Simone de Beauvoir
Emily Dickinson
Katherine Hepburn
Billie Holiday
Grace Jones
Janis Joplin
Frida Kahlo
Cynthia Nixon
Sinead O’Connor
Eleanor Roosevelt
Virginia Woolf

I keep a list in my phone of bisexual women that I respect and admire for those days when I feel like I am a broken weirdo that belongs nowhere.

It is important to me that the women listed above had significant relationships with both men and women. To me, they are the ancestors of all queer women, but they are my closest kin. They are my particular history. It’s comforting to know that women like me have existed forever and have accomplished amazing things and will continue to exist and be amazing until there are no more humans.

wait wait wait wait
my loves
we need to talk about the fact that there is a gender nonconforming gay lady on a major cable teevee program right now.

i know you probably don’t give a shit about American Idol, but you should give a shit that MK Nobilette is an MOC, openly gay woman on American Idol. plus she is super talented.

so maybe if you love me or you love butches or you understand that this is a big thing you could vote for her???

text 9 to 83676 ok? love you bye

see the kid in the johns hopkins shirt? that’s my little brother. he left in august to join the US Army. haven’t seen him or heard from him since, but i miss him and am more than proud. not only has he always had my back, but he is now an lgbtq ally in an organization that needs it more than anything.