I’m curious how many people take the time to read the messages that accompany my posts and how many people just reblog what they see and move on. The messages are there for a reason. They are often carefully thought out and intended to inspire, encourage, inform motivate and help. They are not just “hey look at me” or “don’t I look good in this outfit today.” I have many followers that I know take the time to read each and every post and for that I am grateful because they are here for the right reasons and I hope they find the messages useful. But there are many more that obviously don’t pay any attention or worse yet completely delete the text and take away from its true intent.
So this is a test to see who’s truly following my journey and who’s just spectating. If you’ve read this far I truly thank you!! Please leave something in the comments so I know you’ve actually read this. It can simply be a number, letter, emoticon, symbol, an actual comment or whatever you want. Anything to indicate you’ve actually read this. I thank you for your continued support and I hope my journey and message helps to invigorate your own. I wish you all a wonderful day!!