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The heart-clunching Adrienette dance scene for those who need it, ft. Alya “the hero we don’t deserve” Cesaire

DISCLAIMER: Miraculous Ladybug does not belong to me, nor do the characters. I am solely sharing this scene to spread the enjoyment. Miraculous Ladybug respectfully belongs to Thomas Astruc and Zagtoon productions.

“You think he’d take it out on his own son?”

This right here broke me. The fact that Adrien even has to consider this question is why Gabriel’s a bad person.

Look at how uncomfortable he is. Ladybug is so clearly filled with shock and horror at the mere thought of a parent going after their own child, and Chat Noir doesn’t really know how to respond to that.

Yes, he knows that The Collector didn’t actually take Adrien, but it looks like when confronted with the question “You think he’d take it out on his own son?” his answer was pretty obviously “Yes.” He did think his father would come after him. He did think that was a reasonable response to the situation at hand. He thought it was reasonable enough to use it as an excuse when Ladybug asks where Adrien is. When all he did was lose his father’s book? He thinks taking his father’s book without permission and accidentally losing it is reason enough to be taken out of school, grounded for life, and that it could have angered his father enough to turn him into an akuma that would then come after him.

That, to me, pretty clearly indicates Gabriel is not a good man.


My book of inspiration has been taken from me!
So I shall build a new one and perhaps pick up a Miraculous or two while I’m at it.

ok i know the last 2 eps had *a lot* that happened - like *a lot* but i just need to rant?

like ok I know marinette stole the book in the first place and so for obvious reasons cant go up to adrien and be all !!so sorry so sorry HAHA !! but on the other hand she was so quick to go to gabriel and i just ?? thats the man who runs a fashion empire? a man who could easily ruin any chance she has at getting into fashion? she didnt *have* to talk to gabriel. she couldve slipped the book in adriens bag or locker and have 0 interaction and i JUST

the point is she clearly cares for Adrien but wants him to come to her on his terms she isnt doing anything to get his attention by any means - she isnt forcing him to do anything he doesnt want to and its just ??? he is going and interacting with her ? bc he clearly wants to? and i cannot?