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The Exalted Plains, Orlais 

“Dareth shiral, Tillahnnen.”


W A L L P A P E R || Requested

 Yoooooo guess who’s alive! This sope edit is for the person who requested the namjin and sope matching wallpapers (I know I know. It took me forever and I’m sorry 😅😔) but I hope you like these nevertheless ❤️❤️ 

 - Admin YangKkoChi

Boyf riend calls the Winchesters AU
  • Dean: Wait, so you called me because there's a your friend's brain...making him cool?
  • Michael: yes.
  • Sam: We've seen weirder. Besides, isn't it...y'know helping him? I'd have killed to have something like that.
  • Michael: THATS NOT THE POINT! *shifts his glasses on his forehead,holding the bridge of his nose*
  • Dean: Then what is?
  • Michael: He's forgotten about me...become..rude?'s not good...
  • Sam: Maybe we should at least look into it?
  • Dean: Whatever.

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June wanders into the forrest and finds team prime and her son. Shes overjoyed to see her bby boy, but get worried when team prime tells her that there is no way out that they know of. So she and team prime put together team work to look after the kids and find a safe way out. But kobd see her and falls passionatly for this strange human. So they start to seduce her and genuinly want to keep her and her dear boy with them forever. So they always try to offer them both some fae like food.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnddd, I think I just found my new favorite faeformers au.  ~3^

When you hear your phone ring in the other room and the ringtone is Death By Glamour

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walking to it like

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answering it like

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