MDM620 - Week 1 Discussion: Final Post


Reflect on what youʼve learned from reading the material and watching the video. Elaborate on the three most important concepts or ideas that you can take forward in your future work.


The first week of this course provided us the opportunity to research effective means of promoting a media campaign through a media mix, which consists of applications such as social media, print media, video and music, and electronic media. We analyzed the Caine’s Arcade project and discovered how social media, electronic media, and video and music were used to promote the project and the overwhelming public support and impact it had on people around the world. Our discussions and assignment provided us with information and insight on how we can formulate a media mix for our own thesis projects.

Three concepts and ideas that I can take forward in my future work are:

1)    Consumers often use multiple types of media all at once.

According to Levens (2010), consumers have become extremely media savvy in contemporyary times and often use multiple media applications, such as electronic, music, video, print, and social media, all at the same time to find and receive information. That being said, it is important to create media forms that work together seamlessly and support one another in creating clear brand messaging. Incorporating a mix of print, electronic, video, music, and social media can give more strength to a media campaign because it allows a multi-faceted approach to extending a brand.


2)    Creative processes enable appropriate tools to fulfill project requirements.

According to Visocky O’Grady, having a research strategy and supporting processes will help in establishing a clear protocol for achieving project requirements. Research, such as the kind we conducted this week through case studies, allow us to find design solutions that will allow us to fulfill the requirements of our media campaign projects.

3)    Inspiration is a tool that has the potential of furthering a brand.

As we discovered by analyzing the Caine’s Arcade project, inspiration is a wonderful motivator that can be tapped into invoking a response from an audience. Mullick (2012) was able to convey how a child’s simple desire and dream could easily touch hearts of people around the world and motivate them to interact with the project. The inspired interactions and the emotions tapped by it were a powerful tool that came into play when applying it to transmedia storytelling.


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