mdk: tuna melt

I need something to occupy my time while I’m unemployed, other than looking for a job. I know if I don’t keep busy, I’ll get unmotivated and even more bitter.
I have started reading a decent book, and it only cost $5. Yay! I like when I find a really good book. It makes me happy, and satisfied. Weird?
I think I’m going to drop off a resume at the book store here… The only bookstore in town.
My husband made a long list of movies we wanted to watch on Netflix. It’s nice because I now feel like I’m not wasting my $8, and it’s entertaining. my husband also made the best tuna melt wraps ever! Seriously thee best ever!
I should be getting ready for bed soon. I was tired since I woke up this morning. Tomorrow is going to be a better day.