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You read and read and read about the Victorian era. Who was in government? What was the social status of the country? Why was Holmes a bohemian? Then you start to read Doyle and you sort of sniff it through. After a great deal of study, things begin to happen. Like hands. What does he do with his hands? How would he move? And you whisper, whisper, whisper because you have to find the voice. You keep whispering so the imagination keeps going. When you think you’ve got him - or he’s enough in you - you speak. It’s an enormously exciting process.
—  Jeremy Brett in Playing a Part

Granada Holmes + Silhouettes 

Dedicated to and in order to celebrate my now 1000+ followers. It blows my mind to think that there are 1000 individuals out there in the world who have chosen to follow my blog. This isn’t my first blog, it’s actually my third, but it’s certainly the one that’s brought me the greatest joy. This community is so alive, engaging and encouraging - not to mention funny! There’s always something great and interesting on my dash and the creativity and knowledge of you all has been and keeps being remarkable. I’m not a super sociable person, in fact I’m really introverted, uncertain and shy, but although I keep second-guessing my place in this community often, I always feel welcome and involved and have LOVED getting messages or chats from anyone. So please hit me up if you want to talk or need cheering up, I’d love to return the favour!Thank you, guys!

the canes are the hottest hockey team: a thesis

10 points in favor:

  1. sebastian aho (finnish, adorable, shy, v smart, never looks comfortable)
  2. noah hanifin (smirks in his actual nhl photo wtf, baked frat boy aesthetic, boston boy, actually seems like a nice guy, +5 american, GROWING HIS HAIR OUT)
  3. sebastian aho (again, he’s v cute, cute accent, nice hair, smart player, the eyebrows, my ace friend says he has kind eyes, and he deserves to be on here twice)
  4. jeff skinner (smiles, dimples, general canadian charm, his SKATING,like watch his skating please, again for the dimples, also his thighs <3)
  5. teuvo teravainen (has won a stanley cup, standard finnish awkwardness charm, cute in an approachable way but also unapproachably handsome)
  6. haydn fleury, if called up (fought in a pre-season game, 7th overall in 2014, kind eyes, pretty face, bad skin in a nice way)
  7. jaccob slavin (loves his wife, charming, american +5, KEPT UP WITH MCCAPTAIN in the oilers game)
  8. elias lindholm (honestly just look at him, so pretty, like if you’re into that Hockey Swede™  look he’s there working it)
  9. also: 
    1. TVR (pretty, american i think so +5)
    2. victor rask (in an addendum– have u seen his rare but beautiful smile??)
    3. brett pesce (eyebrows, american +5, less cute but like he’s not ugly)
    4. justin faulk (has the looks of a serial killer but like he works it, +5 terrifying facial hair)
    5. jake bean (not called up yet, still a calgary hitmen, but he’s got the makings of a Tru canes heartthrob, also I’m trying to pad out this list)
    6. martin necas (also not yet called up!!,but a v good player with a nice face and a name that’s an anagram for canes and means “bad weather” in czech according to forslund and tripp literally every time his name is mentioned, i’m saving this for posterity once he grows into his face and y’all are fawning all over him)
  10. older team members: 
    1. scott darling (born in virginia so i’m putting him here, big beautiful ginger b o y e), 
    2. jordan staal (i mean look at him, that jaw, that hair, left the penguins so +15,  v nice guy, v charming, the staal who didn’t leave us <3 ), 
    3. cam ward (weird goalie charm, probably gives his hometown flashbacks to 2006 which is nice)
    4. derek ryan (american, charming, kept me watching preseason, the dr),
    5.  justin williams (back !!! in raleigh!!!, boy’s got 3 stanley cups under his belt, what a lad!!!, kind of looks like a mix of tom hanks and bill murray)

points against:

  1. traded eddie lack (my heart is still broken, i miss you lacko, taco boy, went to calgary pride and took over flames instagram)
  2. toronto’s mitch marner, auston matthews, and william nylander
    1. however they still don’t have sebastian aho so like…
    2. who do they think they are
    3. also i’m mainly just here for marner and matthews
    4. sorry sweden :O  thanks for rask…
  3. existence of leon drai, carey price (the saving grace of the habs, yes i made that joke, i mean look at him though, bless up) & gabe the babe landeskog
  4. i guess other players who y’all are in love with ?? idk who but they’re not canes player hot
    1. being a canes player means that you are hot by association
    2. jeff skinner has not aged in like 10 years
    3. so.
    4. if tyler seguin was traded to the canes he’d get like 250k more followers bc he’d get 250 times more attractive
  5. i’m lesbian and have difficulty telling male attractiveness


the carolina hurricanes (& the charlotte checkers) are the best looking hockey team, and they should use this to their advantage. like if season tickets costing $688 aren’t drawing in the crowds then have skinner and staal just charm a bunch of people into coming. it’ll work i promise. i mean look at them. see points 1-10 for reasons

I’m just going to say it:
Violet Baudelaire tying her hair up in a ribbon to get the hair out of her eyes doesn’t make sense if she has bangs



Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]

12th September

So today is a bit of a….strange day. It’s the anniversary of Jeremy Brett’s death, my first anniversary for this tumblr blog and the lovely @granada-brett-crumbs ‘s birthday (more about that in a separate post :)).

I didn’t even notice until I checked my archive that I made my first ever post on this day. Perhaps it was fitting in a way. It was my first little bit of Holmes/Watson writing as well, a tiny story called “Opium”, written in the 3rd person, I believe. Since then, of course, there have been several more small pieces as well as one finished multi-chapter fic, one multi-chapter WIP and my current, more serious WIP (that I’m trying desperately not to publish yet because it features a case and what if I publish and then later on notice things don’t make sense but omg the temptation to publish!). Shortly after I also made my first gifset for this fandom, not knowing that a year later I’d have made 801 Granada Holmes gifs and a bunch more for Jeremy Brett in general.

I fell into this fandom from another one…well, really from disappointment in an old fandom and even greater disappointment in another one. I didn’t expect to become so invested so quickly. I blame this partially on this lovely community. All of you that have followed me or talked to me have been great, warm and encouraging. You are all so talented be it in the arts, writing, meta, humour. There is just SO much out there in this community that makes the discourse incredibly exciting! @granada-brett-crumbs, @tremendousdetectivetheorist and @nibblesofflesh I owe special thanks. You have been available to talk about personal things, writing or pesky photoshop questions ;) Everything we have planned and tackled together has given me a drive, motivation and a highlight in life. Thank you; I really, really like you guys a lot!

But the biggest thanks, I guess, will have to go to Jeremy Brett himself. He has intrigued me and moved me like no other. As a matter of fact, the first few months of my infatuation were spent as if in mourning…which I still can’t quite wrap my head around. I felt such profound sadness at the thought of his death that I tried to watch as little Granada Holmes episodes in a row as possible because I dreaded the moment of reaching the end, of not having more of his to see. I still haven’t watched all the interviews of him out there for the same reason. A little Jeremy nugget once in a while goes a long way in making me happy. I’m out of bookcase space because I now own so many books about Sherlock Holmes and Jeremy Brett too haha I’m still very sad that he died much too soon, but I’m grateful, too, that I found him. He’s brought me into this great community, his strength and optimism moves me and Clapham Common has become one of my favourite parks to visit.

So today, I invite you all to share your love for him. Write about him if you want; if you met him, if you haven’t. Tell us what he means to you, which of his performances you particularly enjoyed. Share gifs or art or pictures. Anything you want to contribute, even if it’s a reblog of someone else’s stuff! Let’s turn today into a happy Jeremy frenzy day and tag it as “Jeremy frenzy” so we can find it and reblog it! I’m sure he’d love that! :) 

i’m told a lot these days ; chapter 11

“I’m gonna go get Kovic,” Bruce is saying as they round a corner. Brett’s leading James and Joe with a hand between their shoulder blades, firm and comforting at the same time. People are staring at the two of them, covered in soot and ash and James still hiding his ruined arm in his equally ruined jacket. It seems like neither Bruce nor Brett care, or even seem to notice. “They burned down the entire fucking building, this is bullshit.”

“I’ll meet up with you after I take care of them first,” Brett tells him, and James hears it as if through a cloud. He had sort of intended his big reveal to be a bit more—dramatic, probably, is the best word for it. But Brett just steers them along, tells James that he can tell him when they’re somewhere private, somewhere that they can get cleaned up, that he can take a look at his arm. He’s already texted Trevor, he says, so Joe will be safe with him.

James wants to tell him now, while he’s still got his nerve worked up. But then he remembers the shattered look in Aleks’s eyes, remembers his words—”we’re done”—and he knows. He’s got no choice. He can muster up the nerve because he doesn’t know what else he could possibly do anymore.

[rest on ao3]

Only a couple of people on here knew this, but yesterday one of my dreams came true, and I met Brett Dalton. Let me just say, everything you’ve probably heard about him is true. He is literally the sweetest and nicest guy ever. I was first in line for his autograph in Nashville, and as you can probably guess, I was totally freaking out. I had never met a real celebrity before, and this was BRETT DALTON. My favorite actor. One of the first things he said to me was “Oh my god, you’re shaking are you okay? It’s not me you need to worry about, it’s Ming!” (Who was in the next booth over.) He made me feel so comfortable to talk, even though I was still shaking, and he spent about five minutes talking to me about Grant Ward and was still totally nice when I said I stopped watching when he went off. (Which he told me he did too. Shhhh!) While the photo ops were ridiculously quick, Brett had no problems giving a bear hug without even being asked, and the panel with Ming was hilarious. There were lots of puns and fart noises. Even some karaoke with John Barrowman! When I went back to get my picture autographed, he was once again taking the time to really talk to every fan. He remembered me, and was still very sweet when I thanked him for playing Grant Ward and told him that I would always Stand With Ward. He was also ridiculously sweet when I told him I’d always ship Skyeward too. His response: “Niceeeeee! Season five! Let’s hope for season five!” 

Anyway, basically this long post is just to say Brett Dalton is amazing, and I love him even more now. 

Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part2)

Part 1       Part 3     Part4

You and Malia were on your way to Scott’s house for the weekly pack meeting and as usual you were both late. “No, we’ve got a good ten minutes till we have to be there” Malia said, checking the time on her phone. You decided to walk together from your house, by decided I mean your car broke down so you had no other choice. “Malia we were supposed to be there at half past, we’re twenty minutes late” you sighed. “We better hurry up or we’ll have to listen to one of Stiles’ lectures on the importance of punctuality again” she smiled. You remembered that vividly, you were both sitting there for what seemed like forever listening to a ranting Stiles, while you were making sarcastic comments and trying not to laugh. “It's like another fifteen minute walk” you groaned. “Or a five minute run” she said, her eyes glowing blue. “Malia, you know I hate sport-” you began saying, before realising she had already started. "Great” you muttered before running after her. By the time you got there, she was waiting for you at the front door. “It’s about time Y/L/N, I better tell coach to sign you up for extra track practice” she laughed. You simply flipped her off and opened the front door. You walked into the living room and everyone’s heads shot up at you, but you weren’t met with the usual clap or sarcastic comment on how nice it was for you to finally arrive. You followed Liam’s flickering eyes to see none other than Isaac goddam Lahey standing in the corner of the room. You couldn’t deal with this again. You turned around and walked back out without a word. “You make me do math, you’re doing this” Malia said, grabbing your shoulders and bringing you back in. You huffed and sat next to Stiles, the only other person that wasn't excited for his presence. Pack meetings were one of the places you didn’t have the comfort of Brett. You tried to listen to the meeting but you were too distracted, you had to ignore Isaac’s glances, while giving Malia the look to show her just how irritated you were, while trying your hardest not to look over at him and not to mention everyone was waiting for your input on things like usual and when you didn’t say anything everyone knew why. “Until we read the book, I don’t want any of you walking around at night on your own, we don’t know enough about the dread doctors yet” Scott said, rounding off the meeting. “So I’ve got enough room to drop four of you home” Stiles said, standing up. “I’m staying at yours to study and you pass Kira’s and Lydia’s house on the way there” Malia suggested. “Alright, Y/N I’ll drop you home as well.” Stiles offered. “My house is completely out of the way. You should take Liam instead” you said, picking up your bag. “You should take the ride, I’m sure the dread doctors are mostly going after humans and I don’t want you to be in danger because of me” Liam piped up. “Honestly, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me” you smiled. “You’re not going home on your own” Lydia declared. “My mom’s coming to pick me up from the end of the road” you announced. “Are you just saying that, or do you actually mean it?” Scott asked, raising his eyebrows. “Erm maybe…” you groaned, knowing they wouldn’t just drop it. “Why don’t you ride with Isaac, he’s got room and he’s heading in the same direction” Malia suggested. How kind of her. You widened your eyes and shook your head gently at her, she simply smiled at you in return and high fived Lydia and Kira discreetly. Clearly, the three of them had been plotting. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, I mean she hates me” Isaac tried to say quietly to Scott. “I think it’s a great idea” Kira added. “I don't” Stiles mumbled, before Malia punched him in the arm to shut him up. “I think I’d rather walk and take my chances” you said, attempting to leave, before Liam pulled you back in. “Isaac can take you home.” Scott insisted. “I’ll be fi-” you began saying, before noticing his serious expression. You looked at Isaac who was looking back at you awkwardly. “Fine” you whined, while walking outside and to his car. It couldn’t be that bad, surely. Everyone began walking to the cars and Scott stood at the door to wave you all off. You lent against the passenger side, with your arms crossed waiting for him. He opened the door and you both got in. This was definitely going to be awkward.

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Don’t Tell Nobody ((Brett))

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Only requested twice, @plantyourtrees–watchthemgrow@kendrababe14​, here is what would happen had you chose Brett.

Part One

Song inspo: Don’t tell nobody by Tink ft Jeremih

I’m sick of this keep it on the DL shit
You say you with the bros when you out with a bitch
You say you at the crib when you leaving her place
I pull up to ya crib and you lie to my face
He like “baby you my all and all
I was in the bathroom when I missed ya call”
Nah you was in the backseat sweating like a athlete
Doing everything that you said you wouldn’t
But I ain’t gon’ trip on a weak ass n***a
I'ma just find me a n***a much bigger
I'ma just do the same shit that you do when I’m not up in the room

You chose to leave with Brett

You wiped the tears on your cheeks away and ran downstairs.  
Brett was talking to some guys and smiled as if he knew you were coming over to him.  
You grabbed his hand and pulled him outside the lake house.  
No one, surprisingly, was out by the lake.  
You stopped under a tree and looked at Brett.

Brett: I take it you found Liam
Y/N: Can you really do it?  
Brett: Do what?  
Y/N: You said to pick the place, so can you make me feel better than I ever have?  
Brett: Sweetheart, I can do just more than that  
Y/N: Good  

You take off your shirt and pull down your shorts, leaving you in nothing but your black laced bra, matching underwear, and lace booties.  

Brett: You have no idea how bad you frustrated me tonight

He pulled his shirt over his head then pulled you close so the two of you were in kissable distance.  

Brett: The way your ass jiggled in those tiny shorts, I’m actually surprised they didn’t eat them

He slid his hands down the curve of your back and gripped both cheeks in a sensual way.  

Brett: I feel like you were teasing me for the hell of it
Y/N: Maybe I was
Brett: I like a catch

Brett lifted me off the ground so that I was level enough with him.  
I wrapped my legs around his waist and I had my arms wrapped around his neck so I could keep myself balanced.  
He dived for my neck, leaving all sorts of hickeys to show Liam I wasn’t his anymore.
He licked a line along my neck then kissed my ear.  
“You don’t need him, Y/N, he doesn’t deserve you”

You opened your mouth to talk but Brett found your sweet spot and instead of words, you let out a soft moan.  
Since he was so tall, your chest was in perfect distance of grabbing.  
He unhooked your bra and took your nipple into his mouth.  
You let out another moan when he started to grind it in between his teeth.
This boy was going to drive you crazy.  
Everything he did made you horny and it made you crave for more.  
When he was done with both nipples he left them alone to graze along your collarbone then bit down making you gasp.  
You’ve never been bitten before but you liked the feeling.  
Taking it as a cue, Brett did the same to the other one, but applied a little more pressure.  
The pain was a nice mix with the pleasure that dripped between your legs.  
“You like this don’t you? I never knew you were kinky”
You moaned again and made him look into your eyes.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Talbot”
Brett raised an eyebrow and laughed.  
“You’re such a mystery”

He laid you down on the clothes that was tossed onto the ground and peppered your body with small kisses.  
He hooked his fingers into your underwear and ripped it off.
You could feel the hot breath from Brett’s mouth against your heat.  
The sudden heat battling against the cool breeze burned your skin, branding you with unfaltering desire.  
His tongue made you arch off the ground, pushing you closer to his face.
With one hand, he pushed you back to the ground and held you in place.  
For some reason, the act of doing this with Liam’s arch nemesis, was like a secret heaven;  your forbidden fruit.  
The moans that escaped your lips fueled his desire, every sound that escaped your lips, made the bulge in his pants bigger.  
He was going to make you forget that you ever had a boyfriend.  
Forget what he did to you.  
He would do it all with his touch, his sinful tongue, the rock in his jeans, and his moss green eyes.  

You felt a knot forming in your stomach as you neared towards your release.  
Just before you almost had a taste of pure ecstasy, Brett bit down on your thigh, forcing you to shudder in excitement.  
Your chest rose heavily as you tried to catch your breath.  
He didn’t stop.  
He moved on to your other thigh and bit down even harder.  
You cried out in pain while he shoved two fingers inside of you.
You couldn’t tell the difference anymore.  
What was pain and what was pleasure?  
In no time, you were back on the edge again.  
His fingers wasn’t enough.  

“Brett please”
He stopped his movements and pulled his fingers out you.  
The absence of touch was enough to drive you insane.  
Your heat throbbed as if it had its own heartbeat.
His eyes locked on yours and he moved in-between your legs.  
“What is it that you need sweetheart? ”
Brett knew what you wanted, but he wanted you to beg for it.
He wanted you to need this just as much as he needed it.  
“Tell me, what is it that you’re hungry for? Just say the words”
You tried to so hard to fight the moans building up in your throat.  

In a hoarse, raw voice you said “I need you Brett. Please, I need all of you”
Just the sound of your voice was enough for him to explode.  
Not being able to hold back his wolf, he closed his eyes so you wouldn’t see the gold in his irises.  
Brett unbuckled his pants and fished for a condom in his jeans.  
When he looked back at you, he let out a groan.
To him you looked like a goddess.  
Your messy hair, flushed face, your chest rising up and down, and the face you made when you whined for him to come back.  
Your lips taunted him.  
It was the only place he didn’t kiss.  
He leaned down to graze his lips against yours.  
His breath made you shiver.  
He was loving this.  
He loved the way he made you crumble.  
His lips grabbed onto yours and your insides began to tingle.  
It distracted you from him entering you with a single thrust.  

You broke the kiss by throwing your head back, letting out a loud moan, he kissed along your jawline while waiting for you to adjust.  
You bucked your hips forward motioning for him to move.  
He kept going slow and you knew what he wanted you to do.  
He wanted you to beg.  
“Brett go faster”
He smirked and held your hips.  
“You can do a little better than that”
Brett was hoping you would hurry up and beg because even going at such at slow pace was killing him too.  
To motivate you he ran a thumb over your clit.  
You felt like you would impolode so you finally gave in.  
“Brett just fuck me already!”
He gave you a smirk and stopped completely.  
He prided in making you go crazy.  
Just as you were about to yell at him, he thrusted his hips forward with so much force, you thought you were going to climax right there.  

You screamed out his name as he pounded into you like no tomorrow.  
So many things were happening at once that you couldn’t even focus.  
Your moans and Brett’s moans turned into a song.  
The flow was perfect and intrinsic.  
Brett lowered his mouth next to your ear and spoke dangerously low
“Louder. Let that fucker know how good you feel without him”
You complied without effort.  
Brett bit down on your sweet spot and that was your breaking point.  
You screamed as you came harder than you ever did with Liam.
Not soon after that, Brett let out a growl as he came too.  
He hid his face in the crook of your neck, so you wouldn’t see his gold eyes.  

The two of you gathered your clothes and put them back on.  
Brett held the condom in his hand for some odd reason that you couldn’t figure out.  

Brett: Feel good?  
Y/N: Good? That’s a bit of an understatement  
Brett: *chuckles* I said I’d explain about you being Liam’s anchor right?  
Y/N: Yeah, what is that?  
Brett: Your ex will show you

You tilted your head then heard Brett’s name being yelled from the Lake house.  
Liam ran full speed towards you guys.
His hair was tousled and his eyes were wide.  
Liam’s eyes scanned your body then looked at Brett.  
His eyes turned gold, he had fangs, and long claws.  
A werewolf?  
I was dating a werewolf?  
How cliché.  
Liam’s chest rose up and down very quickly like he couldn’t breathe.  
“Did you just fuck my girlfriend?! ”
Brett looked from side to side then threw the condom at Liam’s feet, spilling some of its contents onto his shoes.
“Does that answer your question? ”
Liam looked down then growled at him really loud.  
He looked as if he was going to pounce on him.  
Brett just yawned and had that sexy smirk of his planted on his face.  
You didn’t know what to do so you jumped in front Brett with no fear instilled in you.  
You channeled all that sadness and got mad.  
Surprising both, Brett and Liam, you pushed him back, making him stumble back one step.  

Y/N: Enough!  
Liam: Y/N?
Y/N: Don’t get mad at Brett for trying to help me forget about you. To forget about what you did to me
Liam: What are you talking about?  
Y/N: Did she make you feel good Liam? How did your dick feel when you fucked Hayden from behind?  

Liam changes back and stutters over his words.  
You never cursed like that or talked dirty.  
He honestly felt a little scared.  

Liam: Babe,  I can explain –
Y/N: *lets out a loud laugh* Babe? Did you seriously just call me that?  
Liam: I-I just, you, uh
Y/N: I just fucked Brett and we’re going back to my house so we can do it three more times. You’re dead to me, you piece of furry shit  

Brett held your hand and tugged you towards his car.  
The two of you interlocked fingers until he got to your house.  
You guys sat in the driveway and sat in silence.  
You turned to look at him and gave him a half smile.  
“Don’t do that to yourself, don’t lie. It’s okay to cry you know”
His sincerity made your heart crumble.  
Liam very well may have been the first boy you loved and he yanked out your heart like it was nothing.  
Without knowing it, tears streamed down your face.  
Brett got out and carried you to the front door,  up the stairs, and laid you on your bed.  
The two of you laid in bed, with your head in his chest, crying your eyes out.  
Brett rubbed your back so you knew that he cared.  
“You’re gonna get through this, I promise”

Your tears halted and you wiped them away.  
You looked up at Brett and kissed his lips tenderly. He kissed you back ensuring the promise he just made.
You moaned against his lips making him groan.  
He pulled back to look at you.  
“I haven’t been honest with you, I knew you were coming downstairs to me, I know how fast your heart beats whenever I’m near, and I knew Liam was coming”
You didn’t quite understand until he sighed and revealed to you his golden eyes.  
He was a werewolf too.  
“I don’t care, Brett”
You straddled his hips and kissed him with more passion than you did all night.  
Brett pressed his lips against yours with equal force.  
In a swift motion you unbuckled his belt and whipped out his member.  

“Wait, I don’t have a cond–”
“Didn’t I say I need all of you?”

You pushed aside your hem shorts and eased yourself down on his length.  
You both moaned in response.
You placed your hands on his chest and lifted yourself, then back down.  
You kept up with the pace then changed it up by riding him in a circular motion.
This was more than just sex.  
It was pure intimacy.  
To increase your speed, the two of you locked hands and then you started to bounce up and down.  
Your moans were in sync, slowly building to a crescendo.  
When it got too much for you,  Brett moved his hips against you so you could keep going.  
You clenched around him and came.  
Despite how sensitive you were, you kept going, you didn’t know what was going on.  
You kept coming, one after the other.  
The last one was so powerful that it forced Brett to cum too, spilling himself into you.  
You collapsed on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you.  

“I am so infatuated with you, Y/N”
“You better be”

Brett laughed and kissed you on your forehead.  
This was a start of a new chapter.  

I will forever collab with Lila. She is the literal bae, she makes the smut happen y’all. I just write the story ;)

Devenford Prep Part 31

Other parts and Brett fics here

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A/N: It’s been a while, but I’m going to post this now…it’s not really edited, but I wanted to get it up as a surprise!

“Brett?” You call out trying to find him. Everyone in the fun house had left and were walking back to their cars to get out of public’s eye. “Talbot?
“He’s with Scott,” Killian informs walking toward you. “Are you sure you’re okay? I mean you’re allowed to be scared.”
“Of what?” You ask almost challenging the twin in front of you. “Of Brett? I’ve never been scared of Brett, not really.”
“I think you should give him some space,” Killian furrows his brows, trying to get you to stop thinking about Brett. “Give him some time and then possibly call him.”
“Killian,” You mash your lips together and then speak. “If he’s with my alpha, or whatever you guys call them, then I think it’s okay to talk to him. I think he needs me.”
“Needs you?” Killian chuckles crossing his arms. “Brett doesn’t need anyone.”
“Shut up Killian,” Samantha approaches the two of you. “Just leave her alone, Y/N go find him, he’s near.”
You shoot Samantha a sympathetic smile and started to walk off. You take in a deep breath trying to focus in on his scent again the carnival smells. He was still there, some where.
“I was just trying to help.” You hear Killian say in the background.
Wrapping your arms around yourself you walk quickly through the crowd of people know good and well that they were staring at your state. Blood and ripped clothing. You brush past them and start to run, run fast toward the parking lot where Brett’s scent was leading you. Then you see him leaning up against his SUV with Scott beside him.
“I want you to go see Deaton,” You over hear Scott say to Brett. “I just want him to give you a quick check up.”

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