mdg245 replied to your postI feel kinda left out when there’s all these…

I know the feeling. It sucks for a while but once you’re caught up it’s fun to see update stuff. Plus the nice thing about HS updates is, even when people post them on Tumblr, they make no sense out of context so no spoilers really.

Ahh, yes. Even if the updates showed a bit of spoilers it would just make me want to get caught up even more! It’s just so very exciting to me!! ;A;

So I want to try something (eventually). I want to do a Tumblr based comic that would be semi-interactive with the readers. Not really a choose your own adventure type, but more like breaking the fourth wall a lot.

Problem is, I want to start planning and stuff but Idk what it should be about. I have several ideas already that I was going to use for writing but they never panned out so maybe I could use them here instead?

So yeah, guys. Help me decide please! I’ll leave some ideas below. One thing I think I’ll try to incorporate no matter which I choose is only certain characters will be able to break the fourth wall and directly interact with the reader.

Idea #1: Based on the idea of a collective subconscious where all ideas and thoughts come from. The Thoughts and Ideas (or at least some type of being like her) live there. Original story involved a human showing up in that world but I don’t think I would want that for this.

Idea #2: A young man crash lands in a village who don’t take kindly to him. He’s arrested and forced to stay there, but really he doesn’t mind. He just wanted to get away from somewhere else… He could possibly have amnesia or be faking it but maybe not.

Idea #3: Raised together as young children, a servant girl and a prince must learn how to deal with their respective roles and each other as they grow older. Possibly some love triangles in there somewhere.

Idea #4: In a futuristic “utopian” society where people have been forced to wear masks to conform to “equality”. Focuses on a girl born and raised in this society but begins to question it.

Idea #5: On a small isolated island, a country of it’s own, an unstable dictator has come to power and a group of headstrong teenagers leave on a journey to join the resistance and bring him down. I started writing this out as a book but got kind of stuck (more motivational based than plot wise) so I thought I’d offer it here.

So yeah, if I could just get some advice or suggestions that would be great. I really like these ideas and would like to see them actually develop somehow. I want to start planning soon and any advice or comments are welcome :)