Today has been a hard day here in South Korea. The weather is miserable and it almost feels like Korea itself is crying because of what happened.  At school today, you could not only see but also feel the pain and heartache that all the teachers have today because of the ferry tragedy.

What I also realized today was that exactly a week ago, my school went on a field trip and we took a ferry as well. It wasn’t to Jeju, but the waters we traveled were very close to the sinking sight. I kept thinking about, how it could have been me and my school, and my students, and I just can’t imagine all the pain this whole country is going through right now.

My heart goes out to all the parents and families who are still missing their loved ones. May they come back home safely.


Final in Seoul

So this is gonna be a semi quick run down of my day/night.

First I got to Olympic Park early to beat the crowd on the subway, and thank god I did because the park was already filled with thousands of people. My phone was dying so I had to find a place to charge it. After running around several different places I just went back down into the subway area and found a wall outlet.

However right next to me was a younger VIP, who looked to be in middle school. We sat next to each other for at least 45mins without saying anything to each other. I was freezing down in the subway and we were both sitting on tile so it made it even worse. Next thing I know, she gets up and runs to the little convenience store and buys me a warm tea. Just because. It was the sweetest thing and I felt so thankful. So I gave her some of the fresh cream bread that I had bought at a bakery earlier.

Then I went back to the arena and waited for utzumi, arwenundomielchoi, 871104-choitop and then we went inside to find our seats. We didn’t all sit together and so I was sitting in my seat when the girl next to me taps me on the shoulder and hands me some chocolate. Again, just because. Seriously people are so freaking amazing and nice, it leaves me awestruck.

Then while waiting for the concert to start, I saw an older man walk by me and I realized it was in fact GD’s dad. Yeah that’s right, he was just walking around and a few people recognized him and he said hello and stuff. Then I saw a group of guys walk in and I thought they looked familiar and in fact I was right because they turned out to be none other than WINNER (and I think a couple of TEAM B members, but I’m not 100% sure.)

So then the concert started. It was amazing and flawless and perfection and I don’t have enough words to describe it. It was my first kpop concert, my first BIGBANG concert and it was the best experience of my life. Honestly I don’t remember that much at the moment, but I do remember the members were all playful and joking around. They were really thankful to all the fans. And when Daesung gave his little speech at the end he pretended to get really emotional and TOP went over to comfort him and it was really adorable… ahh TODAE…

Also Ji rode on Seungri’s shoulders, that was funny cause Ji almost fell off trying to get off. Also where my seat was, it was right in front of where they got off the moving platforms and so I got to see them all pretty up close. It was amazing, Seungri was smiling like a dork. And TOP did a lot of funny faces. Again everyone was really playful and it made the concert that more enjoyable.

So yeah thats all I can remember right now. I am so worn out its not even funny. So I’m gonna crash for now. But I’ll upload more pics and videos later. And sorry that really wasn’t that quick lol.

My hull from shopping in Gwangju today!

I bought, Seungri’s Let’s Talk About Love (Red ver.), Both version’s of GD’S new album that came with a free poster, an instax mini 8 camera, some perfume and facial masks from The Saem that came with free GD versions of the Global Eco facial mask.

So over all I consider this a fabulous shopping day ^~^

So there was a small fire in my building just a few minutes ago. As soon as the alarm started going off, I was responsible and grabbed all my important electronics and got the hell out. But as I was standing on the sidewalk looking up at my building, all I could think about was how I have well over $300 worth of kpop merch in my room that could be turned to ash if the fire was really big. And then I thought… nah, I could just write a sob story to YG and ask him to let me meet TOP and it would be an equal exchange.

Guess who got Rosetta Stone to learn Korean??

Awww yeah I’m so excited to finally sit down and actually learn. I’ve been trying to teach myself for months and nothing has really been working. So now i’m super excited to try this, I hear its one of the best ways to learn a language!