try this

The overwhelming feelings of disappointment flourish through your body. While hopeless thoughts recycle through your mind. Write it down. Write down your heart break,
your headache,
your mistake.
Write it all down, what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking. Write down what the weather is like, what’s going on around you.
What day it is,
what time,
where you are,
what you’re wearing.
Release your feelings on that page.
Rip it out, fold it up and tape it to your wall. And leave it.
For days, weeks, months.
Return to it much much later, when you’re sitting in your room studying or return from a friends house, and discover this white sheet, randomly amongst your pictures of friends and family.
You forgot it was there.
Read it.
And remember what happened on June 21, 2012.
And realize how insignificant it became over time. So insignificant that you forgot you even wrote it down.
Toss the paper away in the trash and remember who you were that day three years ago…wasn’t the same you.
Move on.

this stupid sweatshirt covered in cartoon dinosaurs will always be a crucial part of my wardrobe
fight me

My mirror is dirty, I have no eyebrows, my lipstick obsession/collection has reached new heights, I’m about to exfoliate my face, my shower gel is biodegradable good outweighs the bad this time