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Delitoonz Drabble

Cartoonz. He is brutality. The bashing in of a door with a steel toed boot, a slew of curses followed hand in hand with bullets. The shells litter the ground, sinking into the sawdust and blood. Bloody handprints and the smell of gasoline tail his shadow. It stains his fingers, stains his clothes, stains his mask. A devious grin, the next clip slides in. Click, click, click, bang.

Delirious. He is finesse. A viper unwitnessed, striking deep into artery and muscle. The blade flicks and like an intricate dance, it catches the light so beautifully. So eye striking, so beautiful, so deadly. Cold eyes and an even colder blade. His painted grin smeared in red. And as another rises to the challenge, his weapon of choice continues to flick, flick, flick…

Together they are broken windows and bloodied mirrors. They are laughter, unstable and jagged like the wounds they inflict. A boot pressed to a throat, a playful shush to cracked and bloodied lips. Together they are the endless tide that smashes and tears at the coastline, eroding everything away. Bit by bit. Security broken, silence shattered, safe havens and homes no more.

They are the open window you find when you wake up in the morning. They are the bloody handprint that was left on the door. They are the broken cameras and guard dogs snoring in their houses.

They are your sense of security, now broken.

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