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Pros of being an artist: Draw your faves Kissing.

Cons of being an artist: be Sad due to the Astounding Lack of Kisses in Canon.

9 Days of DHMIS: Day 6 - Favorite Pairing

I ABSOLUTELY love the Red guy x Green Guy (duck guy), haha, sorry, but I had to :3

Also, here’s a bonus, because I also love the Tony x Colin

(My headcanon that Colin is actually a old computer and that’s why he,… er,… it doesn’t remember being use in a loooong time, so, when he gets touch, he literally freaks out because that)

(…then Tony comes to his life and lets touch him… JUST A BIT, ‘cuz he/it likes Tony)


Finished product yay!
My versions of all the teachers!

I really don’t know why Tony’s side looks yellow. Ignore it.

How Really Digital Time Got More Popular Than PadLock

Tony: How about I end your time right here, right now?

Paige: How about I make you see a pretty shade of re-

Colin: *Arrives on a unicycle with a sign that says “I Love You All The Time 😜”* O SHIT, HERE COME THAT SHIP *kisses Tony on the cheek and leaves while singing/screaming “Every Time We Touch”*


What about the scene when she is sneaking away from the cops to be with frank and he is waiting for her in HER car and he’s playing her cassette tapes and trying to make light of the situation and make her smile. and he’s like “can you picture me singing this,”
I was just like omg he wants her to picture him singing along to her cassette tapes which means that they would have to spend more time together in her car by themselves and make out in the back seat and have hot car sex and fall in love and that one line just really escalated everything in my brain wowowow.