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sugardaddy aus?

a million roses (bathed in rock n’ roll)

au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning.

spoiled brat

“Lets go to Paris daddy.” Harry chuckled at his baby’s request, but his eyes remained on his newsprint, not even looking at him.

“Can’t love, business this week.” Louis sulked. “Dick.” And Harry was definitely looking at him now.

let’s be alone together, we can stay young forever

“I’m sure they were all pathetic old men with failing marriages, am I wrong? So, I did you a favor, really,” Harry says, giving him a shit eating grin. Louis can’t argue with that, but would never admit that to Harry. He scans over him and sees the gold band on his left ring finger.

“Married, huh? Maybe you aren’t much better than my other clients,” Louis sneers.

“Well, I’ve got to at least be better looking then them, with a bigger dick, I’m sure. Now, you’re pretty when you don’t talk, so let’s get those clothes off of you and put you to work, hmm?”


Harry Styles is a millionaire in the 50’s who owns hotels in Europe. Louis is a prostitute and they accidentally fall in love.

one for the money (two for the show)

Louis never considers himself to be a person that needs taking care of, until he meets Harry, that is. He’s willing to give up every part of himself, lay himself out-bare and vulnerable-for him; he doesn’t fully understand what he’s getting himself into; a love that is as hot as it is cold.

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