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A Sobering Realization

Pairing: Edward x Reader
Word Count: 1,049
Summary/Prompt: Inspired by one of the “Hot Mess” AU prompts. After a wild night out with your girlfriends, you wake up in a strange place next to someone you barely know. However, the two of you have to work together to get out of a sticky situation without getting caught.
A/N: There actually was a cereal bar in my college town, and it was amazing.

She woke up in bed with a splitting headache. I am never drinking that much tequila ever again, she thought as she reached for the bottle of water she always kept on her nightstand. She groped around unsuccessfully until her eyes opened and her brain registered that she wasn’t in her apartment.

She heard a deep groan next to her. She turned and saw a half-naked man lying next to her. He was clutching the pillow, his shoulder-length blond hair falling across his face. Tattoos covered his muscular back and shoulders.

Shit. Just how much did I drink last night?

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