she’s jumping to you because she wants to give you an absolutely monstrous hug!!! Also, I just wanna say that I absolutely love your blog, and it always brightens up my day to see you on my dash. Thank you for being such an amazing person and an absolute pleasure to follow! You certainly are an inspiration, and have inspired me to try my hand at art. You are absolutely wonderful!

AWWWW! Thank you so much ahh!! This is beyond sweet, I’m so happy! You’re an amazing person and bless you! Thank you also for this Manaphy hug!! I love her! 💙💙💙

Soooo I often get asked for Linstead fanfic recommendations and in the past few months I’ve stared reading them a lot more than I have before and so I’ve decided to make a page where I’m going to add them when I find a new one that I like rather than forget them all and not know what to say when I get asked so you can find my list here. Happy reading!

Dating Jughead Jones would include...

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•You two most likely being good friends before you start dating

•Continuing to act for like best friends even after you become a couple

•Going to Pop’s

•You both having a deep love of burgers

•Sharing milkshakes

•You two both being overly sarcastic

•Jughead’s dry humour never failing to make you laugh

•Hanging out at the drive in

•Going to the arcade

•You teasing him a lot

•Nicknames!! (Juggie, Jug, etc)

•Peeking over his shoulder to read his novel whenever he’s working on it

•Trying to get Archie and Jughead to make up with after they have a fight

•Defending Jughead whenever Reggie gives him a hard time

•Working with Jughead at the Blue and Gold

•Trying to help Jughead keep the drive in open

•Jughead not telling you that he’s homeless because he doesn’t want you to worry

•You eventually finding out he has no where to stay and you convince him to move in with you

•Calling Jughead “Forsythe” whenever you get mad at him

•Jughead listening to you whenever you need to rant or when you need advice

•Laying on your bed and just listening to music together

•Cuddling a lot

•Lot’s of forehead kisses

•You guys having a very fun, supportive, and all around cute relationship

Hug of Hope

I will never get over Oliver running to Felicity and Felicity literally wrapping her arms around Oliver knowing that they might be about to die, and if they were to die she’d want it to be in his arms. If that doesn’t prove that they’re endgame then I don’t know what does. Excuse me while I go sob in a corner!