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Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]

I found this on ebay, it’s 50 years old this month, somebody please buy it and share the “all about him inside”? :D

I assume that it features a pull-out poster of JB. I remember those from when I read Tiger Beat and such.

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Anon Freddie will pretty much look like Tammie and Brett as he gets older

Haha yes 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Do you really think Freddie is Brett and Tammi’s? I definitely think he’s related to Brett because he looks sooo much like him and he also looks like Austin a lot but I still think if he was theirs they would have him all the time you know? Especially last year it was really obvious that they took a lot of pictures and snap chatted on some days and then went completely ghost, that’s the only thing that makes me think he’s probably a cousin or something.

I think this could be explained somehow. Like, maybe they wanted to enjoy the kid too, so they just did lots of photoshoots to have more time with him (another theory is that he’s actually a girl and that’s why they don’t show him as much/the room but I’m not sold on that one). But tbh idk I think he’s a Clark for sure, either Brett and Tammi’s or not. I just find really creepy how much he looks like Austin and Brett (since Austin is literally Brett as a kid) so I’m constantly like “no, it can’t be. But damn do they look like father and son” lol 


So, I got to meet Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton this weekend at Awesome Con. I was pretty nervous about it (and hoping they’d like my Maveth costume and my artwork) but they were both so sweet and funny. I didn’t have anything to worry about. More details and general flailing below the cut!

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You: Hey, Brett, guess what?

Brett: What?

You: I am your sister and I care about you, that’s what.

Brett: Y/N, I don’t undestand you.

You: I’m not an idiot, I know something’s bothering you so tell me. I want to help.

Brett: … I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.


Satomi: Brett! Calm down! Now!

Brett: *roaring* You can’t stop me! I’ve asked you to! I was begging you to isolate me from her and you did nothing!

Satomi: I’m still an apha of this pack and you and Y/N are still part of it-

Brett: It’s full moon, Satomi, you can nothing to stop me now.

Satomi: Brett, don’t, Fight it. It’s not you. It’s some instincts that-

Brett: I’m sorry but it is me.

request by dear anon… It wasn’t me. Well, not this time. Thank you x

Wolfed out (A Brett Talbot Imagine)

hey can you please do a brett imagine where he is a jerk but then (Y/N) came to his life and change him but (Y/N) doesnt know he is a wolf and brett doesnt know how to say it to (Y/N).

Y/n pov
As the pack was telling me stories about Brett and how he is a jerk . I couldn’t believe it cause he was so nice to me . When Liam finished his story about the fight he and Brett had I just gave him a I’m sorry smile and hugged him . The bell rang it was time to go home . I stopped at my locker to put my stuff in . Someone tapped my shoulder I turned around to see Brett . I was about to walk away “where you going ?” He asked “ away from you ”“ what? Why? ” I sighed “ look they told me how big of a jerk you are and if that’s the real you then I don’t want anything with you .” “Y/n listen I’m not that person anymore . Ever since you walked into my life I have changed and it’s for the better . Please believe me that I have changed please” i looked around I saw the pack and others looking at us “ let’s do this somewhere private ” “okay where ” “ my house meet you in 10 ” I grabbed my keys and my bag . I drove home I don’t know what to do should I break up with him or just believe him . I mean he has been the most amazing person in my life at the moment . Otherwise then the pack of course . I pulled up to the drive way I got inside the house I turned on the tv some telenovela was on . After a few minutes Brett knocked on the door. I opened it and he came in . He looked nervous. “ look y/n I know the stories you heard of me are bad . Really bad and I’m sorry you heard that from them instead of me . I’m a totally different person than I was in those stories . I’m completely different I swear to you babygirl . ” I nodded “ I believe you I’m sorry I should have just asked you ” “it’s okay but Y/n I have something to tell you but I don’t know how so I’m gonna show you ” he said holding my hand next thing I know he wolfs out on me I screamed and punched him “ ow what the fuck” he said failing to the ground and I ran to him “I’m sorry” i said helping him up “ why’d you punch me ” “ you scared the shit out of me” “ I thought you would be used to that” “ uh yeah but boys don’t wolf out at me you know you could have just flashed your eyes not wolf out on me ” “ I’m sorry ” he kissed my forehead “ it’s okay so do you want to watch some movies or something ” “sure ” for the rest of the night we watched movies till he had to leave .

Enjoy I tried my best -Kat