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  • Tony: Peter's at a school dance.
  • Steve: ..?
  • Tony: With a date.
  • Sam: My boy!
  • Natasha: They grow up so fast.
  • Tony: *tearing up* I know.
  • Bucky: It feels like just yesterday he caught my metal arm.
  • Clint: *cries in the corner*

American Gods Crossover Verse featuring TechGod!Tony

Fic Prompt: Loki ( Old God ) and Tony (New God) are plotting ways to stop the new threat against their dominions. Possibly Thanos and Lady Death.

p.s. I am thinking of Jarvis as some kind of Siri (navigation app) Tony has that helps him control and implement his powers.

Pairing: FrostIron

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Art Notes:

Man that took me a long while to put up this continuation of my verse! Real life really got in the way. But happy that I finally finished this one after a long interim wait.

disclaimer: Got the Jarvis skeleton off google and tweaked it XD because I don’t have the patience for all the straight lines. LOL


Pairing: (Tom Holland’s) Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Y/N is a young Avenger in training, quite like her best friend and long-time crush, Peter Parker. When Steve recruits her to fight on his side against Iron Man, she accepts despite her lack in training. How could one day lead to such drastic events?

A/N: Set during the airport fight in CACW. The reader is Tony’s adopted daughter, to make this more inclusive to everyone. Her powers deal with Ice and snow, and her moniker is Blizzard, although it’s never mentioned. This is my first ever fic! I hope everyone enjoys it.

warnings: angsty, then fluffy? 

Y/N was way in over her head. When Steve had noticed her deference to her father’s position regarding the Accords, he recruited the young woman to join his team. Despite having minimal training, she had agreed and quickly realized that the brawl that had broken out among the Avengers was much more than a simulation in training. It was an even bigger surprise when she saw Peter Parker flip into the battle on her father’s side. She couldn’t believe her eyes for a moment, her long-time crush and best friend fighting against her. At one point during the battle, Steve had noticed that Y/N had come under fire and was having trouble holding her own against her assailants. He created a diversion and had ordered her to guard the quinjet that he and Bucky planned to escape with. As she moved through the air on a cloud of ice, she tried to be as careful as possible to dodge the cars that were flying out of the parking garages, Wanda rapidly pulling them to the Earth, but fate had worse things in mind for her.

Sky. That’s all Y/N saw as she felt the impact of a large SUV catch her left leg, pulling her to the concrete of the airport hangar.

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Okay, this is kinda random but: fuck, marry, kill, AA!Tony, EMH!Tony, and MCU!Tony


gah but if I must choose between my children:

  • fuck: AA!Tony, because have you seen him in that undersuit?? hot damn.
    • also with AA!Tony I have the highest chance of scoring a threesome with AA!Steve hehe
  • marry: EMH!Tony, because I want to spend the rest of my life waking up to his beautiful copper eyes and making him smile.
    • that boy doesn’t smile enough. please let him smile.
  • kill: MCU!Tony, because the sweet release of death is the only way to save him now. let my son rest.
Imagine Dad!Tony being protective

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Tony: There’s no way you’re leaving this house like that! Not with that guy, nope, especially with that guy. No way, not on my watch.
You: Oooooh.. Is that sooo??? [Walks towards the door, slowly]
Tony: (Y/N) Stark. I’ll count to three before the suit arrives and pulls you away from that door! One… Two..
You: Fine! Jeez.
Tony: Good girl. Daddy loves you. I bought pizza.

And you two would watch movies and eat pizza for the rest of the night.
You don’t even care.
Because you just love your dad so much it doesn’t matter.

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I know that most couldn't care less, but are you happy that Tony and Pepper are back together a la Spiderman: Homecoming. I was thrilled because it looked like all the females were dying off if they kissed one of the guys ever (except Natasha, that kiss with Steve doesn't count; it was for work).

Hey friend!

I was thrilled. I mean, I’m pretty pro Pepper/Tony, so that was fun. Of course, we knew it was coming because Tom Holland can’t keep his little trap shut - bless him. LOL. 

But, yeah, it was nice to see. RDJ and Paltrow have great chemistry, they click really nicely, and by itself that’s fun to see. I’m really glad they could swing it with everybody’s schedules to get her in even for just one scene. 

From a story point of view, I liked it. Again, very pro-Pepper/Tony. I didn’t hate the “we’re taking a break” thing from Civil War, because I see Tony and Pepper as both kind of intense, slightly high-strung personalities and I can see where every now and again they need a little breather. Just, some self time, nothing horrible or a big deal. 

Tony was obviously struggling with it, but that’s okay, too. You’ve got to work through these things in life, and as a character bit that’s not terrible. But, getting to see that they did work it out, excellent!

It all just makes me horribly greedy for more, of course.