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TEW Halloween Pumpkin Carving Headcanons

Sebastian: Is god awful at it, but will participate nonetheless. He will make the jankiest pumpkin face, carved with minimal tact, eyes lopsided, zero fucks but having a good time. As the honorary Dad of the group, he will be the one scooping the guts out of everyone’s pumpkin before hand. Is there to spike his apple cider and eat all the candy. Terrible Halloween puns all night.

Joseph: The exact opposite of Sebastian. Will carve the IDEAL, classic jack o’ lantern: two perfect triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a perfectly curved mouth. No, he did not use a template, he’s just that good. Will collect all the pumpkin seeds to roast them for a healthy snack later on while everyone works. Is probably wearing an apron to avoid ruining his clothes.

Juli: “What is this and why are we doing it?” Never had a normal childhood, grew up with hyper-religious family who thought Halloween was sacrilege. Will tentatively poke the pumpkin with the knife before going hard, carving that shit like she was made for Halloween, “Fuck you mom and dad, this is awesome.” Actually doesn’t come out too bad for a first attempt. Will make a second, cat faced one. Has a ridiculous hankering for Twizzlers and will dig through the bowl for every last one.

Leslie: Starts out with a knife. Please someone take the knife away from this jittery man. Ends up with at least 7 small cuts on his hands, covered with colorful bandaids, before Sebastian suggests painting the pumpkin instead. Listen, this pumpkin looks fucked up but it’s an adorable kind of fucked up. He is very proud of it. “Oh, wow…Leslie…that is. Abstract.” says Laura Victoriano, nervously smiling. Will drop everything he’s doing at that current moment to go watch ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’

Ruvik: Bitter that he was invited to this party, would’ve been equally as bitter if he wasn’t invited. Only does a pumpkin because Laura insisted, not because the artistic side of him secretly wanted to. Remember the murals he did on his walls? That level of intricacy on a pumpkin. Is at the table working on it the longest and will get relentlessly teased for it by Sebastian. Will threaten to carve the same pattern into his skin if he keeps talking.

Laura: Brought the apple cider and will chew anyone out if they drink it cold; “What’s the point of that? It’s just apple juice then, is it not?” Also will blow on Leslie’s cup to make sure he doesn’t burn himself. Is there to paint a pretty pumpkin, be supremely encouraging to everyone, and to embarrass Ruvik by dotting. Will help Joseph bake cookies and decorate them to look like spiders, her personal fav.


Jimenez: Wasn’t invited. Lol bye.

Tatiana: Is giving herself a cute Halloween themed manicure. She is not wrecking these by pumpkin carving. Gives Leslie little painted ghost nails while they watch Charlie Brown. Really digs Kidman’s cat pumpkin.

Stefano: Pumpkin carving?? No. Too basic. Is in the backyard blowing up pumpkins and taking artsy slow-motion pictures of their demise. Ruvik is watching from the window, rolling his eyes. Everyone is concerned, no one knows who invited him.

Newt: Hi Newt, It’s Newt. Hang in there. I love you. Bye. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 22: Telethon)