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The lord's are forced to choose to save one: their sibling or mc. Who do they choose? And, would it be a hard choice or not? (P.s. I know this is messed up, I'm so sorry.😓)

Don’t worry I live for questions like this. Questions that really make me stop and think about the characters. I’d love to have more questions like these show up in my inbox :)

Nobunaga: This one I think it depends. If it was his brother he’d save MC (though it would be very difficult) but if it was his sister he would be very conflicted. Ultimately I’m not sure which he would save though.

Mitsuhide: He doesn’t seem too close to his family so I am going to say MC. I don’t think it would be a hard decision.

Inuchiyo: MC no question. he grew up with her and is in love with her so yeah. Plus his older brother is close to death anyway… A very easy decision I’d say

Hideyoshi: No siblings that I am aware of

Mitsunari:  He’s an only child, he would save MC.

Ieyasu: I don’t think he has any siblings (in game) so he’d save MC

Kenshin: He’d find a way to sacrifice himself to save both. 

Shingen: It would be a tough decision (unless MC was with child which would make it significantly easier) but he would save MC

Yukimura: I feel like his first instinct would be to save MC but he would feel guilty for the rest of life for not being able to save his brother as well.

Saizo: This dude gives almost zero fucks about his siblings, so yeah, he’d totally save MC. Easy.

Masamune: I think he would save his sibling to be honest. I’m sure he would try to find a way to save both but I feel like he would save his brother if he couldn’t possibly save both. It would be the most difficult decision of his life though that’s for sure.

Kojuro: This one is hard, as much as he loves his family, Kojuro doesn’t do well without MC, so I think he would save MC.

Shigezane: Does he even have any siblings? (I feel bad for not knowing about my own husband’s family) His ass better save me– I mean MC…

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