Wrote this on an airplane last summer

For my future husband:

The sun is so much hotter up here as it comes through the window, and I am so small over these clouds. Where are you? I wonder if it’s day or night where you are. What are you doing now? I wonder if you feel empty in your heart. Like a magnet with no steel, I feel your absence. So deeply do I miss someone I’ve never met. I know it’s right though it hasn’t happened yet. I wonder if you live by a river, and listen to it flow. Or if you watch the sun set as your longing for me grows. Do you have someone? Are you happy as you are? I hope you miss me sometimes when you look up at the stars. One day when our eyes connect I’ll feel the winds of change. For once I will not be alone, and it will feel so strange. I’ve waited for a long time, I’ve held out just for you. I know that you are worthy and I know that I am too.

Two worlds

Towel for a pillow on a cold stone bench, the rain came down now the ground’s all wet. It’s lonely and cold at the beach today, for a man without a home or a place to stay.
Suit and tie or pajamas all day, he can wear what he wants cuz he owns the place. It’s lonely and cold at the office today, for a man without love or a reason to stay.

When I get married my husband better expect three calls a day. Even if he’s at home I’m gonna call him…maybe not, but still. I’m gonna be on him 24/7. Touching, kissing, hugging, cuddling, etc. If I see him I’m on him. I didn’t fall in love for no reason!