MDHA Responds to NewsChannel 5 Allegations

During the past year, MDHA has defended against allegations it paid property owners too little. Now the agency finds itself facing allegations it paid a land owner too much. The confusion underscores the fact that real estate acquisition can be complicated and emotional.

In the case of the recent story about Rocketown and the Music City Center, NewsChannel5 gets it wrong. NewsChannel5’s story pits the claims of a former employee against the agency without ever offering an outside, independent, third party review. The responsible thing would have been to seek a third opinion on the validity of the allegations, as MDHA did in determining the property’s value.

MDHA followed the same process with Rocketown as it followed with other real estate purchases by the agency. The process goes like this: MDHA researches the value of a property, makes an offer and then works to find a mutually acceptable purchase price. Following this process, MDHA has reached a mutually acceptable purchase price with 14 of 17 property owners in the footprint of the Music City Center.

Let’s look at the specifics of the Rocketown purchase.

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