Another couple more tidbits about the characters and Age of Ultron have come out as a result of statements made by Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans:

  • Some of Hawkeye & Black Widow’s long history will be revealed. Budapest anyone?
  • The reason why Hawkeye was missing in Winter Soldier will be revealed.

  • Hawkeye will not really be affected by the dismantling of S.H.I.E.L.D. as he is ‘kind of a loner’.

  • There is still a possibility that Renner could appear in Agents of SHIELD.

  • Evans says that Ultron is more than just evil, and that he embodies a certain mentality about what is wrong with humanity.

  • As revealed before, Evans has confirmed that Age of Ultron will open with a large fight sequence. There will be no reunion, the Avengers are already reunited.

  • Hawkeye will have a lot of interaction with the Twins, as a sort of policing influence.

Things are really ramping up.

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