Forever wishing I was like 5 inches taller and not a stumpy shrimp but that’s what platforms are for.

I was quite down on myself for this, considering the modeling industry revolves around the 5'7" minimum height with invisible thighs. Sure, I wish I could magically change that. The thing is, I can’t. It wasn’t the cards I was given and it is a complete waste of my mental energy to wish I could.

But I think who I am and how I am built can give me a chance to change the game. Knowing myself, if I want to be good at something or I love something, I don’t give up because I don’t necessarily fit the mold.

I’m sure every one of us has been in a situation where we wanted to pursue something, but had people tell us we can’t. But who is anyone else to push you in a corner? Why not make a shape that’s different than the box we’ve been put in. (at Santa Barbara, California)

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