My camera screen stopped working so no workout video would be good without me being able to see what angles I’m getting, but everything else works so it still records .. so a Q&A it is!

Here’s a non-fitness photo of me - so ask me anything not related to training or nutrition! 🙈Comment anything below!

A new camera is on the way to me within the week thoo so more workouts will come 💪🏼

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I often get questions about exercises that don’t require equipment. Here’s one of my favorites: sliding hamstring curls. Don’t be fooled–these are actually pretty tough! To make this easier, you can place your hands on the floor. Make sure you’re flexing the knees and extending the hips simultaneously.

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all set to go camping B)

You ever think you wanna make YouTube videos and become a star and get all this cool free stuff, and then think about all the hate you’d get and the creepers who might follow you and your social anxiety and then think ‘mm, better not’?