me 2 gain

You know what tho, if allurance becomes canon in vld it’ll be like a big middle finger to 80s keith/allura and i’d be Down for that

I basically never do cheat days just because I’m always scared I won’t have the self control to go back to my normal intake the next day. But I hit fucking 96.8 lbs today, I just started my period and I feel like I’m dying so I’m gonna eat like a half pound of chocolate today. This is the one day of the month that chocolate really is more important than a flat stomach to me. If I gain 2 pounds by tomorrow, I’ll be really upset. But if I don’t get chocolate today, a lot of people are going to die.

English trans:

?: Here is a fat boy
New: Who the hell are you talking about?
?: Fat boy!
New: Why?
?: How many kilograms did you gain weight? Tell me!
New: What’s wrong with me? I gained only 2 kilograms
?: Have you got diabetes yet? Hahaha
New: What diabetes? I ate only a little bit more
?: Oh yeah??

Cr. 🎥 waterboyy.the series IG stories

Just found this translation in a fb group, so sharing it with you all

people who keep complaining about arsenal’s europa league/carabao cup team being bad can shut up because you know damn well that that’s not the first team and it’s basically our youngsters playing (out of position, btw) with older footballers who can’t get into the first team anymore

catch 👏 me 👏 outside 👏 with 👏 that 👏 “if i cant have My Own Kids i guess ill have to 😩😩 Adopt..Damn 😧” 👏 shit!!!


I missed the 300 mark because of uni so here’s my thanks to u all for following me and all my sourin trash ur great and i love u