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I'm sick of these people complaining about Taylor's behavior right now. Give her a break. There isn't any rush for TS6. Hopefully she won't release anything the same year as Ed, Lorde, Drake and maybe and MCyrus,KPerry and Harry Styles. We are blessed Taylor has given us 2 great songs Better Man and IDWLF during her break and somehow it's everything.

the grammy year ends on september 30 and the new year starts on Oct. 1. 


“i’m trying to break out of that long hair, big boobs stereotype that women feel they have to conform to. i mean, we’re not living in the freakin’ 1950s – short hair is ok. have people really got so little imagination? every morning i look in the mirror and i feel like a blank canvas and i choose who i want to be. in a normal job you have to live by someone else’s rules, but i’m in a job where my work is play and i don’t have to pretend to be something i’m not.“