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She said:
I like my men like my coffee –
black-souled and bitter
with tongue-burning kisses
that leave you shaking,
grasping the half-filled mug
for dear life
until you’re left lonely,
but strangely awakened
to earth’s everyday tragedies.
—  Kristen Costello, “Sugar-Free”

This is for all the times people have said it doesn’t exist. For all the times #Destiel shippers have been invalidated. For all the times we were told we were crazy. It exists & we are valid. Misha smiled SO big when he saw it. Thank you so much @mishacollins. #SPNCLE

This was a labor of love from me and my friend katie (@notastrashy on twitter) please credit both of us if reposting

i still think the funniest types of hcs that i absolutely take as canon are the ones where hizashi/shouta/tensei/nemuri have all been friends from high school and so theyve known tenya since he was a Baby and that tenya has seen them all do some ridiculous shit .

like he just has so much fucking dirt on on 3 of his teachers but hes such a good boy that he just . never says anything about it . like yeah maybe hes seen his homeroom teacher get black out drunk and do extremely bad karaoke while only dressed in his underwear but he is still his teacher now so he will respect him and forget about the past

when the 3 of them saw that he was finally getting to high school age they all had a sense of dread and relief because on one hand What If Something Embarrassing Slips Out And Then None Of Their Students Respect Them Anymore but on the other hand they know that hes good and probably wont say anything they just . have a Fear

and its not like any of the other students would like , ask about shit cause they dont know that tensei was close with the 3 of them so tenya doesnt even have to like , ignore pestering cause no one knows that he has this knowledge

so he just is chilling being a good dude and having just So Much Fucking Dirt On His Teachers . Just The Absolute Most Dirt . he could probably ruin their reputations if he was evil but thankfully hes just the absolute best boy in existence

Anyways i fucking love this headcanon its my absolute favorite and i fully believe its real and no one can convince me otherwise