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-fun home (my fav)
-dear Evan Hansen
-book of mormon
-anything goes
-lion king
-shrek the musical
-les mis
-Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat
-the last 5 years
-catch me if you can
-I could go on and on so any other musical really

anonymous asked:

I have an idea for a stephen king haunted house it would be a compilation of stephen king movie adaptations one scene will include the shining you would walk into the hallways of the overlook hotel jack torrance and many more from the shing would've pop out of the doors next scene would be the sewers from it it could also feature pennywise and his forms including his deadlight form and his spider form next scene would be miser where the infamous bed scene and those are my stephen king scenes

And another scene would be where you walk into a school prom, and then the whole room shakes while lights are flickering and you hear a woman’s voice saying: “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

I would so much walk into that haunted house, I love this idea!

jayrobertsgame  asked:

Hey Tabby! I'm currently putting together a playlist for people in LDRs, I was wondering if there's any tracks you'd recommend including?

I’ve had this sitting in my inbox for a little while, not having the time to go through my music and pick out some music. Today I found some time and came up with these:

  • Proof- Paramore
  • Lucky- Jason Mraz
  • When You’re Gone - Isaac Kolding 
  • Vanilla Twiight - Owl City
  • Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
  • Thinking of You - Air Traffic Controller
  • 5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
  • Miles - Christina Perri
  • Send Me Your Lovin’ - Sam Cooke
  • Northern Lights - Cider Sky
  • Will You Return? - Avett Brothers
  • Fly Me Away - Annie Little
  • Last Leaf - Ok Go
  • Beating Hearts - King Charles
  • I Go To Sleep - Sia
  • Daylight - Maroon 5
  • A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton (duh)
  • 500 Miles- The Proclaimers 
  • All My Loving - The Beatles
  • Where Our Destination Lies - Ben Gibbard
  • Dare4Distance - NeverShoutNever
  • Stars - Demi Lovato
  • The End of All Things - Panic! At The Disco