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she’s jumping to you because she wants to give you an absolutely monstrous hug!!! Also, I just wanna say that I absolutely love your blog, and it always brightens up my day to see you on my dash. Thank you for being such an amazing person and an absolute pleasure to follow! You certainly are an inspiration, and have inspired me to try my hand at art. You are absolutely wonderful!

AWWWW! Thank you so much ahh!! This is beyond sweet, I’m so happy! You’re an amazing person and bless you! Thank you also for this Manaphy hug!! I love her! 💙💙💙

me: has less than 6 hours to finish this 7 page paper 

also me: rewatches hjernen er alene to compare how often even has his eyes closed verse how often isak has his eyes open when they kiss


thereallukeevans: Tasting the local dishes. My favourite thing to do #thetravellingwelshman #beautyandthebeast #dimsum

‘Rocknaldo’ hit me pretty hard.

Other than the whole episode being a message to the fandom about how people’s opinions on how to run the show are bad in general, there’s another message.

Feeling left out.

This really spoke to me as a whole, because it’s really hard for someone to join something they want to be part of, but giving them a chance can be frustrating to say the least. I’ve experienced this myself, on both sides, where I’ve felt like the ‘Bloodstone of the group’. As in, you don’t fit in and you never will fit in, so they leave you out. I’ve shared an experience like that, and it can hurt.

I felt sorry for both Steven and Ronaldo.

Primo bacio
  • Vi ricordate dove vi siete baciati per la prima volta?
  • Vi ricordate il vostro ultimo bacio?
  • Mi ricordo il primo
  • Mi ricordo l'ultimo
  • Dopodomani mi ricorderò i baci di domani
  • È così via...
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