**After a few more days**

‘’I’m back and I’m fine, guys. Not hurt or anything. I’m not gonna tell you where I was, that’s private. I kinda…forgave Bucky. Sort of. I decided to let him stay here but not talk to him and he agreed now, where’s Steve?’’

**comes walking into the room a few seconds later, out of breath** ‘’In the hospital. He got hurt while he was saving your kids that you’d abandoned! Some lunatic of HYDRA thought he could get to Captain by taking James and Sarah but I helped and-’’


‘’Natasha and Bruce are looking out for them while Steve’s in the hospital. Fury wants to see you, probably to suspend you and Steve is really upset. @cangellygaming is right. She didn’t gave you James just to run away from him whenever you can’t tolerate me, you gotta grow up because instead of you, I was there!’’

‘’You have no right to say that, damnit! How bad is /my/ husband hurt?’’ 

‘’Get your ass in the car and find out for yourself.’’

**Minutes later**

**hears footsteps** ‘’Tony?’’

‘’Steve! I am so sorry. I never wanted this to happen but I thought-’’

‘’You only thought about yourself, Tony. I don’t wanna hear your stupid excuses. You weren’t there for me when I needed you and believe me, I’ve called you enough times.’’

‘’…you’re right. I was only thinking about myself. I wasn’t there when you and our babies needed me the most and I…I’m not sure if I can forgive myself for that.’’

‘’I just…you left me, Tony. I mean, sure, I can handle myself but we just got through a tough time together and then….oh nevermind. Come here.’’

‘’Woah, Steve, I-’’

‘’Shut up. I’ve missed you so much, jerk! Never do that again.’’

‘’I won’t. Trust me, honey. I’m so sorry. I love you.’’

‘’I’m still mad at you but love you too.’’

Thank you for your questions! This is the end of the mini event but you can still ask questions about what happened <3


Title: Pendulum: Between
Fandom: Thor, MCU
Ship: Jane/Thor
Rating: PG-13 save one scene. so R.
Warnings: Canon violence, Odin.
Note: this is part 2 of a series. (link to part one: Pendulum: Beginning) there are more notes over at ao3. 

Summary: Having found each other again doesn’t mean things have gotten easier for Thor and Jane. In some ways things are only getting more complicated. At least now they can face whatever comes their way together.

‘’Hey, Cap! Better watch out.’’

‘’Tony, you’re my husband. You don’t want to do this.’’

‘’I am /not/ your husband. You’re my mission.’’

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*approaches Tony from behind and chloroforms and kidnaps him* Steve if you wish to rescue him you're gonna have to come and get him-will you make it in time? >:D

‘’I’m sick of these anons taking my husband away from me!’’

*hears someone approaching* ‘’Steve? Oh please let it be you…’’

*knocks the anon and sidekicks down* ‘’Tony, baby. Please tell me you’re okay.’’

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‘’Oh, hey, babe.’’ *smiles and waves*

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‘’Put the gun down and follow me, Tony.’’

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‘’Always bossy when you’re in Captain mode.’’