When you need to rest, rest. There are no ifs and no buts about needing time out, you are only capable of so much. Do not ever let a grade, a job, a person or somebody else’s ideal stop you from taking the time you need and deserve. When it is time to work, you will work but when it is time to step back, do not even hesitate.

Please give yourself time by Amy Kennedy


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So, this year has been a ride. I’ve met other fantastic lesbians and realized that I also am one, (no boys for me🙅🏼💀⚔️) and today it’s lesbian visibility day. The first year i’ve known about this day and been able to participate.

I’m so happy i got to talk with all the amazing lesbians in the @skamwlwnet and realize that half of my feels are ceritfied lesbian ones ™ and that im not alone. So happy lesbian visibility day to all lesbians out there, closeted or out i am super proud of you. ❤💞🌸