mccree has a crush on hanzo and flirts with him constantly. much to his disappointment, hanzos responses to his attempts at being charming are as curt and aloof as when he’s replying to anything else

then genji has to tell mccree that no, it’s not necessarily your fault, hanzo just doesn’t do flirting or anything. maybe if you TOLD him “hey i’m flirting with you” then he’d be able to give you a real yes/no on romance

but instead of trying that, mccree starts playing ‘you give love a bad name’ real loud whenever hanzo’s around then he starts singing “SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME”

hanzo has no fucking idea what’s happening and it gets to the point where every time he hears the beginning of the song or mccree singing at any point he turns around and walks the other direction

after a week of this bullshit genji drags hanzo into the room with mccree and yells at him “HE’S TRYING TO FLIRT WITH YOU, YOU ABSOLUTE DENSE AND USELESS FUCK”

at first hanzo’s squinting, trying to process the words, and everyone else in the room is staring at his face and watching his expression change - slowly, very slowly - realization dawns

he blushes like an idiot and everyone’s grinning and he can’t stand everyone looking at him so he slaps mccree on the face and leaves

genji pats mccree’s shoulder and mccree sighs dreamily

“well, that’s a start”

genji laughs

“keep dreaming, jesse”


So we’ve gotten a few asks lately about whether or not we answer nsfw asks and we do!! But please write NSFW first in your asks so anyone who might wanna avoid that can scroll past it😊 ofc we tag it as well💞

me: [learns the meaning of a previously unknown word]

the word: [coincidentally starts showing up everywhere in the following days]


moderator: what are your thoughts on the cyberwar
trump: i have a son. great son. hes 10 yrs old. he has a computer. hes so good at the computer you wouldnt even believe

I’m never going to get over Jack Zimmermann saying “we’re a team” bc it has so much meaning to him? His entire life has been hockey and I am almost certain that Bad Bob has always referred to their family as a ‘team’.

Just being apart of a team is so important to Jack and now he and Bitty are their own team.

Estes últimos dias têm sido um inferno. Todos os meus instintos me dizem para deixar você ir, que eu não mereço você. Eu vejo sua dor. E é difícil saber que fui eu que fiz você se sentir assim. Mas eu sou um sujeito egoísta. Eu quis você desde que caiu em meu escritório. Você é delicada, honesta, afetuosa, forte, inteligente, inocente de um modo sedutor; a lista é interminável. Você me deixa bobo. Eu quero você, e a ideia de que outra pessoa possa possuir você é como uma faca perfurando minha alma.
—  50 tons mais escuros.