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Rant time soz

Okay I’m going to get hate for this I know but I have to say this. People are really taking this “chav” thing wayyy too seriously. I’m British and Ill be honest literally everyone uses the word chav, it isn’t portrayed as such a bad thing here, it’s more of a joke and people don’t take it literally. It just annoys me when people hate on louis for using common british sayings that he’s probably been saying his whole life and complain and see him as this horrible person because they looked up the “definition” when here people don’t even care.

Of course some people may be offended and they’re allowed to be!!! That’s okay!! But it’s kinda frustrating when people who have no idea of british culture and sayings just look up a definition and assume he was trying to be rude and imply things he wasn’t. I just wanted to let you all know that here in England it’s really really common and I’m certain louis didn’t even think about it when he posted it, he didn’t mean it in a bad way. I hope the press and media don’t take it the wrong way either :/ Also I’m not having a go at anyone personally! I’ve just seen a few posts and thought I’d say something :)


so lately i haven’t been feeling great physically, but today i ate super healthy all day.
for breakfast i had egg whites with tomatoes, provolone and peppers on wheat toast and a banana
lunch i had some fruit and coffee
then i ate cucumber, argula, tomato, and onion salad and pasta
finally for dessert i put frozen bananas and peanut butter in the blender and topped it off with chocolate chips