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AU Week: LotS - Mord-Sith HG wells and Mother Confessor Myka Bering.

Beam 2

I didn’t think I would get this done today—but I think it is done now, so I am going to go ahead and post it. As mentioned in part 1, here is crazycat’s quite significant manip, without which… and obviously there would be later complications and difficulties and all that… but sunshine. Sunshine. I am choosing to believe in a certain kind of resolution. I encourage you to believe it with me.

Beam 2

Myka calls Helena’s phone, but she won’t pick up. She goes upstairs and hammers on the door of her room, but unless Helena’s decided she is just not going to talk to Myka at all—and is going to stop moving and breathing entirely as well—she is not there. She is not in the lobby, or in the bar, or in the business center. She is not in the laundry room or the gym.

It takes Myka an hour, but she finally thinks to look outdoors: Helena is perched on the edge of a deck chair, by the pool. She is soaked; her hair is so heavy with wetness that the wind can’t move it.

Myka says, “For someone who gets cold so easily, you certainly do spend a lot of time in the rain.”

“Would you please,” Helena says. She is staring at the pool. It is lit from within, underwater, and in the dark, it is practically fluorescent. The rain makes the surface ripple and jump, and Myka feels her blood begin to do the same thing.

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