• me online age 13: there's a little thing called proper spelling and grammar, sweetie. :)
  • me online now: YALL I just went to the grocery store and? omg???????? my left tit got caught in the fucknig conveyor belt at the checkout and Im hdhehdjdndndnejkjnnbgghdddjhn

ways star trek generations could’ve been better (spoilers incoming for a 23 year-old film):

  • have kirk actually come aboard the enterprise-d, and still sacrifice himself. but have a funeral service reminiscent of spock’s in wrath of khan, ending with a speech by shatner and stewart ending with “to boldly go where no one has gone before”
  • make the third act not so… like that
  • have spock and bones at least at the beginning
  • have geordi and data kiss

Imagine you just started your shift at Talc Opal and a giant yellow woman reaches her hand through the drive-thru window and grabs fifty Cool Ranch® Doritos® Locos Tacos

me: damn……. wish i had some friends so i’m not so lonely when i’m watchin my favorite movie :/

me: guess theres..only one way to approach this situation …

*steps in front of oncoming car holding up and waving my ratatouille special edition dvd* hey you wanna watch- [tires screeching] [glass shattering] [woman shrieking] [telephone pole collapsing] [car alarms blaring]

me: *looking through old reblogs*

me: so glad i have standards now omg??

me, two minutes later: *reblogs a picture of spongebob with mitt romney’s face photoshopped on as his nipples*