Can we have a musical collaboration between the Avengers cast and The Lonely Island, please?

Like I imagine a music collaboration with the cast of Avengers and The Lonely Island, such as:

  • I Hulked Out in Bed (credits to a friend for the idea)
  • The Invincible Iron Man
  • I’m Thanos and You Know It
  • Black Widow’s Song
  • Arrows for Hawkeye
  • Ant-Man Rap

But about the I Hulked Out (In Bed) song I imagined… I hope Mark doesn’t read this post and starts composing songs for Andy Samberg.

anyone else catch the line in one of the ffh tv spots where nick fury gives peter the stark industries glasses and says “tony thought you might need these” ??? wHEN ??? it might have just been a cover-up edited line but ??? when would nick fury have had that conversation with tony? was it in his will? did they have a conversation before infinity war? t o n y s t a r k AI ????!!

tony stark still well and alive playing xbox in his basement??

Bartender: thanks for stopping that bar fight, spiderman. Can I get you a drink? It’s on the house

Peter: thank you, but I can’t

Bartender: why not



Peter, trying not to give his age away: I’m pregnant