mdk: birthday cake

So, another important day approached and again I drew something for @gothboss. This time however, it was also a delicious cake.

I saw these amazing little cupcake decorations and immediately knew what had to be done. So I started with a drawing:

And then I had to get it put onto a cake. (Easier said than done, I tell you)

And finally, I added those cupcake decorations that I told you all about a while back…

And I’m glad to say she liked it. Good job, team!

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Today is my 22nd birthday, and it coincidentally is also One Piece 20th anniversary. So of course, I made a cake. Lol.
It’s an orange and french vanilla to represent Belle-mères orange trees that nami has.

Thank you Eichiro Oda for the 20 years filled with wonderful adventures and fun.
Thank you for your creativity and amazing characters that have inspired so many people including me.
I wish many more years of fun and adventure reading your manga.
Thank you.


Four!!, Part 3:  Cake!
(Parts 124, 5, 6, and 7)

After I put on my special birthday hat and met my new unicorn pool float friend, it was time for my favorite part:  Cake!  In keeping with my rainbow-themed birthday party, Mom made me a rainbow cake this year!  I was so excited that I tried to fit my whole cake in my mouth at once!

Mom made sure every layer of my rainbow cake was delicious:  Red watermelon, orange carrots, yellow apple, green frilly kale, and purple radicchio—topped with four pretty origami stars, one for every one of my four years!  I didn’t know where to start!!

Even Brunhilda was excited about my rainbow cake!