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Newt: Hi Newt, It’s Newt. Hang in there. I love you. Bye. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 22: Telethon) 


I just???? Love my friends????

The beginning ones are from last year and they eventually get to recent events.


So basically my new headcanon is from fingersfallingupwards’ fic “Riding Bicycles” where Andy Dwyer turns out to be an amnesic Peter Quill. Now I have a million ideas about returning to space with April: -April still calls him “Andy” and he prefers that and kisses her head every time she refers to him as Andy instead of Peter. -She sits on his lap while he pilots. -Drax always busts out laughing at the dry, mean things she says - Rocket absolutely loves her after they start drinking together and say mean things to strangers in bars - Peter, having been Andy for four years, now plays all of his Awesome Mix songs on the guitar - Bert Macklin in space. The other Guardians find it just plain stupid when Peter throws on his shades before a mission. He mostly does it to remind April that he’s still her Andy - April meets Nebula and wants to travel the universe with her. - Peter/Andy eventually brings all of his Pawnee friends onto the Milano. Ben almost has a nerd stroke, Donna and Drax flirt heavily, Ron criticizes the ship and begins going around fixing things up even though it’s space technology, Leslie organizes a huge party, Tom flirts mercilessly with Gamora, Rocket and Ron immediately hit it off, talking about how stupid everyone is and how they can improve the ship - Yondu harasses Peter to marry April and Peter tries not to laugh every time Yondu goes on a crusade about how he ain’t gonna find a better girl. He finally tells Yondu they’re already engaged