As I’ve said before, I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries when Nina Dobrev left. For the past two seasons I’ve been semi-keeping up with the show by sometimes downloading the new episodes each week and skimming through just to see the main parts.

But now that there’s only a couple episodes left and Kai is back and Nina will be back too, I’ve watched the past 3 episodes in their entirety and although this show (which was once legit my favourite show of all time) is bad now and makes zero sense at all, I have to admit I’m excited to see how it all ends.

But most importantly, tonight for the first time in literally YEARS, I audibly gasped in shock at the end of an episode of The Vampire Diaries.

I nearly died when Kai spoke those words… “The myth. The legend. The baddest bitch of all…. Katherine.”


Not only is Nina back on the show playing my baby Elena but she’s also back as my queen KATHERINE FUCKING PIERCE??? 

I can’t! Like truly cannot.

For the first time in years I remember what it’s like to be excited for this show again. And it’s no shock to me that it’s because of Nina’s return. Her departure is the reason I stopped watching and her return is the reason I’m back.

ALSO, Katherine is now the queen of HELL?!

Cannot wait for the series finale. I am. so. READY.