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my boyfriend is on the other side of the world for his spring break and I'm super happy for him because he's having a ton of fun already but his phone plan doesn't let him text me without wifi. im used to texting him throughout the day all day but today, his first day there, we were only able to talk for an hour and a half before he said he had to go to bed and idk it just sucks I miss him already and I don't know how I'm going to get through a whole week talking for just 2 hours every day

I know it must be hard for you going from texting each other throughout to only 2 hours but think about how fast this week will go. At least you will get to talk to him for some time each day.

i just saw my life flash before my eyes
  • my mom: dad is gonna be home soon and he will turn off the wifi to your phone
  • me [sarcastically]: oh no whatever will i do without wifi
  • my mom [angrily]: your generation depends on wifi
  • me [stuttering with hesitation]: half your generation depends on life support

I survived my first night in the new house!

My almost brother-in-law helped me set up wifi yesterday, but my TV stand doesn’t arrive until next week earliest so I can’t really set up cable until I have somewhere to put the TV in the living room. In the meantime, I hooked up the TV to just a DVD player in my bedroom so now I can watch TV in bed! Rewatching Stargate Atlantis (which OF COURSE made me think of @shannanrn and @logandoesnightnursing) but it’s the only TV series I have that is packaged together and I also have nowhere to put my DVDs. This should last me until my furniture gets here and I can put the TV in the living room.

I was unable to capture one of the cats last night, so my roommates said to just leave them there and come back today for then. So I had a night cat-free! I was still up at 645 AM but that’s more than I would get with Duncan and Lila, so… I also have 10 million things to do so that’s fine. 

Breakfast, water, and kickboxing this morning… then picking up cats / cleaning old room, home for homework and unpackin stuff, then Dad’s for Walking Dead and dinner.

Cannot wait until school is over.


Shiro loves mac and cheese, baby

I couldn’t sleep yesterday night so, naturally, I doodled some sheith

so, we all know the last soundtrack for yuri on ice is the stay close to me duet

but what if they don’t actually skate it together?

instead viktor finally gets a dance at the banquet that yuuri remembers, celebrating their marriage in the same way their romance started, in each other’s arms, only now that yuuri doesn’t leave but instead promise viktor that this time, they will remain together. Viktor will finally have a lover to stay close to, and yuuri’s longing for viktor has finally come to an end; they found each other, and nothing will tear them apart