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Breakfast Headcanons

1. Balthazar is an asshole and picks out all the marshmallows in Lucky Charms so Vinnie doesn’t get to them first.

2. Sara tends to do the magical girl toast-in-mouth while running late for school thing. 

3. Zack’s freezer is stocked with frozen waffles and pancakes.

4. Milo prefers his eggs sunny side up so he can dip his bacon into the yolk. 

5. Vinnie has an excellent French toast recipe that Balthazar secretly enjoys but will never admit it.

6. Mr. Block will not function without coffee.

7. Martin is not allowed in the kitchen if Bridgette is cooking brunch. In fact, Martin can’t cook period.

8. Richard and Melissa don’t keep sugary cereal in the house. 

9. There were Dr. Zone collectible bobbleheads in Milo’s favorite cereal for a time. He and Sara ate themselves sick trying to collect them all. 

10. Mort collects box tops.

Kurt Wagner x Reader - Mein Engel

Your mutation: Angel Wings
Word Count: 1154
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: One mention of sex, language

gif credit to claracivry  

“Shit.” you swore under your breath, erasing the small mistake you made on your sketch. Being the new girl wasn’t always fun and games; so far, no one had even spoken to you yet. You expected a school full of mutants to have a lot more people who stood out, but sadly almost everyone looked normal. There was one person who had caught your eye so far. On the other side of the field, at a table with his friends sat a blue boy. He had a tail, elf-like ears and scars in his skin. He was beautiful.

You shifted to stretch your wings out before they began to cramp. A few students glanced your way, staring at the huge, white wings on your back. This is why you had hoped that students here would all stand out, so maybe, for once, you could blend in. You shook your head and turned back to your sketch of the blue boy.

The sketch was almost finished and it was your best work you had done in a long time. You brought your head up to steal another look at the blue boy when you noticed he was staring right at you. Quickly, you ducked your head down, hoping that the boy hadn’t spotted you looking at him.

On the opposite side of the field, Kurt and the other X-Men sat together eating lunch and having small conversations. Kurt had drifted off into thought again; completely zoning out. He suddenly felt a nudge on his shoulder.

“Cute girl staring at Kurt at 12 o’clock.” Jubilee giggled, bringing her hand up to point at you.

“Damn. Kurt, you should go say something. She is hot as hell.” Peter whistled. Kurt looked over at you, meeting your eyes. You quickly glanced away, but Kurt couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Sie ist wunderschön. (She is beautiful)” Kurt whispered.

“Kurt, you went German on us again. What did you say?” Scott asked. Kurt shook his head, trying to pull his eyes away from you. He was enamored by how angelic you looked. Kurt felt like he had finally found his angel.

“Nothing. I vas just… thinking about something.” he mumbled, turning back to his meal.

“Go talk to her. Maybe you’ve finally found your angel.” Jean gave Kurt a soft smile. Kurt wondered had Jean had been able to so perfectly depict exactly what he was thinking.

“Kurt, I’m a telepath. Of course I know what you’re thinking. Go say hi.” Jean giggled, pushing Kurt out of his seat and in your direction. He took a deep breath and teleported to you.

You were just adding one more thing to your drawing when you heard a *BAMF* in front of you.

“Ah!” You squealed, slamming your sketchbook shut and scrambling to stand up. The blue boy stood in front of you, a nervous look on his face.

“I am so sorry! I vas not meaning to scare you.” he stuttered out. You stretched out your wings, fluttering them. It was a nervous habit you had.

“It’s fine. Um, hi. I’m (Y/N). I’m new here. Sorry if I, uh, freaked you out a bit earlier. I didn’t mean to stare. I know how awful it feels, feeling like someone is staring at you because you’re different. So, uh, if I made you feel like that I’m, um, sorry.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck anxiously.

“It is alright. I am Kurt. I know what it is like to be new. And you did not freak me out. I am sure you understand what is like to get stares. Not because of your, uh, wings. Because you are j-just so, uh, wunderschön. (beautiful)” Kurt ducked his head, avoiding your eyes. The two of you had settled into a silence, exchanging smiles with one another.

“Vould you, uh, like me to show you around the mansion?” Kurt suggested. You hadn’t seen much of the mansion yet, and seeing it with this handsome blue boy was a dream. You gave him a smile and nodded your head.

“YEAH KURT! GET SOME!” You heard someone yell across the field. Kurt’s cheeks turned a light shade of purple.

“That is Peter. He is… annoying to say the least.” Kurt chuckled. Kurt began to show you all around the mansion; every room was something different and it was all beautiful.

“Come over here, (Y/N). I have to show you something, but you must promise me that you vill not tell anyone.” Kurt gave you a small smile, leading you over to a wooden panel in the hallway. He pressed his hand on it and a passageway folded open. Kurt quickly looked over both shoulders and ducked inside, pulling you in after him.

“Wow. Out of everything I’ve seen in the mansion, this is the coolest.” You said. It was a small hallway that entered to what looked like a panic room, but had been decorated to Kurt’s liking.

“I spend time here vhenever I feel like I need to get avay. Now you know how to get here, so if you ever feel like you need to get avay from everything, just come here.” Kurt’s face lit up with the first real smile you had seen on his face all day.

“This is so cool Kurt. Thank you so much for showing me around.” You gave him a hug and felt him tense up.

“Are you okay?” you asked, stepping back.

“I-I am sorry. I am, uh, not very used to people touching me. It is something I vill get accustomed to, I am sure. You just, um, caught me off guard.” He mumbled.

“I’m so sorry, Kurt. I should have asked first.” You apologized. How stupid could you be? You had gotten too caught up in the moment.

“No! No, it is fine. Here, quickly, vrap your hand around my waist.” He gestured for you to come close. You began to ask why, but within a flash, a feeling like falling and a *BAMF* the two of you were out on the field again.

“That was so cool, Kurt!” you exclaimed. His mutation was far better than yours was. Being able to teleport?!

“Thank you.” Kurt said, a small blush growing on his cheeks.

“Thanks for showing me around today. We should hang out sometime.” you smiled, sheepishly.

“Kann ich küsse dich auf die wange? (Can I kiss you on the cheek?)” Kurt asked, slipping into German.

“I’m sorry, what?” You giggled. His German accent was very attractive.

“I asked if um, I could kiss you? On the cheek, of course.” You began to blush and gave him a nod. The blue boy leaned in, giving you a small kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Kurt. For everything.” You smiled at him.

“No problem, mein engel. (my angel)” He gave you a full smile; one that made his face light up.

You and the blue boy would definitely be seeing more of each other.

Thank you all so much for reading! I worked really hard on this imagine and I’m super proud of it. I’m absolutely in love with Kurt’s character and I hope you all like him too <3