Tony Stark: *brings Peter in to help fight against Cap’s team in Civil War* 

Marvel fandom: Tony obviously just sees Peter as another body to use to fight his battles!! he doesn’t care that Peter’s just a kid and could get hurt!!! 

Tony Stark: * is shown to be extremely overprotective of Peter and doesn’t want him to get in over his head because he is just a kid* 

Marvel fandom: what is this?? the Tony Stark Show?? why can’t Tony just leave Peter alone and let him save the city??

Remember when in the first Avengers movie everyone made Tony feel like he’s a worthless piece of shit and didn’t care about anyone but himself and would never be a role model or hero figure for anybody but himself??

And now Peter’s like:

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But if that’s not enough Tony’s like :

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What I took from the new Spider-man Homecoming Trailer

I’m seeing alot of Tony Stark telling Spider-man to stop being Spider-man. I don’t care for that. If Spider-man being part of the MCU means him constantly getting lectured by Iron man then maybe Spidey in the MCU might be a mistake. Maybe Spider-man should be in a Netflix series so he a Daredevil can do proper team up against Wilson Fisk. That’s the part of the MCU where Spidey belongs I think.