In the grand scheme of life and death, time is quite a irrelevant scale. Some achieve their goals at 83 and others find greatness at 18, either way they will pass through this world content. You have not got a time restriction on your dreams. The most deadly poison is believing that you will only have X amount of time before you need to move on, you have all the time the universe offers you, use it wisely. Persist in your greatness.

The time scale of dreamers by Amy Kennedy


I usually don’t post photos like this because I hate what I look like without make up…yes I have freckles…a lot of them and yes my eyebrows needed to be done and my hair isn’t straight, it’s my natural hair…but this is me. I am not perfect in any way, shape or form. I have flaws and so many things that I hate about myself but so does everyone.
Most probably won’t even realise this is me.

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