me. 。◕‿◕。

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these are the people who i talk to constantly on here, or are just downright flawless and mean the world to me, so without further ado~ ✿harrenrps I LOVE YOU A LOT, OKAY? you have no idea how much you mean to me. i love talking to you, and just, props to you for putting up with me because i am an annoying little shit. you’re an amazing rper and such a good best friend, not to mention just a fucking fantastic person in general. you don’t deserve all the shit you get and have to go through, but all that proves just how amazing you are. you’re the darren to my joey and you always will be i promise okay and i could go on but bye. xo ✿huntingbr0s wiloooooona. i love you unconditionally. you need to always remember that, okay? you are so so so special to me and just. YOU MAKE ME HAVE EMOTIONS. i love you, and i’ll always love you. i promise you that. we’ve been talking a lot more recently which makes me incredibly happy, and i also just hope you’re doing good. you deserve happiness. love u bb. <333 ps ur cousin seems cute. ✿klaineroleplayhelp // hummelsberry katie katoe katieieiei. you’RE MY FAVORITE PERSON, OKAY? I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITES BUT YOU’RE SUPER AMAZING AND I LOVE TALKING TO YOU AND YOU’RE A GREAT WRITER AND YOU’RE GONNA GO HELLA FAR IN LIFE, YOU HEAR ME? AND OF COURSE I HAD TO DO THIS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE ‘OTP: ALWAYS YELLING’. me & u is my otp. ur hella rad and i love you lots. like a lot a lot ok. mwah xox ✿littlemissgleekrps oh my. okay. hello. ASHLEE. you’re one crazy bitch but i kinda love you idk man. ur cool. you’re super super sweet (when you wanna be) and your enthusiasm makes me so happy liek just keep doing what you do ok. WE NEED TO RP RENEDITH OR SEBCHEL SOON BECAUSE YES. i think you’re my future tbh. anyway, stay fAB XOXO

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this section is pretty much just for the people who i rp with, will be rping with, or i just think you’re really cool and if we aren’t already friends, we definitely should. ✿ kelseyroleplaystinchorpsshadowcatroleplays ✿ shanehelps ✿ blaineandersonrps ✿ elliottrps ✿ babysrps ✿ emiroleplays ✿ tiggerrps ✿ gleeksrphelp ✿ arachelrps ✿ alyroleplays ✿ adorablelopez ✿ kurtsrps ✿

we're like long lost brothers
who've found each other
and love each other like family

and last, but most definitely not least, the people i come across on my dash daily! we’ve either barely or not at all talked, and i’d love to change that. you’re lovely! some of ya don’t follow me, but i’m spreading the love anyway. ✿ alyjfc ✿ brittanypiercethefiercerps ✿ blaineyrps ✿ charliehunnamrps ✿ chordhelps ✿ christopherhelps ✿ cormiersrp ✿ dareyrps ✿ darrenwrites ✿ enearps ✿ emiliaofrps ✿ emmelieroleplays ✿ elle-rp-blog ✿ fincheltanarps ✿ flashrps ✿ fabpezrps ✿ goldstarrps ✿ gilbertrps ✿ grandewrites ✿ glitzyrps ✿ gustverarps ✿ jemmarps ✿ klairydust ✿ kurthummelrps ✿ katesrps ✿ kurt-rps ✿ kurtelizabethrps ✿ letterlrps ✿ miraroleplaysniffrps ✿ overcrissrps ✿ puckermansrp ✿ puckerph ✿ puckurtrps ✿ pietrorps ✿ quinnlenarps ✿ qfaboorps ✿ crissrph ✿ broadwaybaby-rps ✿ berriesrps ✿ dylinskiwrites ✿ sazzyroleplays ✿ dougieroleplays ✿ wandarps ✿ samchelsrps ✿ darrencriss-rps ✿ starchildrps ✿ deltarps ✿ bryrps ✿ hunterclaringtonrps ✿ blakechanderson ✿ bramrps ✿ ccrps ✿ smarps ✿ barryallenrps ✿ blevondersonrps ✿ blaines-rps ✿ smoakrps ✿ blaineandersonhelps ✿ artiesrp ✿ qfaboorps ✿ cooproleplays ✿ stjamesrps ✿ accio-joey-richter ✿ twistedtheuntoldstory ✿ charlielikesdragons ✿ thewilderps ✿ blaineswriting ✿ finnsrps ✿ rachelsrp ✿ sebstans-rp ✿ evansyrps ✿ sebastiansrp ✿ sebelliott ✿ sebastiandoesnottakeitintheass ✿ blainewarblerwrites ✿  and here’s to the rp helps and other reference blogs that i personally use and love to death! ✿ watchingblaineroleplayers ✿ watchingkurtroleplays ✿ watchingpucksrp ✿ zoeofrphs ✿ crisscolferrph ✿ seblaine-rph ✿ hermionerpc ✿ salgronhelps ✿ bullywhipshelp ✿ cooperhelps ✿ stilinskisrph ✿ deanrphblainesrph ✿ learrensrph ✿ evansyhelp ✿ thatfrenchhelper ✿ blainehelps ✿ klainesrph ✿

no more dark, sad, lonely... ellie

i’m almost positive i left a few people out, but please don’t hate me! i love all of you loads, and you’ve made the past few months a blast. like myself, i know some of us can get shy when it comes to approaching people on here, but if any of you want to rp with me or just talk, feel free to send me a message!