Hola! So I’ve been seeing this #dontjudgemechallenge and as someone who suffers from severe acne (although it has healed significantly) and hairy eyebrows if I don’t maintain them daily, I just wanted to show that people can be attractive with any skin condition they have!!! Putting down other people’s insecurities does not make you attractive or confident. To truly not judge a book by its cover is to not judge ANYONE whether they have acneic skin or flawless skin and to judge someone based upon ones character. And let me tell you, as an esthetician and skin care therapist in training, I can assure you that almost 90% of the people participating in this challenge have just as bad skin under all of the makeup and angles and lighting. I know this because I know very well how to cover everything up with makeup. Please stop promoting your beauty through physical mockery. You can be confident in many other positive ways than this. And to anyone out there who has felt discouraged through this “challenge”, I myself am telling you that you are beautiful the way you are and as long as you stay true to who you are and continue being the best you can be… You are beautiful and I will not judge you.