u are looking at one VERY TIRED yet VERY HAPPY girl and here is why! :

- I worked tonight and it was only my 2nd night as a waitress and my first night was SO awful that i went home and SOBBED for literally like 4 hours

- BUt tonight instead of sobbing I told myself i would be happy and try my best to do rlly well and i KILLED IT??? like i didnt mess up a SINGLE order and my coworkers were all really nice to me and my boss even said “it warms my heart to see a beginning server do so well” !!!!!!

- and all my tables were really sweet and loved me!!! so my tips were SO GOOD!? I’ve made almost enough to make rent this month already? i literally made more in 5 hours tonight than i made in like…. a week at my last job… like… waiting tables is such good money now i get why ppl end up doing it forever bc its just…. not that hard once u get used to it, and without any kids to take care of or loans or anything it’s just like… a steady flow of money? this is the 1st time in my life ive had that!

- one table left me a $55 tip which was like… a 50% tip on that order…. and i literally straight up cried

- the money is good but its still not enough quite yet bc im not getting enough hours yet but im really hopeful that during the month of April im actually gonna Get My Money Right for the 1st time in my life:’)

-anyway, night ONE of 3 nights of closing in a row: DONE! and im getting better every minute! if i do this well in tips tomorrow & saturday night i could? literally make rent in 3 days? who is she