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favorite mutuals?? ͡ ͜ ʖ ͡

aaaa i love all of them sm but ok so 

the best gc in the entire world: @itjustkindofhappened @sincerelyharry @queerlies @thepenguintattoo @guccikink @tomlinsun @allthelovelouie @haztomlins @voguelourry @magicalhalo @beelarrie @tempolarriefix @yvesaintlouis 

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if u are not on here im very sorry and i love u so so much but keep in mind this is only 50 of my 350 mutuals !! and im making a ff soon and you will all be there bc ily. a lot

@autisticgayrey agreed! especially with the voice thing, i feel like female angarans are so poorly designed in general, the only ones i like and can remember is like the moshae, the one who you bring relics to and the one who dies, whereas for male angara we have several tied to the main story including a companion. 

@voidfishduet THAT’S FINE!!  they aren’t awful or anything so i can def see the appeal? i just expected more i guess :/ 

Not Bloody Jealous (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Jealous!Newt

Title: Not Bloody Jealous

Requested by @amnadillo:

hey so um I saw ur page and saw u make imagines and I was wondering if u could make one for me my name is Amna and I would like an imagine about newt when he realizes that he loves you and then another glader flirts with you, then he gets mad and u two get into a fight but then it end in a makeout! THANK YOU SO MUCH ur the best and love ur writing!!!

“Are you even listening to me, shuck face?” Minho nudged Newt in the shoulder, bringing him back to reality.

“What?” The blond mumbled, startled by his friend’s presence since he had almost forgotten Minho was standing next to him.

“What are you even looking at?” The Asian boy glanced around, following Newt’s glare, until he found out what had caught his attention.

“Nothing” The second in command lied, acquiring a laid back demeanor that didn’t really fool his friend.

“Y/N, huh?” Minho smiled smugly as he crossed his strong arms over his chest, checking her out. “I’ve always thought she’s kinda hot too”

Newt’s head quickly snapped to look to the Runner. And he didn’t like one bit how he was looking her up and down with that smirk drawn on his lips.

“Really?” The second in command questioned without any interest at all.

“I might talk to her” Minho absently combed his quiff and rolled up his sleeves to make sure his muscular arms were visible.

Newt pouted, unhappy at the thought of Minho going over to her just to flirt. He wasn’t sure why, but lately he had been feeling extremely protective of the girl.

It bothered him whenever a Glader got too close, whenever she spent too much time with anyone or if she wasn’t with him at all. Still, when she was with him, Newt felt… different.

The memory of her wonderful smile evoked odd feelings within him, it made him feel lucky to just be able to get to see something so beautiful. When he was next to her Newt felt happy and spry, and he couldn’t wait until they talked.

He had a feeling like it wasn’t the first time something like that happened to him. But at the same time it was different, more intense and real.

Was that… love?

“Huh? Watch do you think, Newt?” Again, Minho had been talking and he hadn’t listened, even though he knew it was something about Y/N.

“Whatever, mate” The blond began to walk away. “Do whatever you bloody feel like it”

Minho was astonished as he observed how the British left, apparently angrily or at least annoyed.


Newt walked out of the medical hut and into the Glade again after visiting a sick Glader.

On an instinct, he glanced around, using his hand to shield his eyes from the sun. Soon enough, he spotted the person he was looking for. But she wasn’t alone.

Minho was talking to Y/N again, and he was still determined to flirt with her to court her.

Not thinking twice, the blond stomped his feet on the ground as he made his way to join the two of them.

The Runner was whispering something in her ear while she squinted her eyes, either in annoyance or in curiosity.

“Excuse me, Y/N” Newt intervened, his voice stern and falsely friendly. “You have something here”

The Brit motioned around his ear, implying that she had dirt or something on hers.

“Newt!” Minho hadn’t heard him arrive because he was so busy whispering stupid things that he thought were so smart and charming as well as smug.

“What is it, Newt?” She brushed her thumb against her ear, wondering what it was stained with.

“Sorry, love, you had a shank all over you” Newt grinned, apparently playful and nonchalant, but he was actually very pissed off.

The girl, however, was amused and laughed at them.

Minho was getting a little annoying even if it was somewhat entertaining to see the many ways in which he strained himself to try and woo her.

But what was even more fun was to see the annoyed expression on Newt’s happy-go-lucky face. And the subtle but definite death glares he kept throwing his friend.

Y/N began to walk away, still grinning, and Minho just rolled his eyes and left as well. That was when Newt saw his chance to approach her.

“Where you going, love?” He rushed himself to walk with her since she was ahead.

“Um…” The girl replied, puzzled by his behavior. “I was gonna take a shower, actually…”

Newt blushed at the thought, but he cleared his throat and pretended he wasn’t flustered by the mental image.

“You don’t look pissed off” His accent got really thick and it took Y/N a few seconds to understand what he said, but then she chuckled in surprise.

“Why would I be?”


“Nah…” The girl waved her hand in the air carelessly, not really thinking it was that great. “He’s just being his usual shank self”

“But why wouldn’t you stop him?” The blond was just baffled by why she would leave Minho try and court her. Did she like him? Did she not care?

“He was just playing, Newt!” Still walking, Y/N felt shocked by the second in command’s insistence. “What’s the matter?”

“With that lug? The bugger was flirting with you and you’re all bloody cheery and fine with it?”

Tiredly licking her lips in annoyance, she stopped in her tracks and sent the boy an exasperated glance.

“You’re not jealous… Are you, Newt?” Y/N quickly saw the problem he had with it all, she knew him well.

Flirting wasn’t that much of a deal, it was something harmless and inane. Yet Newt was freaking out about it.

“Slim it, Y/N!” The Brit exclaimed, offended. “I’m not bloody jealous!”

Y/N had to try her hardest not to smirk in satisfaction when she realized he had blushed a little. To be honest, it was the first time she saw Newt get so shy and bashful.

It was surprising yet oddly amusing.

“Sure you’re not” The girl sarcastically said, proceeding to head over to the showers.

“You think you’re such a smart lass” Newt pouted angrily, sulky like a child. “You shank”

That said, he just stormed off and avoided to look over his shoulder to her as he did.

Y/N just observed him and let out a small guffaw of disbelief.

It was the first time she saw him act like a little kid. Hell, probably no one had ever seen him like that!

Y/N rolled her eyes and turned around to walk into the bathrooms once and for all. She would have to take care of it later.



The shower felt refreshing and relaxing, so Y/N was in a great mood when she walked out of the bathrooms.

She messed up her hair a little, trying to get it to dry faster, and took a look around the Glade.

Newt was nowhere to be seen, so she walked over to the closest Glader, who happened to be Alby.

“Hey, Alby” She casually called him, sending him a friendly smile.

“Hi, Y/N”

“Have you seen the blondie?”

“Yeah, he was so shuck grumpy” The leader shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know why”

“Where did he go?”

Alby pointed his finger to the watchtower, where Newt was indeed standing, watching the Glade with absent eyes.

“He just said he wanted to be alone”

“Thanks” Without further ado, Y/N headed for the watchtower to go and talk with him once and for all.

“Wait” The young man stopped her. “Do you know what’s gotten into him?”

The girl smirked a little, wondering whether she should tell Alby or not. But she figured that, if he hadn’t told him himself, Newt didn’t really want his friend to know.

So she would keep the secret for him.

“Not really, that’s what I’m trying to find out” Being a decent liar, she didn’t worry about it. And he seemed to buy it as well.

“Okay, you talk to him then” Alby encouraged her, softly patting her in the shoulder. “Just be nice”

“What?!” Jokingly, the girl held a hand against her chest in false offence. “When am I not nice?”

“You know what I mean, you shank” He clicked his tongue annoyed, but she just laughed a bit.

“I’ll talk to you later” Before she left, Y/N winked at him as a friendly gesture.

She kept thinking about how Newt was so bothered by Minho and her being friendly. Y/N was extremely friendly and extroverted towards everyone! And Minho… well, he was just Minho.

“Newtie!” The girl announced herself as she climbed up the ladder to the superior part of the watchtower. “I’m home!”

“Bloody hell” She heard him saying. “Don’t you call me like that ever again, love”

Once she was up, Y/N happily plopped down on the floor and enthusiastically pulled at his hand to make him sit down with her too.

Newt pursed his lips together in resignation as he stirred in the spot to be comfortable, but didn’t glance at her. The blond just kept his brown eyes locked on the Glade in front of them.

“So…” The girl sighed softly. “What’s with you, shuck face?”

“Nothing” He simply replied, pretending to be fine despite his obvious odd demeanor.

“Seriously? You won’t even look at me, Newt”

Y/N observed him intently, also knowing that staring at him would get on his nerves. She was just having a bit of fun with it all.

“I’m great”

“So you’re not jealous” Y/N couldn’t hide the huge grin that had taken over her lips.

“I told you, love, I’m not bloody jealous”

“I know you are, don’t lie to me”

Finally, even if he did in spite of himself, Newt slowly glanced at her.

He crossed his arms over his chest when he saw her staring and with that stupidly gorgeous grin plastered on her soft lips.

“How did you bloody know?!” He finally gave in. “You realized so bugging fast!”

“Are you kidding me? I read you like an open book, stupid” Y/N giggled as she linked her arm with his. “I can see right through you”

Newt heaved a big sigh, but remained silent.

“You’re so ‘bloody’ smart, yet you’re acting so silly”


Y/N leaned closer to him and left a sweet peck on his cheek.

“If you were jealous and you like me, there’s nothing wrong with it, Newt”

The boy stared at her in surprise and admiration, happy by her reaction. He let out a tiny sigh as he sent her a kind smile and got comfortable in the watchtower, sitting right next to her with their arms linked.

It felt exhilarating and perfect to be right there. With her. Especially knowing she was okay with him having feelings towards her. 

I mean…Sansa is most likely said to be based on Elizabeth of York and Jon is said to be partially based on Henry VII…and Henry and Elizabeth got married for a political alliance when Henry took the throne of England to mark the end of the War of the Roses (which is what ASOIAF is loosely inspired by mainly)….so I’m just saying.