Byzantine costume from the 4th to the 6th century;

Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena, 4th century

“Churchgoer and Lady of rank”, “Royal couple” and “Woman of rank and civil official”, 4th century

“Gala Placida and Valentinian III” and"Byzantine couple", 5th century

“Empress Theodora” and “Courtiers”, 6th century


Byzantine costume from 11th to 14th century;

Emperor Romanus II and Empress Eudokia", 10th century

“11th century Royal robes” and “12th century Princess and court dignitary”

“14th century Royal robes” and “14th century Admiral and secretary”

“Women’s hairstyles” and Footwear of the Byzantine empire", unknown dates


Aegean women’s costumes;

Macedonian Festive Dress (Macedonia, Roumlouki) 

Macedonian Peasant Woman’s Dress (Macedonia, Hasia), Greek Macedonian Woman’s Town Dress (Macedonia, Kastoria)

Macedonian Peasant Woman’s Dress (Macedonia, Naoussa), Macedonian Woman’s Town Dress (Macedonia, Siatista)

Macedonian Peasant Woman’s Dress (Macedonia, Episkopi), Macedonian Peasant Woman’s Dress (Macedonia, Kapoutsides)