Home tour: the architect Josephine Hurley renovated and transformed the space that once belonged to a legendary tea factory in Sydney to an original and modern penthouse.

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okay okay okay but imagine if the atla/lok universe had modern technology juST THINK

  • aang and katara taking way too many goofy selfies together like riding giant koi fish and snuggling turtle ducks
  • sokka and suki skyping miles apart how cute oh my gosh and she like still tries to teach him moves over video but they’re such dorks
  • ty lee taking bomb ass selfies and postying them on instgram every day!! 
  • azula trying shamelessly to sext a bunch of guys but always making it awkward
  • katara!! being able to facetime her grangran!! and keep in touch with the little kids who looked at her as their big sister!!
  • toph having an ipod and listening to music like 24/7 don’t tell me she wouldnt
  • zuko snapchatting everyone being such a dork like “guys how do i do the whole fire lord thing help” with a picture of his dorky lil face being all cute and distressed
  • aang totally pulling a maes hughes and texting everyone pictures of his and katara’s kids saying “look how cute!!” and 24/7 posting about them on facebook
  • asami listening to audiobooks while she tinkers around at work!!!
  • mako and bolin and korra using social media to get the word about the fire ferrets out there and gaining a huge internet fanbase
  • oh my GOsH the gaang and the krew both making DORK ASS YOUTUBE CHANNELS WHERE THEY VLOG THEIR JOURNEYS
  • asami and korra using snapchat to their advantage if you know what i mean 
  • mako being such an awkward social media person like his twitter is just a bunch of retweets of vines and korra’s just like “you know?? you can get a vine for vines and use twitter to tweet, right??” and mako’s ust like “korra, what even IS a tweet, why do I tweet, I’m not a bird??”
  • boLIN BABY he’d be a HUGE viner vines of him like doing stupid cute shit, vines of pabus dancing, of him acting in movers
  • korra!! using facetime!! in the spirit world!! so zuko and uncle iroh can talk again!! because zuko misses iroh so much and it’s so awesome!! to be able to say hi and that he loves him and misses him!!

Black Birch Modern - Modernized Traditional Lodge

We’re seeing more and more modern architectural adaptations of older buildings every day. Re-decorating and updating the interior is easy, but redefining a house inside out demands a lot of time and effort. The project called the Black Birch Modern was completed in 2013 in Aspen, Colorado, and the work done consisted of both interior decoration and exterior remodeling. The project was awarded the prestigious 2014 IIDA MERIT Award in the Residential “Live” category.


Small space: here the designer Daniele Petteno used an internal window between the kitchen and the bedroom. The 2 spaces are divisible by a venetian blind that offers privacy.
 The kitchen was designed by DPAW in conjunction with Space Cucina.


Kitchen fever: I love smart ideas in small places!

Here the architect used a mirror in the kitchen to create a false window. It’s a common tecnique but here it’s used in a great, very unique way!

(photo by Eve Wilson for tdf)