Hello there and happy Wednesday!

I’ve spent the morning being so lazy and have plans to get together with husband and friends around 3:30. I’ve been debating what to do between now (11:30ish) and then. I’m really digging my book, so I’m thinking of walking somewhere to get outside for a while and read. There’s also an antique shop nearby - that’s an option. I’m going with walkable options since the car is still in the shop.

Wait.. remember my ice cream that I was determined to get Saturday? I never did. New goal: ice cream and reading afternoon. Vacation is good.


Looks like Nate found me in the wasteland!

Nate: “Kid!”
Failout: “Ah?”
N: “What are you doing here all by yourself? This place is dangeorous, you should head back home.”
F: “What if I didn’t have one?”
N: “Sanctuary Hills is nearby, you can find a place to rest. Good luck with everything.”
F: “But I wanna come with you!”
N: “Have you seen yourself? You’re probably a teenager, the wasteland is unsafe for you.”

*walks away*

F: “Are you really going to leave me alone…?!”
N: “Okay, fine, whatever. You can come with me, but you have to shut up.”
F: “Well… at least I’ve got quite a sight.”
N: “What?”
F: “What?”