mcv writes

GALLAVICH AU: step up; where ian gallagher was the one in a million star in his dancing academy. but with a young star life comes a crazy life full of beautiful people and endless drugs. ian loses the love he had for dancing, and finds himself unable to concentrate on his career and after a public melt down (due to some mental illness) plus a few violent runs in with paparazzi, ian is sent back to dance school until he is able to manage his life. back at school he meets the city’s latest juvenile project, mickey milkovich. mickey’s love is in the music and being able to make strangers on the street stop and dance along, he’s a street performer. and it’s impossible not to get your hands dirty when you grow up on the streets. and just for the record, it’s not his fault some dick had to grab mandy’s ass and start a brawl, resulting in him getting a month of community service at the some stupid academy across town.

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